Kamehameha's Heirs Exist: The Conspiracies, Evidence, and Legal Issues (Excerpts)

 Kamehameha's Heirs Exist:  

       The Conspiracies, Evidence, and Legal Issues 


                                                                                     by Amelia Gora (2014)

The following is a Chronological list of death dates for Alii Nui, Alii, Kanaka Maoli, and Others affecting all lands locked into the alodio/ano alodio/alodial system, resources, mineral rights, etc. in the Hawaiian Islands.

The evidence is shown below with references at the end of this article.

The Legal issues are discussed below with issues leading to prosecution, genocide charges, etc.

However morbid it seems to list death dates, reviewing the genealogies plays an important view in making corrective actions for all.

It is highly recommended that the law books of the Hawaiian Kingdom be used in reviewing the frauds because our system of laws is based on a Monarchy/Constitutional Monarchy government.

Note that all Monarchy governments were/are the targets of being disrupted by those who signed the Secret Treaty of Verona in 1822.  Those engaged in the Treaty are as follows:  






the Vatican

and the United States.

Death Dates        Alii Nui/Alii/Kanaka Maoli or Spouse of 



Leleiohoku died.  He was the son of Kalanimoku and his wife Kiliwehi. His father was also married to Kuwahine; Keopuolani, one of the widows of Kamehameha who died in 1819; and Akahi.

Leleiohoku's hanai/adopted sibling was Kekauonohi/Miriam Kekauonohi.  His stepsibling's included Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III; Liholiho/Kamehameha II; Nahienaena, et. als.

Kalanimoku and Kaahumanu assisted in maintaining the Hawaiian Government when Kamehameha died in 1819.

Kaahumanu and Kalanimoku were the kahu/guardians of Liholiho/ Kamehameha II and Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III.

Legal Issues:


His stepsibling's included all of Kamehameha's children; stepchildren; and hanai/ adopted children named Hueu Davis; Kale Davis (female); and Peke Davis (female).


He had a son named John William Pitt Kinau with Ruth Keelikolani. John William Pitt Kinau died without children.


Ruth Keelikolani inherited a life interest to Leleiohoku only and married Isaac Young Davis. The following shows her marriage to Isaac Young Davis:


 Under the laws of inheritance, Ruth Keelikolani was no longer the heir of Leleiohoku's properties and the lands reverted to his family, his stepsibling's including Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III, his hanai sister, his father Kalanimoku's siblings, etc.  


Ruth Keelikolani's son was adopted by Bernice Pauahi and Terrorist Charles Reed Bishop.  Their son died in infancy.


Ruth Keelikolani and Isaac Young Davis adopted Caesar Kapaakea and Ana Keohokalole's son Leleiohoku Kalalahoolewa, brother of Kalakaua/ King David Kalakaua; and Queen Liliuokalani/Liliuokalani.


Ruth Keelikolani and Isaac Young Davis divorced.

Wiliam Pitt Leleiohoku I

Royal Governor of Hawaii





John William Pitt Kīnaʻu






March 31, 1821

Kailua-KonaHawaii Island


October 21, 1848 (aged 27)



December 30, 1848

October 30, 1865

Mauna ʻAla Royal Mausoleum



Miriam Kekauonohi died.

Legal Issues She was the widow of  Liholiho/Kamehameha II; Aaron Keliiahonui who was married to Kaahumanu, one of the wives of Kamehameha. 


Kaahumanu and Kalanimoku assisted in maintaining the Hawaiian Government when Kamehameha died in 1819.


Kaahumanu and Kalanimoku were the kahu/guardians of Liholiho/ Kamehameha II and Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III.


Kekauonohi/Miriam Kekauonohi's husband Levi Haalelea became heir to a life interest in the lands of Kekauonohi/Miriam Kekauonohi.  Levi Haalelea married Anaderia Amoe and lost his rights to a life interest in Miriam Kekauonohi's lands.  Levi Haalelea appealed to the United States Admiralty Court which ruled that Levi Haalelea was an heir to Miriam Kekauonohi's lands.


Levi Haalelea lost his claims to lands under the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  Levi Haalelea, by appealing to a foreign court lost all interest in the Hawaiian lands, including his own interest.  Levi Haalelea probated Miriam Kekauonohi's case in 1867 or 16 years after she died.  Levi Haalelea along with the foreign court that had no jurisdiction had a hand in defrauding the Kamehameha families/Royal Families.


The facts of the matter is that Miriam Kekauonohi was a grandaughter of Kamehameha through his wife Wahinepio, sister of Kalanimoku.


The laws of heirship, lands were secured by the laws set in place by Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III who was also her stepbrother.  Kauikeaouli/ Kamehameha III died three (3) years after Miriam Kekauonohi died.  


Miriam Kekauonohi's probate was processed by Levi Haalelea 14 years after Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III died.  


Fraud, deceit, criminal conveyances occurred in 1867 which resulted in non-owners, criminal claimants acting as land owners and conveying fraud deeds since.  


All deeds since the marriage of Levi Haalelea and Anaderia Amoe is void based on fraud, criminal conveyances, etc.


The following is the evidence of their marriage which is evidence of his loss of heirship to Miriam Kekauonohi's, etc. lands:


View the extracted text  View the scanned image

Marriages - Hawaii Island - 1832-1910: page 38 [Haaheo - Haalou]

Haalelea, L. - Amoe 1-19-1858 Hilo H-14a, p.29


Queen Consort of the Hawaiian Islands andPrincess of the Hawaiian Islands

Kikuanoki, by H. B. Martin.jpg

Princess Kikuanoki by Admiral Sir Henry Byam Martin


Kamehameha II (as Queen)

Kahalaiʻa Luanuʻu


Levi Haʻalelea


William Pitt Kinau II

Abigail Maheha (hānai)

Anna Kaiulani (hanai)

Full name

Anna Keahikuni-i-Kekauʻōnohi


House of Kamehameha


Kahōʻanokū Kīnaʻu


Kahakuhaʻakoi Wahinipio


c. 1805



June 2, 1851



June 30, 1851[1]

Mokuʻula then

Waineʻe Cemetery


Note:  Anna Kaiulani was listed as a hanai.The following shows on Wikipedia:

Anna Kaʻiulani


House of Kalākaua


Caesar Kapaʻakea


Analea Keohokālole



HonoluluOʻahuKingdom of Hawaii


Mauna ʻAla


"She was born in 1842 to the High Chiefess Analea Keohokālole and the High Chief Caesar Kapaʻakea. She was a younger sister of Moses Kapaakea, James KaliokalaniDavid Kalākaua, and Lydia Kamakaʻeha, and the older sister of KaiminaauaoMiriam K. Likelike and William Pitt Leleiohoku II."


