Kaohi: Why do I feel abused by this Open Letter to Kai Landow?

I am surely perplexed as to why at this hour of the night that I am not liking this letter!  It is so well written and say a lot of the things that I wish I said, or even thought to say openly to anyone.  Is it because I know Kai Landow and I don't know Maija Athena.  I wish it's pure jealousy, and that tomorrow--I will wake up to read it again with a greater degree of sisterhood!

Open letter to Kai Landow

by Maija Athena on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 8:49pm ·

April 2, 2012


Greetings Kai Landow,


It has recently come to my attention that you have accused me of working in conjunction with the State of Hawaii to assist in the disbandment of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement and that I support the Akaka Bill.  Again, as I have asked you with your other paranoid claims and outright lies, where is your proof?  And how dare you attack me and make such egregious, ugly and false claims against me when you have no proof. Your only basis for these claims are:  One, I have dared to question your legitimacy and your authority as our indigenous representative, when you are neither indigenous nor believe in the concept of indigeneity in Hawaii.  And two, while I have never questioned whether Hawaii is an occupied nation, I have questioned whether this is the best narrative to pursue in trying to realize our sovereignty in the international community, especially as I read more about the process of decolonization.  Although you continue to attack the fact that I am pursuing higher education with your patronizing, condescending, and downright embarrassing use of Hawaiian pidgin, implying that I am an “uppity” Hawaiian because I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to a good university,  I believe it is my duty as a Hawaiian to educate msyelf as much as possible on this subject.  I also believe it is my duty to question your undemocratically acquired authority and what I perceive as your neo-Colonial agenda, including the continued colonial tactic of divide and conquer that you continue to use among my people.


Another thing I want to confront is your false claims that I am a racist.  Apparently you do not understand the definition of racism.  Racism is about relations of power, domination, and privilege.  Being a Native Hawaiian woman, I would love to know in what universe I dominate the relations of power.  When I question the fact that you are representing my people as a Hawaiian, when you are not an indigenous Hawaiian, and have no real ties to Hawaii, as you were not born or raised there and have not spent any significant amount of time there, it is not because I am a racist, it is because, simply speaking, your experiences does not represent the experience of my people.


Your Libertarian/Right wing, delusional post-race perception of Hawaii fails to recognize that structural racism exists in Hawaii.  And race, constructed by white men, has been the basis for the uneven power relations that Hawaiians, like so many other indigenous peoples deeply affected by colonialism and imperialism, still experience today.  You, coming from a privileged white background, cannot begin to relate to my coming from a legacy of poverty created and maintained by structural racism, which generation after generation, is still so difficult to overcome.  My family left poverty-stricken

Nānākuli, looking for work, to settle in the poverty-stricken areas of California, where I still live today.  Your inability to distinguish and discuss racism contributes to racism.  And your Colorblind Racist allegations and tactics have been nothing less than an attempt to shut me down and bolster your concocted paternalistic role as our "ambassador" and self-appointed savior.


Another reason I do not accept your representation is my own haole great-great-great uncle, Charles N. Spencer, served under Kalākaua and Lili`uokalani as Minister of the Interior, but he was an educated, respected, and successful business man, who never claimed to be Hawaiian nor to have a shared history with the Hawaiian people, and always remained in a position of support to the Hawaiian monarchy.  You do not possess any of his qualities.  Your insensitive use of language such as  “we suffer” and “our oppression” and “we wear the costumes of oppression,” makes me wonder how you as a white man, which carries undeniable privilege throughout the world, who grew up in Manhattan, New York City, could be so arrogant and delusional as to imply that you have been subjected to the same oppression and suffering as my people.  Were your grandparents beaten for speaking Hawaiian or practicing their native culture?  Was your family driven off their land and pushed into Nānākuli and Waianae?  Was your family forced to become part of the Hawaiian diaspora because of the real racism that happens in Hawaii, where Hawaiians are passed over for jobs that are given to non-Hawaiians?


