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Attacks on Mel Gibson for the Rothschild movie!! ️
Mel Gibson has decided to hit the global New World Order agenda by directing a movie about the Rothschild family.
What the movie is about 🎬
Of a family of bankers.
These bankers have indebted the entire world through organizations like the Bank of International Settlements and the World Bank, and through global organizations such as the United Nations, CFR, Bilderberg Group.
With every single mention of the Rothschild family, the media around the world has already declared war on the director and wants to stop not only the production of the film, but punish Gibson himself.
A man with the p@ll ^ □ uadrate 💪 
  • Sean Cash
    They will kill him
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    He's probably not to afraid though
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    Sean Cash replied
  • Fauna Marie Kness
    Look what they did to Mel after the film on Christ which was done based on the Bible itself. And yes, he didn't handle the pressure that came and began drinking again, lost his marriage, and said things he shouldn't have. But I say Brave-O for having… 
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  • Henry Cummings
    You can't kill mad max lol 🤣🤣
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  • Amelia Gora
    Not a weak man....a hard to find man with Balls of Steel.... believes in God and the rights of all men...
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    • Bruce Aipia
      Like I said man not perfect GOD is in Controll of us.
    • Chetri Lefils Dimitroff
      He knows the (((nose)))
    • Michael Manulani Mook
      You’re amazing. Don’t forget it 🥰. Much prayers for brave heart...kahu Manu
    • Patrick Costa
      Honestly This man was never all there in head/
    • Arvin Macadangdang
      The Rothschilds is just the Treasurers to the Vatican!…they want the world to know about the Rothschilds and Mel Gibson is their Puppet
    • Arvin Macadangdang
      In case you didn’t know! 🤷‍♀️
      There’s a reason you’ve not heard this information before. The people who are really behind this agenda (the true men behind the curtain) are ghosts - they have revised history and made it very difficult to trace their steps - however the evidence is there if you are prepared to do some real digging in that rabbit hole and find it! These families are ancient and incredibly well guarded (the same way this information has been). The Rothschilds are small fry - they are merely puppets for much more powerful orders and bloodlines. All stemming back to the real powerhouse families.
      I’ll add a few to this list that are Powerhouses even amongst those mentioned:
      House Of Massimo.
      House Of Torlonia.
      House Of Rospigliosi.
      House Of Pallavicini.
      House Of Odescalchi.
      House Of Visconti.
      House Of Ruspoli.
      House of Borja (Borgia)
      House of Breakspeare
      House of Somaglia
      House of Orsini
      House of Conti
      House of Chigi
      House of Colonna
      Hous of Farnese o
      House of Medici
      House of Gaetani
      House of Pamphili
      House of Este
      House of Aldobrandini
      The Zionists have never held the power that these ancient bloodlines do. Yes, elements within Zionism, Judaism and powerful Judaic families are involved with the New World Order, the Jesuits, and the Papal Nobility. But they are nothing but slaves - Court Jews who serve the Papal Caesar and the Italian Nobility. Even the power of the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta ALONE utterly dwarves that of the Rothschilds and their various “Vatican Treasurers” (which is all they truly are).
      Rome never ceased to exist.
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