Legal Issues:  


The Kalakaua lines appears to be claiming lands of Kekauonohi who was one of the Kamehameha's, stepmother/hanai mother of the Kamehameha's. In research, there has not been evidence found showing that Kekauonohi was the hanai mother of Anna Kaiulani.  


There is, however, a reference to Abigail Maheha being a hanai of Miriam Kekauonohi.


Levi Haalelea who lost his interest to lands through marriage, through his appeal to a foreign court did move to claim interest in the Probate of Charles Kanaina, father of King William Lunalilo and was awarded an interest with his brothers Haalilio, and Kahuakaiola/Kahuakailoa.  


Interest is King William Lunalilo's lands whose heir was Charles Kanaina for a life interest would return to the Kamehameha's because King William Lunalilo's mother was married to both Kamehameha and Kamehameha II.  


King William Lunalilo was a stepbrother to all of the Kamehameha's, including Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III who secured the alodio/ ano alodial titles to the families, heirs.  Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III also had a share in properties conveyed to kanaka maoli.


Probates of the alii, Royal Families were either improper, ignored, never made, refused, or disregarded which shows fraud, criminal conversions, etc. made which means that the true owners exists, with evidence proving criminal claims by non-owners to lands owned by the Kamehameha's existing today.


Fraud, deceit, racketeering, genocide, etc. are issues leading to criminal prosecutions of those who have perpetuated the crimes of the past.  



Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III died.  Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III was married to Nahienaena; Kekualoa; Kalama; and Lahilahi.  His children and hanai hookama/adopted children who inherited sovereignty were:

1.  Opunui

2.  Kekipi

3.  Mahoe

4.  Nalimu/Kailakanoa

5.  Kahalaoa

6.  Keawe

7.  Papa

8.  Albert Kunuiakea

9.  Keaweaweula 1

10. Keaweaweula 2

The four (4) hanai hookama/ adopted children who "inherited sovereignty" were:

                     (1)  Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV 

                      (2)  George Hueu Davis

                      (3)  Kale Davis (female)

                       (4)  Peke Davis (female)

Kauikeaouli's/Kamehameha's  parents and step-parents:

Keopuolani (w) married:  Kamehameha; Kalanimoku/Kalaimoku/Hoapilikane

Kauikeaouli/Kameahameha III siblings were:

Liholiho (Kamehameha II)

Kīnaʻu (Kaʻahumanu II)

Kahōʻanokū Kīnaʻu - daughter Miriam Kekauonohi (female)

Kānekapōlei II


stepsiblings:  Leleiohoku/William Pitt Leleiohoku

           hanai stepsibling:  Kekauonohi/Miriam Kekauonohi (female)

                                              Nahuina (k)

Kamehameha III


King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)


June 6, 1825 – December 15, 1854


Kamehameha II


Kamehameha IV

Kuhina Nui

Kaʻahumanu I

Kaʻahumanu II

Kaʻahumanu III

Keoni Ana


Queen Kalama


Keaweaweʻulaokalani I

Keaweaweʻulaokalani II

Kīwalaʻō (illegitimate)

Albert Kūnuiākea (illegitimate)

Kamehameha IV (hānai)

Kaʻiminaʻauao (hānai)

Full name

Keaweaweʻula Kīwalaʻō Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa Kalani Waiakua Kalanikau Iokikilo Kīwalaʻō i ke kapu Kamehameha




Kamehameha I




August 11, 1813

Keauhou Bay at North Kona,Hawaiʻi island


December 15, 1854 (aged 41)



January 10, 1855[1][2]

Mauna ʻAla Royal Mausoleum


  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoKLuRvBqHQ  The Prayer -Hawaiian Version

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Missing Probates, failed Probates, Wills shows evidence of fraud, deceit, corruption supported by foreigners, bankrupt, corrupt individuals who sought support from the U.S./U.S.A., England and the JP Morgan bankers to aid in the funneling of monies from a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation.

Although privateers were regarded as pirates, Treaties by the U.S. was finally signed in 1898 or 40 years after most of the nations in the World agreed that privateers were pirates.

"Piracy in International Law

As mentioned above, piracy should be distinguished from privateering. “Privateer” in international law, is the term applied to a privately owned armed vessel whose owners are commissioned by a hostile nation to carry naval warfare. The practice of privateering preceded the creation of national navies. European States having few or no warships hired merchant vessels for hostile purposes. By issuing naval commissions or authorizations to shipowners or procurers, these States created therefore a legitimate form of war-like activity by non-State actors. By way of compensation, privateers were allowed to share any booty captured. Privateering came into general use, but was first renounced and outlawed by the Peace of Westphalia (1648) for signatories to those treaties. Two centuries later, privateering was abolished on the international level by the Declaration Respecting Maritime Law (Paris, 16 April 1856), but the Declaration was not supported by the United States, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. During the American Civil War, Congress authorized the President to commission privateering in 1863, but this power was not exercised. The Confederacy, however, engaged several times in privateering. Finally, privateering was officially renounced by the United States during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Establishing an authoritative definition of ”piracy” in international law has always been rather problematic. The definition is relevant, as said above earlier, because any confusion in terminology invariably leads to debates between State sovereignty and universal jurisdiction over crimes at sea. There are numerous meanings of the word piracy with no direct legal implications. Just look it up in any dictionary! The various international law meanings of piracy are derived from, among others, international treaties, and various municipal law meanings are defined by statutes and State practice. The first more precise and detailed definition of piracy has been formulated in Article 15 of the Convention on the High Seas (Geneva, 29 April 1958), and Article 101 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Montego Bay, 10 December 1982) :  

Article 15 / Article 101

Definition of piracy

Piracy consists of any of the following acts:

(a) any illegal acts of violence or detention, or any act of depredation, committed for private ends by the crew or the passengers of a private ship or a private aircraft, and directed—

(i) on the high seas, against another ship or aircraft, or against persons or property on board such ship or aircraft;

(ii) against a ship, aircraft, persons or property in a place outside the jurisdiction of any State;

(b) any act of voluntary participation in the operation of a ship or of an aircraft with knowledge of facts making it a pirate ship or aircraft;

(c) any act of inciting or of intentionally facilitating an act described in subparagraph (a) or (b).

