Aloha kaua e forum members.
I'm an Indigenous Australian (for want of a better term) and will be travelling to Oahu soon. I wear a kikepa here quite often but thought I should ask if it might be culturally inappropriate to do so in Hawai'i.
Looking forward to  your thoughts
Me ke aloha

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Aloha my cousins.
I hope this question wasn't offensive? I will be in your beautiful islands soon and I don't want to do the wrong thing whilst there, especially as I will be visiting elders whom I wish not to offend.
I hope someone of you can find the time to reply.
Me ke aloha
Are you visiting people that you know? Are you going to other islands? Do you have a set schedule and places of visit? What is your purpose of visit? There is groups that are structured and mine is loose free and in need of lots of compassion to see the truth. Drive out to Waianae until you get to the end of the road. You should see our people in tents and living in poverty. Most of my people are living from moment to moment with children on the side of the road in Waianae. If the most of the not understood that's just because one is without undertanding of poverty on the other side of the road. Kaohi
Aloha Kaohi
Yes I am coming to see ppl that I know and to talk story with an elder and hopefully bring back the skill of making solid wooden surf-craft to pass on to Aboriginal ppl here.
I will come to Waianae somehow, I cannot afford to hire a car but I will get there. If that's your name I will find you to talk to as well. Many of my ppl also live like this through government oppression and ignorance they are marginalised and degraded into lives of abject poverty. We were the custodians of this land for 40 thousand years and in the last 200 have lost not only it but much of our own identities to the relentless onslaught of the capitalist invaders.
Our ppls have much in common Kaohi.
Me ke aloha
When one gets here write to to Kaohi
I live in Waianae and one would want to come to Waianae because that is where the mecca of surfing exist. One can catch the bus and if one is strong enough to endure camping that's a possibility too. One should try to do some research on Abner Paki the surfing chief from Makaha. His olo is at the Bishop Museum, I myself have seen it. Researching at the Bishop Museum before one gets here will give you a little bit of surfing history. I have a friend named Steve Goul (sp) he has a surf museum out in Haleiwa. Might want to make that as part of your visit stops. Oops wait first one needs to check out if the museum still exist. good luck! kaohi
I am looking forward to meeting you. Thank you very much for the extra information. yes i believe there is still a surf museum in Hale'iwa.
i am really interested in finding out what is known about the legend of the three brothers that i posted in history? so intend to visit the Polynesian museum as well if i cannot get an answer here.
i intend to go to Makaha for sure.
was my question about wearing a kikepa too trivial?
keep well
Kikepa are often worn in Hawai'i nei during formal ceremonies. A few kupuna wear kikepa daily to show their connection to our traditional culture and contemporary lifestyle. What is your mana'o about wearing kikepa?
hi Dane silva.
firstly, thanks 4 taking the time to reply.
yes, i believe i (my people) have a cultural connection with polynesian people and have been wearing these since my first trip to tahiti about 20 years ago.
i just wasn't sure if it might be taken the wrong way wearing one and not being hawaiian, in your country so i thought this might be a non threatening place to ask.
p.s. sorry for the lack of capitals, my shift keys broke ;-7
Aloha Ed

My name is Derek

I saw your post and wanted to say G'day mate, howzit going?
I too am an "Indigenous Australian" for want of a better term "Wardandi" Aboriginal & Dutch from West Australia. I've lived in Kauai for 30 years, I surf everyday and paint paintings, so when you coming to Hawaii?

hey derek.
gingullawaya cuz.
oh shit can't believe i'm seeing this now. came back last saturday as i had to cut trip short due to an illness in the family here.
u marry an kaua'i woman eh
can't c myself getting back for a while but was intending to get to kaua'i n big island next time.
my background bundjalung from ballina n lismore.
ur art on the web at all.
p.s sorry for bad typing, no shift keys 4 capitals.
Aloha Brudduh Ed

Akua like say, no worries believe it but you mo bettah keep an Atooi Dreaming Eye open.
Sorry you pau your trip early, Akua bless all your ohana.

I was married to a local usa mainland haole wahine, like twenty years ago.
She died in Japan, car accident, Ive been living Kauai eva since.
Next time you come to Kauai you can hang at my place.

Bundjalung - Ballina omg! shit no way how cool, I use to head south surf your country when I lived Murwillumbah back in the 8O's. I also lived Billabong Sin City Gold Coast like 10 years before.

Originaly Im from dakine west coast - Wardandi and Wadjimup tribe born Fremantle 1957
My art can be or google derek glaskin.

my email

Well Akua bless mahalos bruddah a hui hou



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