Also, I can’t tell you how condescending and demoralizing it is when you continue to proclaim your "Hawaiian-ness," based on your exotified, narrow, Orientalist understanding of what it means to be Hawaiian, denying the complexity of my culture and whittling it down to your random use and often misuse of my people's language and your proclamations of having “Aloha Spirit.”  Your continued perpetuation of the myth of an utopic, symbiotic indigenous and non-indigenous, Colonial 19th Century Hawaii used to promote your post-race Hawaii is also disturbing.  Please explain to me what is so perfect about the decimation of my people from estimates of 250,000-1,000,000 people to 40,000 people?  Or the ethnocide of my native spirituality and culture, replaced by Anglo spirituality and culture?  Or the growing foreign control of Hawaiian politics, as well as the landgrabs by the same people?  From the point that Europeans “discovered” Hawaii, which includes the 19th Century, there has been an uneven relation of power between kanakas and haoles.  What might be perceived as a "Golden Age" to your people is a view not necessarily wholly shared by my people.


I know you will read this and your narcissism will prevent you from comprehending any of it, and it pains me deeply to have to write this letter, as many of my fellow Hawaiians have told me you are not worth my time.  I am sure that the fact that I am a native woman who dares to stand up to you, will also make you that much more indignant.  But as long as you are using your money and privilege to inorganically insert yourself into my people's politics, I will stand up to you and all other men like you.  And I will continue to do so until you realize that supporting our sovereignty movement is far different from colonizing our sovereignty movement.  It is part of our process of decolonization and deoccupation, as well as a right stated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), that we have an undeniable right as indigenous people to self-representation and self-determination.  And I ask you this, if you believe a person such as yourself, a non-indigenous person who was not born or raised in Hawaii, can claim all the same rights to my people's culture, language, spirituality, land and water, please tell me how this is not another form of colonialism, with military uniforms and business suits being replaced by pony tails and “aloha” shirts?  There was once another group of self-serving white men who claimed they knew what was best for us and used their position of white privilege and moneyed power to insert themselves into Hawaiian politics.  I would rather eat rocks than see this happen again.


`Ai pohaku!


M.A. Ka`upenamana

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Aloha Kaohi,  Mahalo for the support, Sadly this will not stop with Ms. Athen being aware of the facts.  As you know Kaohi I have spent many years in Hawaii as part of community and you have often contacted me, corrected me and worked together with me for the benefit of  Hawaiian people.

Funny how the issue of racism is such a sore point with Ms Athena and yet she has determined my ethnic background and wealth by means unknown to me and sadly incorrect.  The origin of much of this is from State operatives at the United Nations Forum on Indigenous Issues and they, through Arnie Saiki, who has given Ms. Athena private emails which she edited and posted on FaceBook to attempt to discredit me.  There is a push at the forum in New York to convince American officials that all Hawaiians support Akaka type bills and wish to accept the 1% of 1% of their assets as a settlement.

This was made clear to me by comments of Hawaii State employees attending the forum who support the Akaka bill in state or federal form and will profit from its passage.   When I spoke with Kimberly TeeHee, Obama indigenous representative she said she was unaware of any Hawaiian opposition to the Akaka bill.   As part of my work representing Hawaiian Nationals I have had to demand [done with consultation of present Hawaiian caucus members with koko and community in Hawai'i] the removal of statements being put into Pacific caucus papers designed to limit Hawaiian rights.  It was propose in 2010 by State of Hawai'i representatives that Hawaiians had NO internationally recognized fishing rights and so I had to show the Pacific caucus our treaties that recognize those rights.  The statement was removed.  The attacks on me are aimed at removing opposition to State goals and even if they succeed at removing me, I am not alone.

This is not a question about me, because the actions and the person Ms. Athena describes should not be allowed to represent Hawaiian people, but that is simply not me.  I do not represent Native Hawaiian Americans, I represent Hawaiian subjects and I have spoken in depth with Ms. Athena's sister Kelea Levy, who may have contacted me with the hope of somehow getting me to admit to being someone I am not.  Even after a lengthy conversation with Ms. Levy, none of the facts appear in the continuing attacks on me personally by these sisters and others they recruited to this dark cause.  It is suggested that I have not made any efforts to reconcile this problem even with trying to engage Ms. Athena in the past, but the goal out ways the desire to work together for Hawaiian people.