These articles are generally recognised as providing the definition of piracy in international law, but proved insufficient. Piracy was still a relatively minor issue during the first United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS I) in 1956. More concerned with economic interests such as ownership of offshore resources and fishing grounds, even Western nations had not been unduly concerned by the sparse instances of piracy occuring that time. Historically, piracy had been dismissed as a crime which fell under what was then known as “universal jurisdiction”. Any such outlaws could be summarily tried by any government that captured them. And those were scarce as only a handful of Western sea powers had been in a position to do so. But how was the issue of universal jurisdiction to be understood? It is clear that the definition of piracy was not updated to take into account the development of the modern regime of maritime zones and remained trapped in a period where the high seas were only three miles from shore. Could piracy only be committed on the high seas, or could piratical acts also be perpetrated in territorial waters or in ports? Given the fact that the majority of piracy acts reported today take place in waters within the jurisdiction of newly emerged States, claiming their own expanding territorial waters, this problem is growing more complicated. Another problem is the limitation of piracy to private motivations, such as personal gain, thus exempting politically driven actions. Even such an abbreviated definition of piracy as “any armed violence at sea which is not a lawful act of war” could easily be questioned by insurgents or revolutionary fighters pointing out that personal gain was not their objective, rather a national (liberation) cause. Finally, the conventions require member States to cooperate in prosecuting piracy, but there is no mechanism to enforce this. Rather, member States must incorporate provisions into domestic law before they can prosecute acts of piracy. Yet, few States have taken this essential step.

Another international instrument, that governs piracy and provides a jurisdictional basis for nations to prosecute such acts domestically, is the Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation (Rome, 10 March 1988). Drafted in response to the Achille Lauro incident, the SUA Convention was enacted, at least in part, to ensure that politically motivated attacks on ships could be prosecuted as acts of piracy. Although the SUA Convention does appear to broadly prohibit offenses that are more consistent with modern-day piracy, the Convention is flawed for several reasons, see Dutton, pp. 208-209.

In municipal law, various definitions of the term piracy are in use. It has been extended to cover crimes other than those defined above, such as slave trading. A sovereign State has the power to declare offenses to be piracy that are not so regarded by international law. These municipal laws can have binding force only in the jurisdiction creating them. As new types of piracy resurge nowadays, the international community has to decide to act and bring pirates to justice. Piracy is a serious crime of international concern that is only increasing in frequency and severity. Although the international community may be thwarting some pirate attacks, what it is not doing now is sending pirates a message that piracy will not be tolerated. Recent developments show that first steps have been taken. In its Resolution 1918 (2010), the UN Security Council is calling on member states to criminalize piracy under their domestic laws and urging the Secretary-General to consider an International Tribunal for prosecuting piracy. Others suggest that pirates can be brought to justice using the already extant International Criminal Court by way of an optional protocol to include piracy within the Court’s jurisdiction.

The above information is presented as evidence of privateering, conspiracies, racketeering, genocide prosecutions to be used on individuals, etc. promoting, perpetuating criminal claims affecting our Kamehameha's, kanaka maoli inheritances fraudulently assumed by criminal deviants in the performance and ongoing acts of treason against the true title owners, true land owners in the Hawaiian archipelago who holds Treaties which are active and are the supreme law of the land, aligned with the U.S. Constitution, .


compiled by Amelia Gora, a Royal person (2010)

As you may have already read in the previously posted articles about the Premeditation activities, the piracy(ies) involved in assuming a friendly, Neutral, non-violent nation, the information documented below shows some of the piracies, activities involved in assuming Trusts of our Royal Families over time by criminal maneuvers, conversions, piracy(ies, racketeering, Premeditation activities by criminals documented.

Descendants of the Royal Families exist, including myself, Amelia Gora, who has done more than 22 years of research to find the hidden lines of our Royal families, those who are the true descendants, heirs to the lands of Kamehameha thru Queen Liliuokalani's times.

The tremendous amount of fraud, deceit, racketeering, criminal conversions can be seen in the documents remaining, which appears to be one of the reasons why treasonous person Thomas Akaka's descendant Senator Daniel Akaka et. als. moves to destroy all of the books of our Hawaiian Kingdom, which remains evidence of their crimes documented through the Akaka Bill ---opposition to the Akaka Bill continues..

As you may already know, the Archives/Records of the Hawaiian Kingdom were shut down from 1893 thru 1895 and much tampering of our records occurred. A treasonous persons descendant also sent out requests for other nations to return the books of the Hawaiian Kingdom under the guise of collecting the books for records (more for destruction of the evidence?)

Through the studies of the Alii, the evidence of piracy(ies) can be revealed.

For example, the Land Court which was brought to life in the early 1900's was utilized by many criminals, including the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trustees who claim themselves to be owners of the Trust. A 5% interest is also assumed from the Charles Reed Bishop Trust, also a criminal trust perpetuating a life interest of the PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC.

See Land Court Case 1228, First Circuit Court, this is what is documented:

"Bernice Pauahi Bishop died October 16, 1884. Her will dated October 31, 1883 and first codicil dated October 4, 1884, and second codicil, irrelevant for the purposes of this report, were duly admitted to Probate in the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands, December 2, 1884. (Probate No. 2425). Inventory filed January 7, 1885 showed; The Ahupuaa of Paalaa. All the annuitants mentioned in the will and codicils are dead. Acceptance of the trust by the Trustees named in the Will was filed on March 4, 1885."

Bernice Pauahi Bishop was half white, was not the last of the Kamehameha's, was not the full owner of the lands of Kamehameha I, Kamehameha II, Kamehameha III, Kamehameha IV, Kamehameha V, King Lunalilo.

Research shows many descendants, heirs, and uncovering the criminals, the racketeers, the pirates, the intruders, the outsiders, the conspirators, the treasonous persons with their claws in every part of the Trusts belonging to the Royal families who were diverted through the malicious maneuvers of the pirates actively and criminally claiming what does not belong, could not belong to them - the white trustees supported by the bankrupt nations U.S., and England/Great Britain with the help of their banking investors the Morgan bankers of whom Charles Reed Bishop, the Judd families, et. als. were part of ---yes, partners in crime.

The following shows just the top of the iceberg, a rapidly melting iceberg, because the the truth of the matter is that all of the Trusts started in the Hawaiian Kingdom has true owners, bloodlines, descendants, heirs, which basically means that all lands claimed for, sold by the current Trustees are and remain fraudulent conveyances due to their foundation being based on fraud, racketeering, piracy(ies) on the high seas, etc.

