Just found this update on the Sai v Obama from Hui {Crimes against Hawaii and her people} ?

Asking for mana'o


This hui just posted some info about the Sai v Obama case and there is one file that i don't understand, i saved it here it is Oihana Loio3.pdf the others i kinda got it but this one that the court suppose to get tomorow i not sure.


if can can.




o yeah these are the other files




Leave for extention of time to file.pdf



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I hear you, and yes it get's a bit spin around sometimes.  I went into this with Sai with open eyes and Kaiama too.  With Sai it took years to listening and reading around his contentions and the de-occupation seems the direction I personally want to go.  If there is a spin on the de-occupation--Kai is pretty good at spotting the spin. 


The research often times turns muddy and in the academic format it's purpose is to clear the water's.  It's a process for me and Amelia.  I trust her research--why? Because over time and constant work she arrives to what we don't want to accomplish.  I believe it's out of lazyness or just plain don't know how. 


Forums are not straight forward--it's a process of disagreements and agreements.  Often times we don't have all the full pieces of puzzle put together to form a clear and understanding picture.


From my perspective it's best to keep on trying.  From my experience, Dexter has limitations put on him not by his choice.  So very sad, I wish we had the resources and the strong fighters in his profession.  In the mean time all that one can do is keep 'talking' and show up for protesting--what I think is important is the debriefing in the aftermath that is where the truth lies.  The clean-up and damage control are processed so that the next protest will be clear, safe, and serve all people of Hawaii. 


Mahalo for your response, and time spent in this process 

Amelia, Kaiama, Bloodline and Etc


Forgive me if i have offended you,


you are correct most of us haven't a formal college education,


yet we all know our roots (mo'oku'auhau)


we also apoligize because we are not familiar with the news on the web IOLANI - The Royal Hawk and i will make it a point to try as i may familiarize myself with the news on the web IOLANI - The Royal Hawk


we ask for kokua because of the past and present hewa our families have and is suffering today was led to beleive that your group might offer some support because it appeared that you were in a position kokua and yes you are correct in that we are not


i am basiclly a messenger for kupuna in my ohana and we have tried to email our humble request to the address you offered to no avail, still kupuna ask me to try and end what they saw as a divisive weapon, hewa or a ama syndrome when chastising another


we respect and commend you for helping others who are part of your family bloodline, sorry if we did not qualify


most of our community have our geneology, if we gave it to you will it certify the need for us to receive kokua, we have keikis' and we are in some of the worst positions and living conditions as can be for Hawaiians in their own lands, but alot of us Hawaiians need to call a spade a spade and don't mean any harm, just seeking help


the history of Sai and Spinney is good to know, but we feel that they are the David to Goliath and we all need to support them


i ask to please correct me if i was wrong and am sorry that you feel this way


i have read these files available to the world and can't find these kanakas' calling themselves Kings, Queens etc.


please no more chasting


onipaa onipaa onipaa


 Read 319 issues of the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk:

Education, references, documentation, research possibilities, etc. is part of the purposes of this publication.  Empowerment comes with knowledge.  Knowledge about issues in these days are very important.   It is hoped that this information will assist in helping to resolve issues and meant to document history of our Hawaiian people, which has also affected free nations in the world today. 
Because we are a genealogy based society, Hawaiian genealogical records are posted for your personal or family files.  At times, genealogies of U.S. Presidents, etals. will be added when it pertains to political issues that affect many.  Aged articles/ historical information, laws, etc. affecting us today will also be posted. 
Ordinarily, the information presented are banned/limited/ eliminated from the recognized press or media companies controlled by government or many who perpetuate fraud, deviance, criminal malfeasance in Hawaii, Abroad and the United States. 
All of IO-LANI - THE ROYAL HAWK - issues will be filed at the yahoogroups. com site, see  Hawaiian_Genealogy_ Society-akg.  or see www.theiolani. blogspot. com
Feel free to download a missed copy(ies), or other articles, messages, information.  Questions? Please contact editor at hawaiianhistory@yahoo.com



this  is a review of this forum:


IOLANI - The Royal Hawk 's Editor Notes:  there is a reluctance in blogging with some individuals due to their lack of education.....it boils down to a waste of "ha", a waste of breath, but there are others who are watching which makes it worthwhile.

If you will notice, there are about 40+ governments/groups operating in the Hawaiian Islands, all knowing that wrongs were done to our people........the names pointed out above are some of the active ones who are pro independence.

OHA/Office of Hawaiian Affairs are perpetuating the crimes of those who wrongfully dethroned our Queen LIliuokalani in 1893.......groups such as Ka Lahui align themselves with OHA and others who look to "nation within a nation" which promotes continued belligerent occupation and support of PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC and PIRATES OF THE WORLD activities.

aloha till next time.




Thank you Amelia, Kaiama, bloodline etc


i have taken a look at some of the IOLANI - Royal Hawk information and am finding the site hard to navigate, do i need to go through everything from the top and just keep reading down or can i just search key words, can you help me navigate through this information, please correct me but alot of it appears to personal stuff, am i in the right place. sorry i'm not sure and i am also seeing the forum disscussions on that site, help please





You are in the right place and yes it is a bit confusing.  I believe it was done in such a way as in bits and pieces here and there intentionally in the aftermath of getting slammed by others.


We needed to continue on the research and posting and I believe that got a bit crazy.


One needs to do your own geneology and do it quickly,  I believe there are others in your family that are inquisitive enough to have already done it. 


Pulling the family together is the best thing and then sitting down and talking story would work. 

What Amelia did was locate all the rotteness that is still going on and how the families are connected to the aina and their land. 


The families came together and made decisions that they are not going away.  So they are pa'a.


That weakens the economics of the continuum of stealing land, and our aina from out from under our feet.  In other words it leaves a cloud on the crooked papers. 


As for our economics, that too is difficult for everyone. 


If you are wondering why we have so much poverty, that was created and agreed upon in many 'gentlemen' agreements.  A complex issue, but can be understood from your own point of view.


Just keep sharing your point of view, however, it is and don't worry about my feelings.  I trust that you have something of value to share, it takes time and the pain will heal in the process of talking. 


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