Kaohi: Maui Alert your CZM meeting is tonight please attend Wednesday , May 23 at Paia community Center Hana Highway

The public meeting is to get input on updating ocean resources management plan.  

We have been surfing, collecting our food and fish farming for over two thousand years and your input is important, so that the future generations can continue our ancestors practices.  

It's taken the USA forty-three years to understand the responsibilities of Hawaii's shoreline.  We have been waiting for them to catch up to what we know and how we behave at the shorelines.  The 'state' has including all islands (aina) into their shoreline management.  Therefore, Na Kanaka from Mauka should come forward and participate.  Our responsibility to our ancestors are to share what we feel and how we think and behave as corrected by our tutu's in response to our visitations to the our ancestors spirits.  

As a child the entire shoreline in Waimanalo was my play ground and recreational place to be.  We also knew to take the ocean seriously and although we wanted to play we did not when our parents and elders where at the shores too.  

There is a time to play and recreate, however, in respect to our ancestors we also took the shores very seriously too.  We kept it clean, fish for our table and other people in the community and pick edible things at the shore such as a'ama crab, limu, opihi, a'hukihuki, pepepe and he'e with great reverence to the shores.  In other words, we just took some home.  

Hui Alaloa is a continuation of our ancestors gathering of food for our table and to feed our families and others.  

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Mahalo Maui you did a great job tonight, I so appreciate your pa'a on the Moku's as a start for maka'ainana and the future generations.  

Having a degree in Geography specializing in GIS, Cartography and Remote Sensing, I want you to know that is exactly where we should be coming from when sharing information with the general public.  It is for their safety and too, to respect our ancestors and their aina.  

We have 2,000 years ahead of the anglo-saxon and should always remember that our ancestors did their best to give to the future generation every second of their lives.  Nothing was ever left to the whims of the human frailty as far as our ocean and land resources.  

Mahalo Maui


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