Treasonous persons, conspirators, those promoting, perpetuating criminal activities, maneuvers in claiming sovereign trusts do not, and cannot inherit Sovereigns Trusts. Everyone must heed the Hawaiian Kingdom, International laws dealing with Pirates, these who have done serious wrongs against the Royal families, etc

 We have inherited Sovereignty.............which means we are Royal Persons and not subject to the laws.....which means the courts, the State of Hawaii has no jurisdiction over us, which means the Treaties, the permanent treaties remain due to the agreement made with the U.S. President (Taft, et. als.) and the Secretary of State for the United States and the Sovereign, his heirs and successors are in place.

Oh btw we are the heirs of the successors as well based on the facts that King William Lunalilo was a stepsibling of our ancestors 1) Kaoleioku 2) Kanekapolei 2(w) 3) Kalanihelemaiiuna; as well as Puali Nui (w) daughter of Kalaniopuu, stepdaughter of Kamehameha. King David Kalakaua did have two children ---we are heirs to them ....their names Kamaka (w) and Kaopu (k).............and Queen Liliuokalani thru her daughters/hanai also 1) Abigaila/ Princess Poomaikelani and 2) Kaaumoana (w) who was designated as her trustee.....

And, we are descendants of so many of Kamehameha's brothers and sisters as well..... Ramifications are many.............messages being sent to other nations as well, including Kuala Lumpur, etc.

Maintaining a neutral, friendly nation from the time of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III.





Diary June 8, 2011 at 10:39:30 (Diaries are not moderated)

UPDATING THE ROYAL FAMILIES GENEALOGIES - Keep With Your Important Records/ Genealogies, Land, etc.

By Amelia Gora (about the author)     Permalink

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Genealogies are the basis of the ancient 3,000 + years Hawaiian Society. The following are some of the updates which affects all lands in the Hawaiian archipelago.::::::::

UPDATING THE ROYAL FAMILIES GENEALOGIES - Keep With Your Important Records/ Genealogies, Land, etc.


The following genealogies were arranged by Queen Liliuokalani. Updates were made based on information gathered as evidence over the years due to false claims that Bernice Pauahi was the "last of the Kamehameha's".

All of the updates has credible sources taken from information found in research over time.

Please keep for your records and keep with your land documents, evidence, etc.


Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

David Kalakaua Kalele/Kaahulele Kamaka (w)

Kaopu (k)

Kapiolani (w) adopted: Kahanu (k)

adopted: Mathias Rose (k)

adopted: Augustine Nuhi (k)

Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Kamehameha II/Liholiho married Kekauonohi.

Aarona Keliiahonui married Kekauonohi.

Levi Haalelea married Kekauonohi.

Keau/Keaupuni lived with Kekauonohi.

Kekauonohi (w) hanai/adopted daughter was Abigail Maheha (w);

Kekauonohi adopted Anna Kaiulani, Queen Liliuokalani's sister

Kekauonohi (w) was the hanai/adopted daughter of Kalanimoku (k).

Kekauonohi (w) was the hanai/adopted daughter of Kahekili/Haupu (k).

Kekauonohi (w) siblings were: Keliikanakaole/Kanakaole (k) and Maulili (k).

Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Father Mother Child

Kinau Kahoanoku Wahinepio Kekauonohi (w)

Keliikanakaole (k)

Maulili (k)


Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Kalaniopuu had six (6) wives:

Father Mother Child

Kalaniopuu Kalola Kiwalao (k)

Kalaiwahineuli Kalaipaihala (k)

Kamakolunuiokalani Pualinui (w)

Mulehu Manoua/Manowa (w)

Kanekapolei Keoua Kuahuula (k)

Keoua Peeale (k)


Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Inaina (w) children:Mataio Kekuanaoa (k); Kamahine/Kalima/Kalimakuhi(w) Mataio Kekuanaoa's children: Paalua (k); Ruth Keelikolani (w); Moses Kaikioewa (k); Lot Kamehameha/Kamehameha V; Alexander Liholiho/ Kamehameha IV; Victoria Kamamalu (w); David Kamehameha (k); Alenoho (k); Kapau (k); Kapehe (w); John Kapena (k); Umiokalani (w); Kalima (w); Kaiopahia (k); hanai/adopted child: Pauahi/Bernice Pauahi. Kamahine/Kalima/Kalimakuhi (w) children: Paalua (k); Ruth Keelikolani (w); Moses Kaikioewa (k); Lot Kamehameha/Kamehameha V; Alexander Liholiho/ Kamehameha IV; Victoria Kamamalu (w); David Kamehameha (k); Alenoho (k); Kapau (k); Kapehe (w); John Kapena (k); Umiokalani (w); Kalima (w); Kaiopahia (k); ; hanai/adopted child: Pauahi/Bernice Pauahi. Stepchildren: Enoka/Enosa (k); E.N. Kaaua (k); Keloha (w).

Wahinepio (w) children: Kekauonohi(w); Keliikanakaole/Kanakaole (k); Maulili (k) also the niece and nephews of Kalanimoku (k); and hanai/foster children of Kahekili/Haupu (k) son of Kaumualii (k). 

Kaoleioku (k) and wives Keoua(w) and Luahine(w) children: Hanuna (k); Pauahi (w); Keola (k); Konia (w)

Kanekapolei 2 (w) children: Kikau (k) 

Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Kahekili's son: Manono (k)

Manono (k) son Keau/Keaupuni (k) lived with Kekauonohi (w); Abigail Maheha (w); his children: Kapena (k); Ialua/Kalua (k); Nalua (w); Kalele (w); Kala/Kalahohina.

Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

David Kalakaua's children: Kamaka (w); Kaopu (k); 

adopted children: Kahanu (k); Mathias Rose (k); Augustine Nuhi (k)

Lydia Kamakaeha/Kaeha/Makaeha's children/hanai/adopted children: Abigaila (w); Kema (k); Wahie (k); Luka/Luika ) aka's; Kaeha opio (w); Pau (k); 

Kamukai (k)


Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Abner Paki(k) Konia(w) Bernice Pauahi

hanai/adopted: Kaeha/Makaeha/Kamakaeha/ Liliuokalani (w)

Abner Paki's brother: Kalaniulumoku (k) children: Kalola (w);

Kaluaikau (w); Alapai (k); Namahana (w)

John Young (k) Kaonaeha/Kuamoo (w) children: John Young Jr; Fanny/Pane(w); Grace/Kamaikui (w); Gini/Lahilahi (w); James Kanehoa Young (k); adopted children: Hueu Davis (k); Kale Davis (k); and Peke Davis; hanai/adopted children of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III.

