Just found this update on the Sai v Obama from Hui {Crimes against Hawaii and her people} ?

Asking for mana'o


This hui just posted some info about the Sai v Obama case and there is one file that i don't understand, i saved it here it is Oihana Loio3.pdf the others i kinda got it but this one that the court suppose to get tomorow i not sure.


if can can.




o yeah these are the other files




Leave for extention of time to file.pdf



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Mahalo for your interest in our filing. Mr Spinney a Hawaiian national and Kanaka intervenor in the Sai case was compelled to enter the litigation. When Dr. Sai named Hawaiian nationals and their rights as being a basis for his injuries he spoke for us. When we reviewed his filing we found that his conclusions would effect all Hawaiian nationals rights if the DC district court were to rule on his request for relief and we had concerns.

He has concluded that the US military had authority to administer Hawaiian Kingdom law over us and that this came from a so called Liliuokalani assignment. We did not find proof of either conclusion and so felt that Dr. Sai did not adequately represent our position.

His complaint and evidence is essentially our claim as well, excepting these worrisome conclusions along with a request of the court to rule on the validity of the Hawaiian Kingdom. In the process of filing a request to join the suit along with unnamed co-plaintiffs [to become many of you] the Federal government filed a motion to dismiss our request.

What you see in Oihana loio3 is a response to those specific motions by the Feds to remove us. We have not file the specific claim yet, only alleged what we will endeavor to prove.

Since Dr. Sai lives in the State of Hawaii [noted in the address of his filings] we also felt that someone who lives in the Hawaiian Kingdom could be helpful in clarifying the issue of a Alien Hawaiian plaintiff. This becomes relevant because the case is filed as an "Alien Tort Claims Action" which requires the plaintiff to be an alien citizen with injuries caused by US citizens.

I hope that clears up any confusions, if not please let me know what you need clarified

Malama pono

Kai Landow
Aupuni Hawaii
Mr. Landow that brief explanation it did help, and mahalo for voice the my voice too i agree that we have the right to operate our own government and now the USA or State, i will be calling you guy up

The complexities of the legalese versus common english language will aolways create confusion. Basically, both are saying the same thing but the methodology of resurrecting the Hawaiian Kingdom through de-occupation is the point of contention. Simply put, is the mannerr of de-occupation, it's guidelines and rule of law. To comprehend Dr. Sai's approach, go to hawaiiankingdom.org.

Under international law of occupattion, there is a process established. Under intervenor Mr. Spinney, the fact that the Kingdom still exists, we make our claims as bona fide subjects of the existing kingdom which expect the U.S. to de-occupy rather than resist our affirmation and assertion of existence to allow us to continue our own governance of our nation's government.

The U.S. is enforcing us to be stateless people in our own country. We see what they've done in South Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran, and in South America. Isn't any wonder why it is reluctant to de-occupy Hawai'i? I feel what Dr. Sai, Mr. Spinney, and majority of others do; that the Hawaiian Kingdom still exists albeit under U.S. belligerent occupation and who must de-occupy our nation-state so we can take our lawful place among the free nations of the world once again. The law of nations and the rule of law is actually on our side; we need to present it clearly and well.

This is one of the main reasons that the Akaka Bill is a destructive tool for the Hawaii nationals to restrain us within its nefarious box of subjugation and enslavement. More of us need to step forward and assert ourselves as Hawaiian Kingdom subjects, proud nationals and citizens of a progressive, neutral, friendly independent country that we once were and can be again.

mahalo ke akua... mahalo for tane... been following keanus court case... glad to see more na kanaka are joining in... been hungry to see what other people though and what all this meant... there were two sentences above that gave me a better understanding... The law of nations and the rule of law is actually on our side; we need to present it clearly and well. ... the other one was... More of us need to step forward and assert our selves as Hawaiian Kingdom subjects, proud nationals and citizens of a progressive, neutral, friendly independent country that we (are) and (will) be again. (sorry had to change a few words at the end... it seem pono to me)... mahalo tane for shareing your light with me... you are truly a gifted writer... long live our Hawaiian Kingdom
A'e Popoti and this is why we put the declaration of rights in our reply. Because that is were our rights come from and not from a foreign constitution.

