Just found this update on the Sai v Obama from Hui {Crimes against Hawaii and her people} ?

Asking for mana'o


This hui just posted some info about the Sai v Obama case and there is one file that i don't understand, i saved it here it is Oihana Loio3.pdf the others i kinda got it but this one that the court suppose to get tomorow i not sure.


if can can.




o yeah these are the other files




Leave for extention of time to file.pdf



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Kala mai for my mana'o but i am trying to find support for me and my family and have tried to follow the movement of our poe kanaka. i am left in confusion when i see several subjects of the Hawaiian kingdom (Sai & Spinney) taking an affirmative claim to the doors of our oppressors and demanding justice. i understand that Sai's prayer is as follows,

WHEREFORE, PLAINTIFF respectfully prays for the following:
1. For a Judgment declaring the Joint Resolution to provide for annexing the
Hawaiian Islands to the United States (30 U.S. Stat. 750) to be in violation of the
U.S. CONST., art. VI, clause 2.
2. For a Judgment or Order Awarding PLAINTIFF all temporary and preliminary
injunctive and ancillary relief as may be necessary to avert the likelihood of
continuous injury during the pendency of this action and to preserve the
possibility of effective final relief;
3. For a Judgment or Order Preliminarily and Permanently enjoining
DEFENDANTS from continuing to violate the Lili`uokalani assignment;
4. For a Judgment against DEFENDANTS and in favor of PLAINTIFF for each
violation alleged in this complaint;
5. For a Judgment in favor of PLAINTIFF for general damages and for punitive
damages in order to redress injury to PLAINTIFF and the reputation of his
person, not including actual damages, restitution and disgorgement to be
determined by the court in these proceedings.

Spinney is in his file say's this,

Today, all the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom alien and subject alike are suffering injuries just like Dr. Sai and me...

It is the federal and joined-defendants acting under color of authority and law of the United States who are injuring Dr. Sai and me and all the people living in the Hawaiian Kingdom today

The investigation by the Unites States finds that United States Minister John L. Stevens‟s actions are without the Constitution of the United States and are not authorized by presidential authority and are not authorized by congressional act, and that the detention of our beloved Queen is unlawful.

Her power and authority must be presumed to be fully restored.

Today, Hawaiians operate their own de facto governance in all regions of our Kingdom. Our operation of central government is obstructed by the federal and the joined-defendants. My personal injuries arise out of these continuing unlawful actions by the defendants.

In furtherance of our (Dr. Sai and me) unified objective to realize fulfillment of our beloved Queen Liliuokalani‟s prayer and find remedy for our continuing collective injury and our several personal injuries I urge this Honorable Court, based on the files and record in this case and what is set forth above, to grant me leave to intervene.

i hope that this language is what i understand it to be, in support of me and my family because the attacts on the two kanaka's i see in this fight to help me and my family is welcome with open hearts and minds, i don't see anyone doing anything of this magnitude before the doors of our occupiers.

this chastising by the hanai bloodline really say's alot about the groups ability to lokahi and Mr. Kaiama you should be ashamed.

Sai appears to be fighting for the country while Spinney appears to be fighting for us peoples. I have never seen anyone group and organization take a position like theirs. i will support anyone who supports mine and my families rights as kanakas

Mr. Kaiama if you and the bloodlines can show me another process please let me know as soon as you can. until then i support Sai & Spinney

Malama pono
Aloha Kaohi,

To clarify I encourage Dexter to work with the Hawaiian Kingdom and not just nation within a nation or whatever. The issue of what is "Hawaiian" could fill many books and it many times puts us on different ground. Us guys over here in Aupuni probably have the hardest one to swallow.

We follow the law, ok that could be argued to infinity. We seek nothing less than the status God, the US and the family of nations promised us, an independent seat at the table. So often I/we have to choose between maintaining friends, relationships or moving forward how we honestly feel is correct.

We probably lolo, but the alternative offered makes us want to eat rocks. I hungry for rocks.

I eats rocks everyday and it comes out da other end. Sometimes I can only speak to those who eat with me. I am trying to change my diet, but shoots you should see what come out sometimes..............

Mahalo Lehulehu for your mana'o. We do feel that language has mana and how we worded Alfred's complaint was important to us. We had to tell the truth!

in support of me and my family because the attacts on the two kanaka's i see in this fight to help me and my family is welcome with open hearts and minds

That is what Alfred is saying. To be kanaka is to be injured by the oppression that permeates the Wai, Kai, Aina, Po'o, lepo, kino lau and all things known to Ke Akua. So we can not speak of ALfreds injury without the rest of the body being brought into this.

So we imua small kine but big goals


guess many of you are misunderstanding what has been said............

I have only mentioned one of the many members of the Royal Families House of Nobles, Dexter Kaiama is a cousin of ours connected thru genealogies...............grant he is an attorney.......I only put out his name to let everyone know that although he attended many meetings with groups/governments, he did join with us based on his bloodlines, etc.

Keanu Sai was with Donald Lewis, formed the Perfect Title Company and raised a lot of issues......a cousin of ours named Herbert Pratt was aligned with them until Keanu and Donald turned into another direction, then cousin Herbert Pratt left them.....

Spinney has made many angry due to his agressive tactics,.,,,,aligned with King Reverend Keanaaina, a preacher within the Protestant Church,.,,,,,,

You can support Sai & Spinney, however, they will be supported by us if need be.......Protective orders were given to Spinney and Keanaaina to help malama our families interests in the past........

Henry Noa, and cousin Alex maintain that according to the constitution, the President cannot be sued... and that's one of the reasons they have not followed.......Henry stepped away from Dennis Ragsdale guys, and both are actually very good people with knowledge of Hawaiian laws..........