Fanny/Pane (w) and Naea (k) had children: Emma adopted by TCB Rooke, second husband of Kamaikui/Grace Kamaikui (w).

Updated by Amelia Gora (2011)

Keaupuni married Pauahi 

Kahalaia married Pauahi

Kekuanaoa married Pauahi who had Ruth Keelikolani;

Mataio Kekuanaoa's children: Paalua (k); Ruth Keelikolani (w); Moses Kaikioewa (k); Lot Kamehameha/Kamehameha V; Alexander Liholiho/ Kamehameha IV; Victoria Kamamalu (w); David Kamehameha (k); Alenoho (k); Kapau (k); Kapehe (w); John Kapena (k); Umiokalani (w); Kalima (w); Kaiopahia (k); hanai/adopted child: Pauahi/Bernice Pauahi. 


We are a genealogy based society. It would be worth your while to set aside this important information with your land, genealogy records because it is now proven that Bernice Pauahi Bishop was NOT the "last of the Kamehameha's" and the lies are but criminal propaganda set in place by the non-kanaka maoli, the treasonous persons who moved to assume all that does not belong to them.

aloha and malama pono.....

a gift of the ages in behalf of our Kamehameha, Kalaniopuu, Kahekili, Kaumualii, John Young, Isaac Davis et. als. descendants; the Hawaiian Genealogical Society/Hawaiian Genealogy Society; and the Royal Families House of Nobles/"Hulu Manu" - Secret/Special Advisors of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III's families/descendants

References: information from Queen Liliuokalani's book HAWAII'S STORY BY HAWAII'S QUEEN/HAWAII'S STORY; research at the Archives, Bureau of Conveyances, Main Library, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii 

http://digital.library.upenn. edu/women/liliuokalani/hawaii/ hawaii...

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The Royal Families In The Hawaiian Islands and the Problematic Masons/Freemasons

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Remembering the Criminal dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani by Americans in 1893 with the help of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, U.S. Congress, England, and the Morgan bankers, et. als. "Wrongful Dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani Anniversary Special: THE ROYAL FAMILIES...and the Problematic Masons/Freemasons"::::::::



and the Problematic 


Compiled by Amelia Gora (2012)

Kamehameha I 

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign July 1782 -- May 8, 1819 Successor Kamehameha II

Spouse Ka Ê» ahumanu



KalÄ kua KaheiheimÄ lie

Namahana Pi Ê» ia

Kahakuha Ê» akoi Wahinepio

KekÄ uluohi

KÄ nekapÅ lei (unmarried) Issue Liholiho (Kamehameha II)

Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III)

NÄ hi Ê» ena Ê» ena

KamÄ malu

KÄ«na Ê» u (Ka Ê» ahumanu II)

KahŠʻ anokū Kīna ʻ u

Pauli Ka Ê» Å leiokÅ« (illegitimate) Full name Kalani Pai Ê» ea Wohi o Kaleikini Keali Ê» ikui Kamehameha o Ê» Iolani i Kaiwikapu kaui Ka Liholiho KÅ«nuiÄ kea House House of KamehamehaFather KeÅ ua Mother Kekuiapoiwa II Born c. 1758

Kapakai Kokoiki Heiau, KohalaHawai Ê» i Island Died May 8, 1819 (aged 61?)

Kailua-KonaHawai Ê» i island Burial unknown Kamehameha II 

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign May 20, 1819 -- July 14, 1824

(5 years, 55 days) Predecessor Kamehameha I Successor Kamehameha III

Spouse KamÄ malu


KekÄ uluohi


Kekau Ê» Å nohi Full name Kalani Kalei Ê» aimoku o Kaiwikapu o La Ê» amea i Kauikawekiu Ahilapalapa Keali Ê» i Kauinamoku o Kahekili Kalaninui i Mamao Ê» Iolani i Ka Liholiho House House of Kamehameha Father Kamehameha I Mother KeÅ pÅ«olani Born c. 1797

HiloHawai Ê» i Died July 14, 1824 (aged 27)

LondonEngland Burial May 11, 1825 [ 1 ] 

Mauna Ê» Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature  Kamehameha III

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign June 6, 1825 -- December 15, 1854

(29 years, 192 days) Predecessor Kamehameha II Successor Kamehameha IV

Spouse Queen Kalama Issue Prince KeaweaweÊ»ulaokalani I

Prince Keaweaweʻulaokalani II

Albert Kunuiakea Full name Keaweawe Ê» ula KÄ«wala Ê» Å Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa Kalani Waiakua Kalanikau Iokikilo KÄ«wala Ê» Å i ke kapu Kamehameha House Kamehameha FatherKamehameha I Mother KeÅ pÅ«olani Born August 11, 1813

Keauhou Bay at North KonaHawai Ê» i island Died December 15, 1854 (aged 41)

HoihoikeeaHonoluluO Ê» ahu Burial January 10, 1855 [ 1 ] 

Mauna Ê» Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature Charles Reed Bishop came to the Hawaiian Islands with his lover William Lee. Both worked for the the U.S. Consulate.

William Lee worked under the Hawaiian Government and played a part in helping to set up the Mahele/Great Mahele in 1848.

Charles Reed Bishop was a banker, an attorney associated with the syndicate bankers.

William Lee became one of the Justices for the Hawaiian Government Court.

Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III died. He was survived by Queen Kalama. His designated heirs were Alexander Liholiho, Lot Kamehameha and Victoria Kamamalu. Queen Kalama had dower rights which she conveyed to Alexander Liholiho. This was part of the Crown Lands.

Kamehameha IV 

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign January 11, 1855 -- November 30, 1863

(8 years, 323 days) Investiture January 11, 1855

KawaiahaÊ»o Church Predecessor Kamehameha III Successor Kamehameha V

Spouse Queen Emma Issue Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Full name Alekanetero (Alexander) Liholiho Keawenui Ê» Iolani House House of Kamehameha Father KekÅ«anÄ o Ê» a

Kamehameha III (hÄ nai) Mother KÄ«naÊ»u

Kalama (hÄ nai) Born February 9, 1834

HonoluluOahu Died November 30, 1863 (aged 29)

HonoluluOahu Burial February 3, 1864 [ 1 ] 

Mauna Ê» Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature  Religion Church of HawaiiHis hanai son Alexander Liholiho became Kamehameha IV. Lot Kamehameha became his heir.