The darkest part of this is the disrespect for our Na Kupuna who have taken the time to Ho'oponopono with her and share why they chose me to represent them.  Does she suggest they are stupid and easily manipulated by me or some secret group of white people in the wings.  Ms. Athena is the one who has formed a secret [ok not so secret] group to plan ways to attack me and ask my Kupuna to join.

The Hawaiian Embassy is your institution run by many Hawaiians, born and raised and functions to advocate for Hawaiian nationals and has for many years.  The attempts to end its function is not a attack on me but an attack on all Sovereign Hawaiian people.  I have read commentary by Ms. Athena a desire to eliminate all "Sovereignty groups" and her brother posted on his page, "please write to FB and shut this site down you can lie and say he claims to be a celebrity and this will shut him down"

So now I can not title the FB page Hawaiian Embassy, but I stay still here.   So What Ms. Athena you neva like Hawaiian people using all the kokua they like use?   Ms. Athena uses Orientalism to condemn me and is described by the great Palestinian professor Edward Said as the argument against "us and them" he argues against ethnic isolation and not for the chauvinism of oppression.  I am not a dummy and can read even without a degree.

I have never pretended to have Hawaiian koko as Ms. Athena claims, but I do love my ohana and have agreed to go to jail for them, fight for them, put my life on the line for my Ohana, freely and happily.  It hurts my soul to see how they treat my Uncle Abel, cause he raised me, he taught me to me Kind, Patient and Understanding, ok I still learning all that.  So any time Ms. Athena sincerely like to Ho'oponopono with not just me, but my ohana, can. 

Why she can not see all the maika'i kanaka who work closely with me and correct me, advise me, instruct me, malama me and refuse to allow me to quit, I dont know.  We can lokahi even now, maybe many do not want to, be we must come together and please send someone else to New York to do this job.  I am happy to turn this over to someone more competent then me.  Tearing down is easy, building up harder. I am for building and kala mai if I offended anyone, especially you Ms. Athena, but I dont know how to address your mana'o with just ALOHA.

Thanks for the combative mode Kai..in other words you chose to return with intent to fix, repair and rebuild.  In truth, I don't think this is possible--to repair that is.  I worked for three years-three meetings a week at UH Manoa for a Women Center--as a hetero.  Back then, I knew we could not do this alone, and the Lesbians came in to help!  We got the Women Center-but at a cost!  Aside from the feminist theories slamming (shredding) our ancestral womb, we had to except 'security measures' as part of the deals--Nanakuli Homestead was the sacrificial lamb!

We were getting a Hawaiian Studies Building, the lo'i was saved, so I did not care that the Women Center at UH Manoa had been compromised as a non-collective entity!  It was a bed of roses for security ideals and menopause women hot on their individual careers at all cost! 

You can imagine, how I felt when I read these assertions embedded into this 'feminist' ideals?  It was like 'Tattoo Girl' of the womb! I'm trying to be funny, in a weird way!

On the aina, remember those Hawaiian houseless children from Keeau Park that sang on the back steps of Iolani Palace and that you fed?  Well a child was just runned over by a drunken idiot that those youngsters knew and played with.  This family was recently evicted from town (?) and came out to Makaha at 10:15 pm.  The father was pitching the tent across the street and was walking back with his baby in his arms and his little son trailing.  The driver ran over the 3 year old (died) and the mother with other siblings that was sitting at the bus stop--he crashed into them too.  I'm super devasted!

I spent the last two weeks previous taking groups (UH Prof and students) of Occupy Honolulu over to Keeau's to meet the houseless that are being evicted next week end.  That night of the accident the second group and my self left Keeau's around 9 pm and hour and half before the accident.  

I was sharing the fact with both groups, that my number one problem with sweeps are that people die before, during and after sweeps.  I try to attend every sweep on the Waianae Coast during their eviction period to prevent this from happening.  Today, I actually picked up hand written letters and addressed to the governor by children and that live at Keeau's in tents and make shift shacks.  I was going to post these letters on Maoliworld tonight, but I think I will do it tomorrow.  