Aloha Kai
aloha kai... mahalo for shareing... our alii kauikeaouli had great vision... he knew what he had to do to be part of the family of nations... our queen she too knew what she had to do for the life of our country... kai... isnt it funny how keanu has found a tiny needle that might end up being a huge thorn to a foreign country... i see to how the civic clubs are starting to be one... perhaps akua is smiling upon us... as we face our future... aloha and mahalo
hi Tane, everyone,

Information on the status of our Hawaiian Kingdom can be gotten from the many who have formed organizations/governments......

Keanu Sai represents only parts of the information, as with Alfred Spinney......

Keanu Sai's true colors are red, white, and blue, disregarding the whole basis of the Hawaiian Monarchy..... at the present, he is not on the side of the kanaka maoli........no genealogies, and self appointed.......

Alfred Spinney with their group are maintaining kanaka maoli claims, yet, they claim to have a government with an office near the United Nations.,,,,,,,genealogies are not their bottom line.,.,.., which is contrary to our Monarchy government..........self appointed.......

Henry Noa, et.als. have maintained that American citizens cannot sue the President.......

Mahealani Ventura Oliver has Federal Marshalls support.......apparently recognized in the United Nations because they are operating the UCC./ Uniform Commercial Code......

King of Atooi has Federal Marshalls support....and he's been recognized by several nations......self appointed person.........

Mahealani Asing Kahau's group does not get arrested for their license plates, ID's which are validated by various Federal offices, even the Postal Service utilizing vessel documentation, etc........she claims that they are recognized by the entity State of Hawaii legislature, etc.,....and had a meeting in the chambers recognizing the fact..........

Akahi Nui and his wife were supported by several European nations..............Akahi is riding on our families claims, which is why I haven't continued to support him........

There are many others..................some self appointed, some maintaining ancestral lands based on perpetuity..............

It appears many still haven't discovered that the basis on our government is due to genealogies.......

Perhaps when Keanu gets arrested for issues regarding the stolen Kaai, only then will everyone realize that the military occupation issues are not the real focus of all matters.............


p.s. meanwhile, we the bloodline descendants maintain our ancestors claims based on genealogies, maintain our ancestors positions from the original House of Nobles, the Hulu Manu, the advisors of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III recognizing his descendants/heirs exist, recognizing King Kalakaua, and Queen Liliuokalani's descendants/heirs exist......


aloha from Arizona.........

Thanks Tane,
Tort is pretty straight forward. It's the other things that makes it confusing. If the disagreement that is clearyly noted is the contention.

Tane said, "the methodology of resurrecting the Hawaiian Kingdom through de-occupation is the point of contention."

Thanks again
aloha kaohi and lehulehu... this is my understanding... (methodology) there are two veiwpoints... kais method is not having the military tell him what to do ... keanus method is haveing the military assist in the deoccupation.. but both want the hawaiian kingdom returned (resurrecting) to its rightful place... this would make us all contented(contention)... i dont know if im right or wrong... this is just my manao...kaohi and lehulehu... i give my aloha to all of you and your ohana... may all our paths through life be filled with blessing... mahalo shareing

I understand this without confusion, yet you (Kaohi) use Tane's sharing to introduce confusion, what is meant by resurrection, is something needing resurrection did something die or is there contention (whateva this means) in the de occupation and is the occupation the injury or the crime, do we need to identify a criminal act in order to have a claim, i don't know now, shoots if can speak so we can understand, please explain, what you akamai's no love us, ka monnnnn

Aloha Lehulehu,

Stay on what you feel regardless of how I feel or say what is. I have been in this for a long time and know the silence more than the speaking up. Often times I will read, talk, listen and cross check with others--lots of time, energy and personal resources.