Alexander Liholiho married Emma who was Kamehameha's brother's grandaughter. Dr. TCB Rooke, a Mason/Freemason adopted Emma alone. His wife Grace Kamaikui had children of her own named Hueu Davis, Kale Davis, and Peke Davis. Emma was a true cousin of theirs.

Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV died leaving his widow Emma. His heirs were Lot Kamehameha and Victoria Kamamalu. His oldest brother Moses Kaikioewa was killed by the missionaries according to oral history and credible informants.

Victoria Kamamalu died. Her only designated heir was Mataio Kekuanaoa whose other descendants/heirs existed then and exists now. Our families are also descendants and heirs of Mataio Kekuanaoa who died intestate.

Kamehameha V 

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign November 30, 1863 -- December 11, 1872

(9 years, 11 days) Predecessor Kamehameha IV Successor Lunalilo

Full name Lota (Lot) Liholiho KapuÄ iwa Kalanimakua Kalanikupuapaikalaninui Ali Ê» iolani Kalani-a-KekÅ«anaÅ Ê»a House House of Kamehameha Father KekÅ«anÄ o Ê» a

UlumÄ heihei Hoapili (hÄ nai) Mother KÄ«naÊ»u

NÄ hi Ê» ena Ê» ena (hÄ nai)

KalÄ kua KaheiheimÄ lie (hÄ nai) Born December 11, 1830

HonoluluOahu Died December 11, 1872 (aged 42)

HonoluluOahu Burial January 11, 1873 [ 1 ] 

Mauna Ê» Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature Lot Kamehameha/Kamehameha V became successor. Many of his cousins existed including half white/hapa haole Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

The lies of Bernice Pauahi Bishop being the last of the Kamehameha's were perpetuated by the Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop and Friends. Piracy(ies) are documented. 



King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign January 8, 1873 -- February 3, 1874 (1 year, 26 days) Predecessor Kamehameha VSuccessor KalÄ kaua

Full name William Charles Lunalilo House House of Keoua Nui

House of Kalaimamahu Father Kana Ê» ina Mother KekÄ uluohi Born January 31, 1835

PohukainaHonoluluOahu Died February 3, 1874 (aged 39)

Marine Residence, WaikikiHonoluluOahu Burial February 28, 1875 [ 1 ] 

Mausoleum in front of Kawaiaha Ê» o Church Religion Church of Hawaii (Church of England/Anglican)William Charles Lunalilo was elected/selected to be the successor to the throne because he was the Senior Level of Kamehameha's widows.

Lunalilo became King William Charles Lunalilo because he was the oldest living son of Kamehameha and Liholiho/Kamehameha II's wife named Kekauluohi/Auhea (w). She married Kahea/Kaheakulani (k) and Charles Kanaina (k).

King Lunalilo died of tuberculosis as with his friend Robert Lewis Stevenson. They drank together and it's suspicious that during this period a Dr. Arnold, a longtime researcher in tuberculosis arrived during this period.

King Lunalilo's heir was Emma who publicly proclaimed that she was his heir. She said that she was the closest to the Kamehameha lines as her grandfather was Keliimaikai, the brother of Kamehameha.

Emma Queen Consort of the Hawaiian Islands  Tenure June 19, 1856 -- November 30, 1863 Spouse Kamehameha IV Issue Albert Edward Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa a Kamehameha Full name Emalani Kalanikaumakaamano KaleleonÄ lani Na Ê» ea (Hawaiian)

Emma Alexandrina Francis Agnes Lowder Byde Rooke Young Kaleleokalani (Anglican) HouseKamehameha Father High Chief George Na Ê» ea

Thomas Rooke (hÄ nai) Mother High Chiefess Fanny Kekelaokalani Young

High Chiefess Grace Kama Ê» iku Ê» i Young Rooke (hÄ nai) Born January 2, 1836

Kawaihae, Hawai Ê» i Died April 25, 1885 (aged 49)

HonoluluOahu Burial May 17, 1885 [ 1 ] 

Mauna Ê» Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature  Religion Church of HawaiiThe supposed Will of King Lunalilo was signed by Mason/Freemason Justice Albert Francis Judd for King Lunalilo. Albert Francis Judd was a descendant of Geritt Parmele Judd who had held back the vaccines/ anti- smallpox vaccines from the kanaka maoli and who gave the vaccines to only his families, non-Hawaiians/haole and selected kanaka maoli. The Smallpox brought into the Hawaiian Islands were the cause of thousands who died. The Hawaiian Alii did not want the sickly sailors to come ashore and their requests were ignored. Kanka Maoli dropped like flies while the Masons/Freemasons saved themselves. Gerritt Parmele Judd, a Mason/Freemason, was also suspected for stealing monies from the King's treasury.

Queen Emma was supported by the majority in the Hawaiian Islands. Due to her English roots, her grandfather being John Young/Olohana counselor of Kamehameha, the English military were ready to support her. Part of the Estates of the Young family was held by the English, and some of our families claim that monies are held by Lloyd's of London still.

Queen Emma said that she was part of the closest line to Kamehameha because she descended from Kamehameha's brother Keliimaikai/Kealiimaikai.

Queen Emma made two proclamations maintaining that she was King Lunalilo's designated successor. Additionally, he directed that his lands were to go to his father Charles Kanaina and after his father died, it would go to her.

Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop, American spy, attorney, banker, plantation owner, one of the Pacific Cable Company founders denied Queen Emma's claims.

Bishop, a Ministry Representative, opposed Queen Emma's Public Proclamations in the Privy Council. He countered Queen Emma's newspaper proclamations. Bishop claimed that if it were true, "he would immediately call the Nobles on the expression of a wish to nominate a Successor."

It was Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop who denied that Queen Liliuokalani was the hanai daughter of Abner Paki and Konia. His denial was recorded and Queen Liliuokalani was denied being a hanai sister of Bernice Pauahi. Bishop disregarded the recorded information in the Chief's Children's Schools records that Queen Liliuokalani was a hanai.

It was Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop and his half-white wife Bernice Pauahi who lied in Court claiming that Akahi/Chiefess Akahi had no descendants. The reason being that Akahi was the owner of 10,000+ acres and a Konohiki. Akahi's descendants/heirs existed then and exist now.