I've been attending sweeps for over thirty years, and at my age, I don't have the stamina that I used to have years ago.  Ashton Brown is the child's name and his family are at Queen's Hospital.  I am very sad!

Access to our ocean is an integral part of our humanity.  The water rights, access rights with safety to the ocean, brown liquid (water), and aina to grow our food are all part of global humanity!  Our souls touch many shores in the Pacific Ocean and we are owners, but not in a capitalistic way!  It is our responsibility to touch and feel across the ocean that which is spiritual to humanity!  

Ironically, the Dalai Lama will be here next weekend during the critical times for Keeau and it's little feet.  This is the one of the last evictions on the Waianae Coast, our children have no where to go!  On my visits to Keeau, I hear too much pain and suffering voices --a step away from death.  Whereas, all the other sweeps it's about moving, what to move, and where to move--that is not the case for Keeau's.  

In a crazy way Kai-- thanks for being there!!!!

Aloha e Kaohi,  Mahalo for bringing the mana'o back to where it belongs.  Because this is about justice for the people and not personal attacks.  We come into this to gather support for as the Declaration of rights states PROTECTION FOR THE PEOPLE IS DECLARED and the right to have a home in your own country is a human right.  I think I am wasting my time responding and it ends up so negative.  Let us find any kokua we can to end this slow genocide and I am hoping the young people will take up your Ku'e and learn from you.

Mahalo for all you hana over the years and I encourage we do not limit ourselves, but expand our strength addressing solutions, support each other, kuka with each other and never give up creating a Hawaiian solution, that in the end is a human solution for everyone.

a hui hou Kai

Our children in Waianae as well as the future generation are just sponge bobs for nuclear isotopes via 500 billion budget's for the US Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.  Our goal in our life time is to stop the Nuclear War from ever happening!  Our home should not be designed by a mandated bunkering!  In other words, with the idea of living with nuclear poison in our environment.

Feminist theory supports nuclear warfare..we have no real global policy on Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)as of 2010 (December 5, 2009) expired!  The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) expired! Need to understand the three pillars which is non-proliferation, disarmament, and peaceful use.  The Dalai Lama is in Hawaii via Ebay to discuss the fourth pillar? Or, the worm posted on the top of the fourth pillar so to speak!

We are walking on edge because Arnie Saiki and the lot of them--shut down the forum talks during  APEC which is why you are the only known loose thread in their tapestry.  We had 'zero' communication with Walden Bello during APEC which I believe was the objective of Moana Nui.   So very sad that this had happened and Kollin Elderts was the kill!  Christopher Deedy was here to protect Hillary Clinton, Secretary.  We are back to square one and that is Nuclear Free Pacific!

Uncle Soli told me he was going to work to breath new life into the Nuclear free pacific.  I am doing whatever I can to support his effort.  We wont be blocked by State people, we will keep going, just need to tell the people.


Aloha e Kaohi,

Funny I just got a phone call telling me Kelea Levy, Maija Athena's sister is writing to people privately telling them I am claiming to be Native Hawaiian.  What a stupid thing to do.  They think I so lolo to go around claiming I am someone I not.  Arnie was the one who started that lie and even when I explained to him and his friend Kelea that I have always claimed to be a Hawaiian national and nothing more, they now need to lie about me.

We must be concerning people and it seems connected to Aberchrombie's annoyance with "Self appointed sovereignty groups".  They want to make a deal, door number 2, no whammys, just sign away your rights and lands and you can finance the Hawaiian studies program.

Who are they representing by this smear campaign? They know that if they keep me from being a representative for Hawaiian Nationals, then it will limit Hawaiians from getting their voice out on the world stage.  It is the fact I bring Ku'Aina guys to the UN and other forums that offends the State of Hawaii, not my ethnic background.

Auwe ke' ia

Hold on to your wallet kanakas

So Arnie as usual you claim I misrepresented facts, but no more the facts.  But jeez Arnie you got smugness down, I need a lesson.  I like the

"I'm sure that you deserve all the respect that you feel entitled to have earned."