I'm in a classroom most days of the week and understand the dynamics of 'confusion' especially in communities that have a large Hawaiian community.

You speak of love and resurrection--that's like a sandwich. In a classroom that is known to us as altruism.

Contention is a word that is used in a proposed argument. There is an oponent too with his side of the complaint/claim. I had to develop a quick argument pryor to Jan 13, 2010 to assert as to how come and why the military should stop spreading (aggregating) nuclear isotopes in Waianae. Both in the ocean and the land the military have been spreading nuclear isotopes.

A criminal act exist, but one has to prove the action. That is difficult to do, with very little resources, time, and a team. But there is a choice say nothing or tuck ones tail between it's legs and be quiet. Or, one can do your best in a propsed documentation of contentions with evidence to support one's argument.

Often times the Hawaiian community which I call bottom feeders (positve) want simplistic answers, quick solutions, and then go party.

How I sleep at night so to speak, I remind myself that no man is an island. Everyone has a part to play in the Hawaiian movement.

Question, do you read? Usually, I'm coming in the middle of something when I interact with Tane..or I'm behind in the reading and understanding, most times I'm stuck and asking for clarification.

I just missed a great talk at Iolani Palace by Schweizer a professor at University of Hawaii. I knew my great-great had a lot to do with the grounding of the Ku'e petition as well as speaking in Washington and it was Professor Schweizer that did the research.

What you are frustrated with and often times I will have down time with Pono Kealoha to hash out the many things that I'm involved in.

Often times when we reach a critical mass, like with what just happened--I seek brilliant authors or researchers works.

Recently, I showed my students "Ahupua'a Fishponds and Lo'i with anthropologist Marion Kelly and produced by Nalani Minton, directed by Na Maka o ka Aina. My second source that I'm trying to read with care is "Foucault Reader by Paul Rabinow an Editor. It's been an amazing venture to stablize myself in the massive 'happenings'.

I've arrived to a conclusion which came in the nick of time, for the holidays are here for most people in Hawaii and things in person life can get very challenging too. Let me try and explain:

I live in Waianae, but because I am from Koolaupoko, my inner connections come from that moku. It's my real territory and this can be super trying sometimes. I have too deep and wide connections in Koolaupoko. But, although I reside here in Waianae much of what I know and relate to comes from Koolaupoko. So I tag my thoughts with that Moku.

So if you asked me a question, just maybe I could use that as a stepping off point to connect. Life is not all sweet and cheery-- it's pretty difficult.

I've known Sai for a very long time and for all those years, I was always honest with him in my approach to his stance. However, I do my homework along side of him--he is a gentleman and I appreciate his manner in which he and I have disagreements. That to me is true love.
Aloha Lehlehu,

I just went back again to figure out you what one said.

Tane is correct--

We see Kenau Sai's argument through the eye of a needle.

"de-occupation, it's guidelines and rule of law"

What I just quoted is what I too understand the reasoning behind Kenau Sai's contention. He made that assertion to us in a public forum at Thomas Square and other places such as UH Manoa.

Tane also stated that:
" The law of nations and the rule of law is actually on our side; we need to present it clearly and well."

Which I believe is most important because like Keanu Sai, the President of the United States also made similar assertions today. I believe he did say something to this before he left for Afghanistan.

I am on DHHL, and on a bloodquantum real contract with the state. And often times are as Tane said "restrain us within its nefarious box of subjugation and enslavement". Because of my within living conditions under DHHL it's important to clarify our thinking process as a need to do each day.

The Akaka Bill is nasty and deadly to our people. Therefore it is important to understand the need to assert Hawaiian Nationals as to who we are.

Not to confuse you, it's a difficult thing for me to do because I stretch my energies over a wide territory. And often times get caught up in the our people's problems on the ground.

Thanks for the opportunity to revisit the arguments

I do wish Spinney luck. Also too, I have read through Kai Landow's explanation too.

Thanks again,


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