An election was held and David Kalakaua a Mason/Freemason became King David Kalakaua with the help of Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop who requested for assistance from the American military during the period. Kalakaua had a minority vote and Queen Emma did not want to promote conflict, death, etc.

KalÄ kaua 

King of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign February 12, 1874 -- January 20, 1891

(16 years, 342 days) Investiture

Coronation February 13, 1874, KÄ«na Ê» u Hale

February 12, 1883, Ê»Iolani Palace Predecessor Lunalilo Successor Lili Ê» uokalani

Spouse Kapi Ê» olani Full name David La Ê» amea Kamanakapu Ê» u Mahinulani Nalaiaehuokalani Lumialani KalÄ kaua House House of KalÄ kaua Father Caesar KapaÊ»akea Mother Analea KeohokÄ lole Born November 16, 1836

HonoluluOahu Died January 20, 1891 (aged 54)

Palace HotelSan Francisco Burial February 15, 1891

Mauna Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature 1876 - King Kalakaua signed a fraud deed over Halawa lands/Ahupuaa which included Pearl Harbor. He deeded an already deed land to Grace Kamaikui and Mataio Kekuanaoa.

Grace Kamaikui, our ancestor died in 1866.

Mataio Kekuanaoa, our ancestor died in 1868.

1882 - Article in the FRIEND, January 1:

"Yale College Runs the Government"

".... Judd and McCully are on the Supreme Bench; Baldwin a Superintendent of Schools; Armstrong, is Attorney General and Minister of the Interior, Alexander at the head of the survey, and Bingham is Superintendent of Micronesians."......two recent arrivals named S.C. Gale Esq. from Minneapolis and W. Foster Esq., from San Francisco were Yale Graduates.....both lawyers..."What does this indicate? Has "Yale" any secret designs on the Islands of the Pacific?"

note: see below for a partial list of Yale graduates. The former President GW Bush for example is listed. He's a documented Mason/Freemason (see videos below) and some kanaka maoli claim that his family is originally from the Hawaiian Islands and he has relatives living on Kauai.

1884 - Bernice Pauahi died in 1884 from breast cancer. She was given an exhorbitant amount of OPIUM for pain. Kalola (w) was the only person documented as next of kin. Another heir with only a life-interest was Charles Reed Bishop.

Charles Reed Bishop signed away his "life interest" to the Trustees of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates. See Bureau of Conveyances, Liber 142/page 142. The Bureau of Conveyances sits on our families lands, the land of Kalaniulumoku brother of Abner Paki. Our families hold title to these lands.

1885 - Queen Emma died. She was the widow of Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV. She had proclaimed that she was the heir of King Lunalilo after his father Charles Kanaina died. The Proclamation was made after King Lunalilo had passed away from tuberculosis.

Her adoptive father Dr. TCB Rooke was a Mason/Freemason. Only TCB Rooke had adopted Emma, the daughter of Fanny Kekela Young and Naea (k). TCB Rooke was the second husband of her true aunt Grace Kamaikui Young who had three (3) children with Isaac Davis her father's English friend. They were Hueu Davis; Kale Davis; and Peke Davis. Descendants/heirs of the John Young's and Isaac Davis exists today.

The treasonous justices of the Supreme Court criminally assumed that their rules became law and moved as if they were in fact higher than the Sovereign AND the House of Nobles.

The Supreme Court Justices were but a body of non-bloods, not connected, descendants, heirs of the Sovereign and the House of Nobles - the two permanent parts of the Hawaiian Government.

They belonged to the third part of the Hawaiian Government, a temporary group which was named as the House of Representatives which became the treasonous branch called the Provisional Government, the Republic of Hawaii, the Territory of Hawaii, then the State of Hawaii with Oppositions by our Royal Families, subjects of Queen Liliuokalani, kanaka maoli, and subjects of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian Islands/ Hawaiian archipelago over time.

The majority of the House of Representatives branch were treasonous Masons/Freemasons.

1887 - Masons/Freemasons held guns to their associate Mason/Freemason King David Kalakaua and forced him to sign a new Constitution giving them power. Under duress, stress, coercion, usurpation, Kalakaua signed.

1891 - King David Kalakaua had stopped presenting medals to others. The medals were symbols of Mason/Freemason activities. It appears that he recognized the wickedness of the Masons/Freemasons. He had been married previously to a descendant of Kahekili of Maui and had two children. He married Kapiolani, a descendant of Kaumualii of Kauai and a widow who had an adopted son. Kapiolani was the hanai daughter of a Kamehameha descendant named Kaluakini my great grandfather. She was the hanai sister of my grandmother.

King David Kalakaua died. He had designated his brother, then his sister Liliuokalani who had married Mason/Freemason John Dominis. Others that he designated as heirs were his sister Likelike; his wife's sister's Poomaikelani, our great great grandmother; Kinoiki who was the mother of Princes Edward, Kuhio, and Kawananakoa.

Lili Ê» uokalani 

Queen of the Hawaiian Islands (more...)

Reign 29 January 1891 -- 17 January 1893

(1 year, 354 days) Predecessor KalÄ kaua Successor Monarchy abolished

Spouse John Owen Dominis Full name Lydia Lili Ê» u Loloku Walania Wewehi Kamaka Ê» eha-a-Kapa Ê» akea

Lydia Kamaka Ê» eha Paki (adoptive and legal name) House House of KalÄ kaua Father Caesar KapaÊ»akea Mother Analea KeohokÄ lole Born September 2, 1838

HonoluluOahuKingdom of Hawaii Died November 11, 1917 (aged 79)

HonoluluOahuTerritory of Hawaii Burial Mauna Ala Royal Mausoleum Signature1891 - Queen Liliuokalani became the successor based on the selections of King Kalakaua.

1892 - U.S. Representative Benjamin Tracy is documented as planning the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani in Makua, Waianae on the ranch of Lorrin Thurston's family. The Ahupuaa of Makua belongs to the Kamehameha descendants/heirs existing then and exists today. It had been under the care of King Kalakaua's and Queen Liliuokalani's mother Keohokalole (w).

1893 - January 3, '1893 - Hundreds of Masons/Freemasons from around the World gathered to celebrate THE NEW TEMPLE in Honolulu.

They proclaimed that Honolulu was the 'home city' of the Masons/Freemasons.

1893 - January 8. 1893 - Premeditation to take over Pearl Harbor was documented by Congress, and the former American Civil War General, a Mason/Freemason U.S. President who did help to plan the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani.

