Kaohi: I heard a police siren and what I thought was human screaming was actually a pig. It was Department of Hawaiian Homes enforce'ers.


I did go there with the intent to question their presence at the house.  They came to board up the house which is cool with me, it's better to do that than to have it all torn to bits.  My indirect family member a beneficiary was evicted for not paying their bills.  Accordingly, the DHHL worked with them for five years.  Money was borrowed and all the details are not in yet, but it would be interesting to follow the trail, which I believe leads to corporate greed and someone's career power over the frail.  


It was amazing how the enforcer's immediately accused me of doing drugs, on drugs, coming off drugs and able to get me help for more drugs because it seems to them looking into my eyes that I was in need of drugs.   My eyes were not dilated therefore, I was not on drugs, but was in need of it under their 'Disruptive Physician' program. I told them that, the fact, are that I don't do drugs and that law-enforcement's are the suppliers for prisoners, and each month 100 are released into Waianae community under their HOPE (Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement) program.  


I'm very old and swearing in my face, aside from being unprofessional was my inroad to probe.  I wanted to know what they were really doing by design so I continued to do my inquiry too. 


I probed their po'o for information about their all-around-enforcement-training-on-the-job-of-evicting-native Hawaiian-beneficiaries-(young and peaceful couple) from-their-home.  I only read David Kennedy's Thesis and Gangs and I wanted to see it in action a few yards away from my front yard.


First, I could not believe the details of information they were sharing with me to justify their illegal enforcement's, secondly, they claimed that they paid the loan off with their own money, and that the young couple could have paid for the loan, instead of buying CD's and a new car.  


Bill 54 (Tulsi Gabbards) allows the hired enforcement's to take your belongings and search for drugs and sell the items, should the couple not come up with $3,000 to get their things back.  This eviction was planned down to the details of old prescription drug as illegal contraband to add to their reasons for evictions.  The young-peaceful couple was caught off guard and all their things taken from them.   Lot's of CD's was in a box and accordingly to one of the 'cowboys' they could have used their money to pay their mortgage instead of buying CD's.  I concur.  But, what is so striking is the fact that they tallied up the couples personal items on a data spreadsheet.  Does that include Tampax, Vaseline, toothpaste, panties, bras, hair pins, favorite pan, etc?   Tulsi Gabbard would do well in DC among the conservatives especially Florida.


Thirdly, the thing that was coming out of their mouths was beyond comprehension.  These beneficiaries of OHA (less than 50% bloodquantum) was perturbed because our homestead did not look like Waialae Kahala, or Hawaii Kai.  They had nothing nice to say about the children living in this community and basically put down the native Hawaiian women for being at fault for having a fixed income.  The conversation switched to "The first thing that comes to mind is all of the opposition we enjoyed and how the opponents are responsible for increasing the project's cost from $30 million to $1.3 billion. It was just one lawsuit after another. I'm very happy the day is finally arriving and I apologize for the delay."  Because of the sewage fee that was forced upon Waianae Valley residence (non private owners) which is larger than the mortgage for the elderly, all 35 elderly died soon after they were forced to sign a contract for a $3,000 sewer hook up by Ray Soon.  Soon after all the elderly died of pneumonia soon after the dust developers killed them.

They all mouthed off on sovereignty as bogus and that the Hawaiian Kingdom was a farce.  Cool, I just might have agreed with them except their enforcement evictions, of Makaaniana from Kea'au (white people domain); Makaha also had the exact same words spilling from their mouths.  Kea’au and Waianae Valley evictions at the same time were no coincident.  


Violent enforcement's are the Christopher Deedy mentality in Waianae, and I just have nothing to say about the outcome of this foolish game.  

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Our children deserve better and I'm sadden to say, instead  of college--Waianae will be building prisons for our young people.  Law enforcer's wants to drive that wedge of future jobs into the behind of the City's DPP.  What a Flying Pig Poop on our native Hawaiian women and children.  The whoredom syndrome at it's fineness, but that's for voting in a person from New Jersey and recognizing the 'dance of death' as a political ritual.    

I firmly believe that once the Hawaiian is given land on Hawaiian Homesteadlands, they should not be evicted or displaced for any reason.  Instead of Honolulu Police Department's involvement, the Hawaiian Homestead should provide their own police department to monitor their own activities going on within the homestead.  The original purpose of the creation of the Hawaiian Homestead Act was to place the Native Hawaiians back on the lands partitioned for their use; separate from the State and Counties governments and jurisdiction.  The DHHL has already violated the Hawaiian Homestead Act and have moved away from its original intent and purpose and land-swapping arable lands and out-leasing lands to private businesses and military.  This is unconscionable, immoral, and criminal in my eyes.  This is all the more reason why the U.S. must de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom and get the hell out of Hawaii.  This one-sided justice and WASP racism, ethnocentrism and the promulgation of their insidious Manifest Destiny doctrines makes it more imperative that they follow international law as well as their own constitutional law.  God damn the U.S.A. and God bless the Kingdom of Hawaii, Ko Hawai'i Ka Pae 'Aina!    Hmmph!  Hewa no ho'i!

Thank you for the response, I miss our talks and you too!  I knew this was coming, however, this has been hitting us in the night.  It's over for homesteaders--the newer ones will weed out their neighbors and friends and eventually their own children's children.  It's the way of life now.  The built up wedge was OHA and their beneficiaries.  They lost some battles to Hawaiian Homestead, however, the ones that we won are too weak to fend of their greed-to-power.  Eventhough, Jon Van Dyke is gone his wife and supporters of the 'state' as well as the bar associations already have made their assertion to disembowel those of us that are on the homestead and living in a mono community.  

The cleaners are mean streaked and making up dirty gossip about women and children living on Hawaiian Homestead.  For too long Hawaiian Homestead was in the hands of absent husbands and their he-man organizations.  Mrs. Padeken gave native Hawaiian women and equal status--which is how I became a homestead myself.  But, know this macho way of life on homestead--I had to have an owner builder or privately picked contractor to build my home.  I could not live in a state built home with all the trimmings of rules from hell.  The wannabe 'Federalist' yesterday was redlining meaning they worked for the banks and carry mean guns.  

One more thing remember how broken I was when we first met at your place.  I recently dropped out of 'Hookulaiwi'  a supposedly program for students at UH to become teachers in Waianae.  Well the program was taken out of the hands of outsiders and placed back in Waianae.  I a saying this because most of the teachers out here in Waianae are from the East Coast and out of this community.  We do not have a connection with our children growing up in Waianae.  They are the lost community with a gun to their heads.  I say this because that is what I grew up with for most of my youthful years.  I had two barrels at my head--one to have the babies and the other to shut up and don't have an opinion.  

Hawaiian Homes is the pits!  


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