"The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a
Proclamation from the Executive of the United States,
slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of
and rights of property between former masters and
slaves, and
the connection heretofore existing between them
becomes that
between employer and free laborer."

The wonderful celebration of Ho'iho'i ea is ironically preceded on June 19 by Juneteenth and the emancipation of the African American slaves.  Before the Americans occupied our country it had already described the rights of slaves in terms of its own constitution.  Where are the Hawaiians described in the American constitution?

I can not find them and I can only see our position as a form of slavery.  Yes, our oppression is gold plated and the chains manacle our wrist only if we refuse to give up "Who we are" and our absolute ownership of our lands.

Perhaps next year we can organize to remember our bondage or better yet our emancipation.  I would propose we produce our own order to the Americans

"The people of America are informed that in accordance with a
Proclamation from the Premiere of the Hawaiian Kingdom,
slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of
and rights of property between former masters and
slaves, and
the connection heretofore existing between them
becomes that
between partner nation and a free people of a sovereign nation."

Aloha ka kou

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* UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples *

The U.S. Department of State will be conducting a review of
its position on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples. The U.S. Department of State, together with other Federal
agencies, will be holding consultations with federally recognized
Indian tribes and meetings with interested nongovernmental
organizations and other stakeholders on the review of the

June 21 - Initial Tribal Consultation (Rapid City, South Dakota)
July 7 - Second Tribal Consultation (Washington, D.C.)
July 8 - Meeting with Nongovernmental Organizations (Washington,
D.C.) Late September - October (date TBD) - Second Meeting With
Nongovernmental Organizations Late September - October (date TBD)
- Final Tribal Consultation (Washington, D.C.)

*Dates are subject to change

If you are unable to participate in these consultations or meetings
in person, we strongly urge that you send comments by e-mail to or by mail to S/SR Global Intergovernmental
Affairs, U.S. Department of State, 2201 C Street NW, Suite 1317,
Washington, DC 20520. Please send written comments by July 15, 2010
to ensure that they can be given due consideration in the review.

* US Social Forum *

This week, the US Social Forum will be held in Detroit,
Michigan. Many Indigenous workshops and cultural events have
been scheduled. In addition, workshop topics include political
prisoners, prison reform, COINTELPRO, etc. Check out the program at
. Of particular interest is a workshop
that highlights the Peltier case. See

for details.

"Never cease in the fight for peace, justice, and equality for all
people. Be persistent in all that you do and don't allow anyone to
sway you from your conscience."--Leonard Peltier
Time to set him free... Because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

Friends of Peltier
As most people know I am a cut of the missionary cloth in Hawaii. I never kept this away from my activism and nor did I not remember my great grandparents and their involvement with the Kue petition. As a matter of fact all my grandparents were born into this enivronment and my parents and myself have carried on their wishes until today.

However, allow me to share: Samuel Mills an active player in the Haystack Committee (200 years ago) and this is at the time that the capitalism and charity split into two distinct groups in America. What most don't understand is the mechanism of 'need' base. I don't have time to explain... Charity work (which is who I am) and capitalism have been structured to intergrate for 200 years which is the basic problem with welfare and military budget on the American hill.

Samuel Mills approximat 200 years ago, created the idea of 'Gospel of Salvation' he meant it for the emanciaption of the African American slaves from the continent of Africa My grandparents Auld and Mitchell created a chain of Gospel of Salvation in Hawaii.

Which is the bases of Protestants in Hawaii. Through this I see your posting, 200 years of missionary in Hawaii and your "between partner nation and a free people of a sovereign nation."

This is where I loose it, because of the economics.
Yesterday front page in the uni newspaper(don't have the citation) 4 thousand plus homeless (a lie) without basic income. Why is this a stupid lie? Back to the past, "need' which is nothing but a cash crop. Maintaing the need to bring in federal dollars into the states pig troughs is the unintended missonary charity work in the State of Hawaii. The 'obama'(capitalist) from my view was to continue the missionary capitalistic run of the mill federal reserve banking system in their global market. And at a high school level? Very dangerous stuff! But, so was Reagan (regonomics).

For me, I try to keep a balance, I ask that you go and look at page 308 of the Kue Petition on the Oahu men side of things. Look at the names, I was raised in that 'think tank' I don't know if I was suppose to carry on the 'no treaty no annexation' or no one man one vote, all I know is they (my auld and mitchell side) were totally against a plebiscite (sp) in Hawaii. There is more to day and I appreciate your posting. Yes, it needs freedom and equality, but from my view we need Independence first than all the other stuff can come after.

Men page 308
APANA O HONOLULU (District of Honolulu)
MOKUPUNI O OAHU (Island of Oahu)
Sept. 11th 1897

Enoch Johnson, Secretary -- James Keauiluna Kaulia, President
Aloha Kaohi

I can see how you might read "Partner Nation". I refer to the relationship described in the treaty of friendship between the Hawaiian Kingdom and American. Partnership is an idea of equal status and power to say no to the other when they step out of bounds. We have had a historical relationship with the occupiers and I suggest we move to a positive one.

We can not have a legitimate relationship with America until they remove their military and stop interfering in our foreign and domestic policies.

What treaty of annexation?

Oh the one between the pirates and the traitors, that one has no effect on Hawaiian law.

hui hou kai
Maikai no kou mana'o i'o, e Kai. Some native Hawaiians rather have the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act with it's Bloom Quantum with the United States over a legitimate relationship with America. After all the American military is in Hawaiian to protect their rights as "Americans of Hawaiian Ancestory", or AHA. As you have to be an American to receive the benefit of a homestead thru the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. The Treaties that the United States signed with the Kingdom of Hawaii are still in place. This is one of the reasons of the AKaKa BILL. To reorganize the Hawaiian Kingdom and to terminate the Treaties between the United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaiokalani, HPACH
Pilau white men-female always attack Blood Quantum and Hawaiian Homes Commission Act. Talking out of their ass mostly, cause nothing else works. DHHL is a natalist program to keep up with the dying race. Which white men-female love to destroy, hurt and kill from their closet. Mark Twain's post Civil War abuse to native Hawaiian women are perpetuated by stupid white-female veterans that came in from foul air via SanFrancisco.

Stinking up the air is all that one does with pilau his-his talk.
I am sorry to see you two having such bad feelings for each other. I hope you can forgive any trespass. I work to improve the rights and life of all Hawaiian people. I do not believe we need American constructions of Hawaiian land use.

I would rather have you design the Lei Ali'i land use program than the congress or the administration of the fake state. I believe we have enough resource for 2% and 98% in Aloha aina.

Ke aloha Kai
Just tossing thoughts out there, my apologies, I don't have time to read. But keep writing back because yes to the military 'go home'..'de-occupation' Pono bravely shouted those words to the military on the Kam Day Parader's.

Need to iron that one out, will check back, too busy to sort at this time ...effect on Hawaiian Law.


Sticks and Stones may Break their Bones, but" bravely shouted" at them will never Hurt Them.
Imua Kekapukainohea at the King Kamehameha Day Parade showing the National Flag of the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation of Queen Liliuokalani June 12, 2010.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaikaiokalani, HPACH
Both actions leave an impact. Kudos to both Pono and Kekapukainohea who picked up the banner along with us old farts. LOL.....
What' missing from the eye view that everyone worked hard--too bad energies was sucked out of the working group by the Mark Twain'ers and the Timothies.
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