1893 - January 9, 1893 - the NEW YORK TIMES printed the standing order, a directive to take over the Hawaiian Islands through Pearl Harbor claims, a fraud claim which was recorded during King Kalakaua's period as the BLUNDERS of the Reciprocity Treaty(ies) etc.

Reference: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F00617FD345B1A738DDD...researcher Shane Lee's find and other research by Amelia Gora

1893 - Queen Liliuokalani, to the horror of the Masons/Freemasons, destroyed the Constitution of 1887 - The Bayonnet Constitution.

They hurriedly put together a "purported Constitution" which they claimed was signed by Queen Liliuokalani and placed it in the U.S. Congressional Records. The supposed heirs to the throne was Masons/Freemasons Kuhio Kalanianaole and David Kawananakoa. Both were not related to the King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani's genealogy lines.

1895 - Princess Poomaikelani died. Queen Liliuokalani called her a daughter. She had taken care of Prince Edward who died. His brothers were Masons/Freemasons Princes Kuhio and Kalanianaole. Princess Poomaikelani/Kapooloku/Kapapoko/Abigaila was our great great grandmother.

1897 - Queen Liliuokalani opposed the Annexation to the U.S. The true opposition signed by Queen Liliuokalani was found by Kiliwehi Kekumano in the National Archives in Maryland.


-Opposition to Annexation - 1897 Annexation Opposition by Queen Liliuokalani found by researcher Kiliwehi Kekumano: https://docs.google.com/leaf? id= 0B6Gs4av5Se1wOGJmZjg4MmQtNWRjM S0...

Annexation Opposition (page 2) https://docs.google.com/leaf? id= 0B6Gs4av5Se1wNWVlMTc0MjEtZWZiZ S0...

Annexation Opposition (page 3) https://docs.google.com/leaf? id= 0B6Gs4av5Se1wY2RjYzZmNjQtMjUxY i0...

Annexation Opposition (page 4) https://docs.google.com/leaf? id= 0B6Gs4av5Se1wNmY2Mzk3ZTctZDEyM y0...

-Other Evidence - see articles, pamphlets, books, the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk news on the web by Amelia Gora

Queen Liliuokalani's supporters of 40,000 also opposed Annexation. Their Oppositions/ signatures were hidden in the National Archives in Maryland and rediscovered by researcher Noenoe Silva, etc.

1899 - Queen Kapiolani died. She had given Masons/Freemasons Princes Kuhio and Kalanianaole a deed with the instructions to file it AFTER she died. They hurriedly filed it shortly after and did not wait till AFTER she died.

Queen Kapiolani publicly opposed the Deed's filings and it was recorded in the newspapers of the period. The case went to court and the Masons/Freemason Justices sided for the Princes Kuhio and Kalanianaole.

1917 - Queen Liliuokalani died. She was a hanai sister of Bernice Pauahi Bishop who was married to Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop. Bishop had denied her relationship in the Probates of Abner Paki, the father of Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

Queen Liliuokalani had set up a trust with her hanai daughter Kaaumoana our ancestor. Unresolved issues remain.


The problems found in history has much to do with the Masons/Freemasons presence in the Hawaiian Islands.

All of the Sovereigns were part of the Masons/Freemason, unaware of the criminal deviance involved according to researcher Chris Roses.

The Masons/Freemasons affected the Hawaiian Monarchy since the time of the 1822 - Secret Treaty of Verona. Austria, France, Russia, Prussia, the Vatican, England, and U.S. are recorded as having signed this treaty which was against all Monarchy governments worldwide. This Treaty also became a move towards One World Order, New World Order.

PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC: Charles Reed Bishop and Friends have been documented, many of the names were listed because Queen Liliuokalani did point out the treasonous persons over time.

Mason/Freemason, scum, scoundrel, liar, Charles Reed Bishop, promoted his support of the U.S. government by maneuvering his way into the Royal Families by marrying half-white Bernice Pauahi. Bishop was a dishonest man, corrupt in his personal life, and business life.

Queen Emma, a true heir to the Crown died in 1885. Then a non-descendant of Kamehameha gained the support of Mason/Freemason Charles Reed Bishop who supported him with the help of the forces of the U.S. military who helped to control Queen Emma's supporters.

King David Kalakaua ceased giving out emblems/symbols of Masonry - pins, jewelry, etc. after he found out the truth about the Masons/Freemasons. Oral history reveals that King Kalakaua died at the hands of the Masons/Freemasons. He was dead before he boarded the ship to California. King Kalakaua left and returned with the same clothes on.

Queen Liliuokalani was said to have been saved many times by displaying her Mason/ Freemason's jewelry. She was the widow of Mason/Freemason John Dominis. Queen Liliuokalani, along with her brother King David Kalakaua did learn about the Masons/Freemasons, etc.

At the time of the wrongful dethronement of our Queen in 1893, Masons/Freemasons played a major part in criminally assuming what was and is not theirs.

Some of the players of the period are those listed in the reference section, as well as the U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, Vice President Levi Morton - International banker expert in international transfers of monies, et. als.

The Masons/Freemasons includes those who are part of the active Pacific Club made up of lawyers, Corporations Executive Officers, bankers, etc.

The Masons/Freemasons are also an arm of the One World Order/New World Order with moves to assume what is not theirs; eliminate the "People of Color" "the useless, needless eaters", and an excellent example of that is the Smallpox Epidemic which killed off thousands, while the Judd's, Masons/Freemasons gave only their own families, friends the vaccines in the past.

The Royal Families, the descendants/heirs of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III, the owners of the Crown Lands, etc., and who have inherited Sovereignty existed then and exists today representing truth, fact, and promoting peace, neutrality, justice in the Hawaiian Islands affecting the U.S. and the World Today.

Many of the Royal Families are descendants of the Sovereign - Kamehameha and descendants/ heirs of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III; families of King Lunalilo; families of King Kalakaua; and families of Queen Liliuokalani who existed then and today. The permanent Treaties were made only between the President of the U.S./America and the Sovereigns heirs and successors. Our families are both heirs and successors which is why we remain the Crown Lands owners, etc.

We continue to maintain a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation and moving to correct the wrongs, etc.


 Reference:  http://www.opednews.com/Diary/The-Royal-Families-In-The-by-Amelia-G...

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvyLczsLEQ8   Hawaiian War Chant - Teresa Bright


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