Kingdom of Maui Nui versus This illegal State of Oahu

for me....we are no longer united in kamehameha, for we on our Maui Nui HONORS our own Royalties!!!

for his dynasty is gone and done away with....concerning taking control of our Kingdom of Maui Nui!!!

just look at this illegal state of oahu (how can we look at them for a Leader?????),

this confused greedy state of oahu is still under the confusion of kamehameha and we are no longer

part of this confused state, period......hewa to these illegal leaders~~~


this state of oahu is the poision to our Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli's of our Maui Nui within our generation of leaders....

for us on our Kingdom of Maui Nui....we are cleansing and looking for the corrected leaders

to lead our Kanaka Maoli in the path of our Proper Protocals for our Royal Kingdom Heirs.....amene~~~

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have any one of you noticed the difference...if so...please share......mauruuru.....da princess of our Kingodm of Maui Nui~~~

we can not afford to be united with the evils of this state of oahu,

it is made up of the american influrences and the hawaiian americans that have

been bought into the Greed of the American Business of Usa~~~~

today we are able to Identify and to Educate to our next generation of Royal Kingdom Heirs of Maui Nui.....yes!

i pray for the kingdom island of oahu......that have allowed this corrupt of illegal continue on oahu,

having intruders, strangers, tresspassers of the American Usa of military, the missionary and its GREEDY business entities of this illegal Government System of decide the fate of your next future generations of Kanaka Maoli's???????


for now the kanaka maoli is the immigrant, the stranger, the intruders of our own Sacred Lands,

waters (being diverted to the american development).....look at your valleys (crowded with the american house),

the shopping malls of TRASH, the business buildings of illegal laws, and now because we of our Kingdom of Maui.

is connected to this POISION of oahu.....the TRASH of american usa is coming to our Kingdom Island of Maui Nui......with the hewa (wronogful CRIMINALS acts), and this needs to end immediately.....for we have enough poision from usa that we are now dealing with on our Maui Nui!!!!!...for i only Expose the Hewa and make Awareness for the REMOVAL of Usa!!!!


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