Recently, I've been told by those who have won cases in court that we, from the Royal Families House of Nobles are the only ones who have actually helped, supported many in getting back onto the lands.......
and I have supported the Kahana Valley, Oahu long-time residents with Protective Orders, and Injunction notices........then, I did transfer their file to Spinney and have continued to maintain their file as well...........to date, it appears that Spinney has taken lots of money from many and haven't put out ..... for the Kealohapauole families, and my cousins the Kamaka's.......the issues documented are the lands in Makiki and the water rights of Waiahole and Waikane .................

Realistically, the bloodline claims, issues continue ..........and we continue to support all kanaka maoli, aboriginal Hawaiians who are not in the game to support those ancestors who have criminally supported the conspirators/treasonous persons documented such as those on the PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC: CHARLES REED BISHOP AND FRIENDS list............

Everyone is welcome to run to us for assistance..........for there are many from other groups who already have and continue to support their own groups/governments..........and that's ok too...........because there will come a time when everyone will understand,,,,,,,,and hopefully come together......



note: this song is fun.....ever watch the movie "Little Miss Sunshine"......the little girl starts dancing, the audience are opposing, yet her family hops on stage too and end up all dancing together......enjoy themselves, and only a small amount of onlookers approve.,,,,,,,,,,the point is that the family moves together.,,,,,yes! a little lesson from even haolewood/hollywood...;op
Mahalo Amelia for your support.

I have spoken with Alfred and he welcomes your support in this ku'e in which all of us stand together. It is true that Alfred received plane fare to kukakuka with the families. the families paid the filing and research fees. We would very much like to carry the costs of all of our government actions.

How do we make water into wine? our taxes our being intercepted by the US occupiers and so we have taken on many costs out of our own pockets.

The families know how to contact Alfred themselves if they have an issue with him.

Aloha and look forward to hana ka kou

Kai Landow,

True about the money--we who have Ku'e for many years have given out of pocket monies from our pockets. And we choose to do this again and again because we care about Hawaii and it's people. Some of us will continue to the day we die pulling monies out of our pockets and not look back for a return.
Thanks Amelia for the song, didn't understand it but I'm sure I will eventually see the "Little Miss Sunshine"
hi Kaohi,

found it on youtube.com "Little Miss Sunshine"......super freak portion:


Mahalo Natural Born,

Will read later thanks for the information. I'm on the fence with this one because I want to err on Keanu Sai's contention. However, I need to be honest to myself too and that to always keep the reason why we do what we do and that is to serve our people to the best of our knowledge. And, I truly believe that in this instance, I want to understand the occupation and the goal or intent is deoccupation.

We cannot have the military in Hawaii because it has no conscious efforts to the people in Hawaii--not even their families.
Mahalo piha, Mr. Landow, Kaohi, Na Kupuna ame Na Keiki o ka aina

i have invested several thousand american dollars over the past 20 years in the fight against US terrorism here in our Kingdom and have witness groups and organizations rise and fall, make claims to the monarch and crown and have not looked back, although disappointed at times. i have been apart of this history which continue the kue like my kupuna without the use of the State welfare system or any of its blood money.

my mana'o is if anyone supported Sai or Spinney in spirit and or financially, i believe their commitment, service and conviction never ended or stop supporting those families, i feel the filings in the District of Columbia prove this and i believe the supporting families are included in this case. it's ashamed that another would come along and attact this issue of money and declare that they are the ones who are helping people get back on their lands in the courts (what courts) and issuing protective orders, PLEASE Mr. Kaiama and bloodline this a ama attacts gotta end.

it may just be me and my understanding on how i read these files but i see that both Sai and Spinney are seriously trying to help our Kingdom and our people. Mr. Kaiama and bloodline if i am wrong please correct me because i will be following the Sai v Obama case for my ohana. i understand by Sai and Spinney that kanaka can intervene and this is what i am watching out for as requested by my ohana, like i said earlier we are at least several hundred homeless forced off of our aina and we are sadden and angered to see and hear Hawaiians chastising while we (the evidence) are here waiting for justice to come along, so Mr. Kaiama and bloodline group if you can help us please help or please stop the chastising.

til then i will support these two kanaka's
onipaa onipaa onipaa

something tells me that perhaps you haven't a formal college education, nor the motivation to find your roots.........


am a representative of the Royal familyies House of Nobles and educate many thru the news on the web IOLANI - The Royal Hawk..........there is nothing more to say to you............


the point of the matter is that we're in the position to help, and it's obvious that you're not....end of story.......we will continue to help others who are part of our families bloodlines, and those who believe in what we do...........we have been and remained in the background for a long time, and it's obvious that you cannot see that we are basically the descendants of many of the specific ancestors noted in history, are college educated, etc. and recognize that many of our people are not...........


hint:  ask Sai who his ancestors are..........it appears he doesn't know..............ask Spinney who his ancestors are............he doesn't really know............I knew his mother who was exploring their genealogies and did help her some...........


Sai has some criminal charges, and then some, which he is trying to clear...........Spinney has had his life threatened by several...........as heard thru the grapevines..........


you've asked for help, then show such wicked attacks on what we do..........which means, we really don't have to help you.........but the others who may be interested can be helped...........contact information was already given out..........


are you willing to support the many people calling themselves Kings, Queens, etc......hmmm, I don't think so.......do your genealogies, then you can talk onipaa, etc.





Kalamai, everyone

December 25, 2010 is our Hawaiian Kingdom's memorial day so we need to end the indoctrination of american practices and start honoring our own.

hui hou

malama ohana


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