My father and grandmother (recently deceased, God bless) have always told me that our family is descended from the volcano goddess Pele. They both used to tell me that my great grandmother was a direct descendant and that when the volcano would erupt her skin would turn an ashy gray color, her eyes turn a red color and her hair would turn reddish too. If she said something bad would happen to you, then it did. The strange thing is, I have a full head of black hair, but there are a few strands of red hair here and there too. It is also known that Pele had a bad temper and is one of the possiblities for her being banished by her father. My whole family on my father's side has always had short tempers, especially my father. I also wanted to point out that our main 'aumakua is the shark and to me it is signifacant because, it is said that when Pele left Tahiti her oldest brother, Kamohoali'i, king of the sharks, gave her a canoe to travel to Hawai'i. There is also a family story of a great uncle who was murdered and thrown into the bay so the sharks would eat his remains, but when police found him days later, he was untouched. I feel like all of this can't just be coincidence. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo

Aloha ka kou


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Sure it is possible, but only your family can provide you with the information thru storytelling.  Part human part diety/spirit and different levels of this in connection.  You must go to your family instead of looking outside of your family for authenticity as this is something sacred for you and your family only.  Someone has the answer who hopefully is still alive with the stories to provide to you.   Ask yourself bad do you really want to know and for what reason?  If it is strong, then spirit will guide you to the ones in your family that can guide you thru the process.  I don't suggest that you hear it from someone not in your family UNLESS someone in your family tells you to do this.  Opening up ancestral lines have consequences and responsibility....are you willing to take that big step to first the unknown and known world of part human and part diety/spirit?  I would pray while on this journey - your prayers will speak to you thru family, dreams and you must be clear not to miss out things during your day - be present for signs.  But much prayer.  Do not call upon your ancestors to assist you for you do not know if you call upon one with a good or bad/kolohe/pilau kine spirit.  So pray for answers to your journey to bring you what you should hear.  Just my mana'o..blessings & protection upon your journey 24/7+!


One thing I will say though...if you are on the Big Island you may want to contact Aunty Pele Hanoa (spelling, excuse me) in Ka'u.  She carries the name of Pele and it may be of some significance.  She is a respected kupuna from the Ka'u area and has been on numerous boards like Hawai'i Island Burial Council, Hui Malama Ola Na 'Oiwi (Native hawaiian healthcare organization which I was on board with her for a year).  I believe she is also a Hawaiian Civic Club Member.  But she knows history of Ka'u where Pele has spent much of her time.  Take care...

By the way, you can find much information about Aunty Pele Hanoa on the internet thru or

Thank you so much for helping me with this task and furthering my understanding of it.  I've already asked my father more about this and he shared with me a lot more than he had before. After hearing this new information I am going to tread very carefully. I will say that there is more to great grandma then I mentioned before and that dad did tell me she was a bad kahuna, not a good kahuna. So i'm going to take this very seriously and respectfully. Thank you and God Bless

Hu i Stephanie;

You took the words right out of my mouth,  I was going to send him a msg, but got to be friends first.  Things like this you should not speak on open forum  all kine vulgers out there.  So if Darren, you like talk story about this, can.  Big responsibility like Stephanie said.  And get the good, the bad and ugly out there, so go real easy.  Take care and God bless


Mahalo, sent friend request if you have more for message me.



Lot's to say, however, will try to keep it to one thing.  Cross your hands and put your two thumbs together in a pyramid form.  That is two sharks on in front and one in back.  I myself like butterfly kisses.  Getting back to my point, if one comes to Waianae Valley look mauka and you will see a pyramid shape hill and on the Makaha side is a Water tank contraption.  That's one shark, the other is on the other side.  Yes, there is a Mo'olelo written.  We have red hair and green eyes too, that is pure Hawaiian in the family.  So yes Kainoa would be my answer. 


Did you ever noted the place name Kainoa Beach Park in Waimanalo?


I believe it's best to talk to your family memebers about any piece of information that comes to you, its a wise thing to do.

Aloha kaua e Darren Kainoa:


On one side of my family, I also come from the line of Pele.  One of our aumakua is Kamohoali'i.   Stephamie and Kaohi are correct; go to your 'ohana to learn more about your family regarding  Pele and her family.  The other thing is there isn't good or bad Kahuna but a combination.  Kahuna 'ana'ana is the diffferent expertise than other kahuna; don't fall into the trap of ka po'e haole interpretations and re-definitions.  Na kahuna are not witch-doctors; only in the minds of westerners who profess to be christians and others in their civilization.   Step out of their box and deal with your kuleana in a normal, positive way.






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