That is really styling.  OK what I need say about you.  how about-

"Your analysis of Rapa Nui breaks new ground in understanding of discord"

No that neva get your subtlety. How about:

"Your commentary on poetry shows how racism can be married to playing innocent"

Shoots Arnie I may neva be the writer you are and can only hope to be.

This one is so well crafted:

"The criticisms that I hear most raised by prominent independence activists and advocates is that they don't recognize your title, and many are concerned that you are misaligning the movement.  That by itself should give you pause"

I like that you bring unnamed people to your defense, that is so effective, yes I know I piss people off, because why? I work with the non academics, da guys who work the Lo'i for a living and not part of the Hawaiian studies program.   Pause, that is interesting, do you mean the pause for the great silence of leaders who never come down to know what the people suffer? 

E kala mai Arnie, I can not pause for silence when my ohana is being thrown off the aina, I can not pause for your permission to take action for my nation.  We at Aupuni can not pause to do the monkey dance for your leaders who remain silent in the face of increasing repression.

You either working with Hawaiian people to bring justice or your spending time trying to cause pilikia in the Pacific. 

oni baba,

just listing some of the posts pertaining to Kai Landow:

Note that in Volume 2 - Hawaiian Reports, REX VS. BOOTH everyone will find the TRUE DEFINITIONS of what the Hawaiian Government is all about....the beginnings, the makings...............which does not include the Self Appointed types  such as Kai.....

Maka Ala everyone.........let's take a good look at these self appointed ones....they're no different than the conspirators, treasonous persons which has plagued/been problematic for our true Hawaiian descendants/heirs of the permanent branches of Government --- 1) the Sovereign, his heirs and successors; 2) the House of Nobles , their heirs and successors; both PERMANENT branches...then the VOTED in group which resulted in the criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani the 3) TEMPORARY VOTED IN GROUP called the House of Representatives..........



Oni Baba...............

Check out the classless, undereducated, raunchy comments made that the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION administrators would not be happy with......

Someone should certainly place DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION personnel on disability status or something based on what's being spewed out ............

Tane, friends...............I hope you folks are watching this............her references to SEX - "whore", etc. shows some sexual frustration, issues, etc..............


I'm out of here..........out of this thread that is...........





I wrote and somehow it never posted.  No matter anyhow, I got to read the exchange responses.  

This is stuff in the frontal lobe of my brain.  Just stay focus on the UN and global level with what we agreed upon during the two day talk on the grounds at Iolani Palace.  

It doesn't matter to me that the academic crowd feel you are taking up their space.  In the 70s, we the people sent representatives to the UN and spoke at the podium in which room, I don't remember.  I don't think it was the security council, but the other room.   Mililani Trask went up later after Rigoberto Manchu spoke and mentioned Gail Prejean in her introduction before the UN.  So, it's all cool to represent Hawaiian Nationals.  

A lot has happened since the ADB and ten years later APEC.  Sadly, that we were not given the opportunity to speak, listen and learn from this conference.  In truth, I was embarrassed as to how we the host culture treated Walden Bello.  So, I questioned the validity of the Moana Nui's intent from the onset.  

There is so much repair and damaged control to be done for us to regain the healthy relationship we had with the first people of the world ten years ago.  I believe APEC 'risk assessment' is still on going and it's been difficult to gain information on what transpired during the APEC conference.    This did not happen at the last ADB for it was quick, over and gotten as to what our positions were.  This time around-- although I feel we (Hawaiians) could have gained a wider leading edge on Nuclear Free Pacific in the TTP process, I believe our voices were smothered by Moana Nui.

You do remember the Maoliworld Captain Percival1812 "Mad Jack" Lulu Bell Henry's club which still goes on in the minds of the Hawaiian National kanaka's--"that native Hawaiian women are whores and that they should carry stones to build the US nation brick by brick?"

Ms. Athen feeds right into that clubs agenda which is why I was questioning her motive?  

Kai, I understood your diplomacy and the focus ...I'm not sure I understand the Moana Nui's intention which is why I was questioning as to where this was headed.

I will never support the before, after, and any agenda's of the Women Suffrage--not ever!  The Nuclear Proliferation Treaty is in peril and we will see if not soon a Nuclear War because of stupid women interference's with their 'clit' power!


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