Over the past week i have been watching as iwi have been dug up and removed from Hanohano Hale in Punaluu...when digging to make another cesspool 1 iwi was found and just today 2 boxes were removed carrying more iwi....Hawaiiana Management oversees these apartments.  The past few days i have recorded this and am outraged that this is happening....i have pics on my page...when will it end...is this not grave desecration at its highest....auwe...shame.... 2 days now i have had  the wind blowing and knocking down stuff on my balcony...when i go see...they have found more iwi...

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get in touch with OHA, SHPD, DLNR, Please keep record in pictures.
Thanks pono, I was actually told by the manager here that i need to remove the photos as he got a call from a state agenct that informed him that i has plastered these photos and that i had broken the law and that i was being disrespectful... i was informed that i had to stop taking any further pics and documentation...why is it so secretive ....why are they afraid of something...this idea of removing iwi is new to me and i want to learn more... i know this has long hx...
My assumption is that you know the Hanohano family across the street? Go and asked them to claim lineal descendent (sp) for the iwi. Then organize one self with a group of people that would consider this Hewa. Documentation is a tool and use it well for future generations. Someone gave them the permit to put in a cesspool at DPP. What constrution company is doing the job? Keep on posting information on Maoli World and stay in touch.

I lived in Hauula for 16 years and you have people in the area that can help. I see that you are on Chat. This hewa is on going until we educate ourselves on how to prevent these autrocities. Kaohi
Thanks, I have been informed by my manager that he recieved a call from someone, whom i will not mention, and that i need to remove these photos...and that what i did was disrespectful and against the law.... i refuse to... 1) there are no iwi showing, 2) i was just resting in my hale when a wind came and knocked everything down and papers flew all around...It was not a natural wind...when i went out to see what the wind wanted i saw more digging and more iwi being removed...my naau twisted that i felt sick...so far 3 iwi...thats when i decided i needed to do something...You are right i do know the family across the street and many live in this building... i talked to a few and that is a great idea...all i will say is that if people dared to move my tupuna, i will give my last drop of blood to stop it...
Unless you posted the pictures on private property, you have broken no law.

Those who are removing iwi without proper procedures ARE breaking the law.
I don't care who you go to to stop it, but it is our obligation to ensure that IF the iwi are being moved, it is done properly.

If I went down Temple Valley and started digging up graves - I'd be in jail.
They can't just do what they please.
Mahalo....im not familiar with hawaiis laws of what is proper procedure and what is not...wish i knew...THe iwi are gone total 5 were removed...i have been informed that they will be handled in the highest manner...with a ceremony once the lineal descendants step forward...im sad...the dfamily are aware of what is happening so that is good. Mahalo for support.
I asked my friends at HawaiiThreads.com, and this is a good suggestion:

Disturbing the iwi
Anyone wanting to investigate further could also contact Ian Lind, and Crayton Mattoon of the Koolauloa Neighborhood Board. Both of those gentlemen are intimately familiar with the problems at both condos.

Perhaps you have already dealth with the issue, but it'd be good to contact these people in any case.
That is a great suggestion as yes i do know uncle Clayton...and he is on the neighborhood board...will give him a call...
I have made contact ith 3 hanohano that are younger and they stated that they will let their parents know...I talked with some cousins today and my apartment # so they can come to get the info you posted to me as have written down o they can follow up.... is they do not follow up i will take the #s with me so I can give it to them....from what i understant they are fragmented as some have left this are a and are in various other islands...i will keep working at getting this family the info they need, whether they take it or not is up to them
A Friend has been asked by Ian Lind (Investigative Reporter) to have me post this this message here.
Please post this on the MaoliWorld forum and pass it along to anyone else with information.
Investigative reporter Ian Lind sent this to me:

"Any chance you can put me in touch with any of the Hanohano tenants who have info on this?
We can speak confidentially--I just need details to go forward.
For example, I don't see a permit issued for a septic install at Hanohano Hale, so could use basic info on the job.
Time frame on discovery of iwi?
You could pass along my number and email address, along with my plea for more info so that I can pursue this.

Ian Lind
Skype: ian96730
Sharon follow up with Ian, it would help the situation for Iwi anywhere, I hope to see you at the capital this friday. Kaohi


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