If you are going to make chicken soup........ you had better have a chicken to go in the pot!

Aloha kakou.

                          She who soups with the devil had best use a long spoon:


The cracks are already in the wall of American Empire:



What is above will come down. What is below will rise up. The islands (Ko Hawai'i Pae 'Aina) will be united!

........ Onipa'a.

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only a loving kupuna as you kaohi...is able to confront our next generation,

and i am ready for my trainning to IMUA and to KUKANAKA,

i meet with my ohana nation of the "KumaewaKainaKaleoMomona", tomorrow,

this is where i take the time to educate and to make the strong Stronger,

for this is the time we need Corrected Leaders to Lead.... not followers leading us to no where to go

mauruuru kupuna kaohi......love you.....da princess of Loko O Mokuhinia.......amene~~~

At this time in Waianae, our shores are being taken over by Coastal Zoning Managment.  Supposedly, we should have access to the ocean.  Near the shores (highwater mark to reef) we have fish that don't migrate, limu and opihi.  Within these areas we have sports within reason (kupuna guidance).  

We have too many haole (foreigners) that have ideas, USA continental practices and recreational stimulants (not pono to nature) that are destructive to the environment.  There USA military exercise and large budget are destructive to the environment, humanity and themselves.

The CZM(ACT) of the USA 1972 is at cause for a state planning and zoning of our shores and aina.  What this means are permitting.  If one wants to pick limu, swim, surf, pick ophi, things that we have been doing for 2,000 years the state will have to grant you or anyone a permit for these activities.  Hawaiian access and cultural practices are in peril.  Your meeting came and went on Wednesday, May 23, it was held at Paia Community Ctr.  

Need to check with your group if anyone attended.  Look up on the internet Hawaii CZM Program one should find information.  It is not only a matter of ecological activities--it's our food security.  

One needs to take oral and written testimonies with a genealogy from the moku's in order to legitimize and ensure the continuation of 'gathering rights for native purposes' for the next 30 years.  Maui contact with the state office needs to happen.  

Let me know what else I can do.  

Another aspect to this is the currents in between islands that are being used for Sonar and Bombing military exercise as we speak.  It is truly sad that the USA military have absolutely no respect for nature and it's people or origin.  It's all about their sensual recreation and destruction of our environment for violent power over nature.  

Take care!

kupuna kaohi.....i will investigate on this topic on our Kingdom of Maui Nui,

and i will raise attention.....if it is needed???????.....to be bought before the hears that needs to LISTEN!!!!!,

thank you for bringing to my awareness.....for now i am finish with the American Courts and my Identity

as a Royal Kingdom Heir of Loko O Mokuhinia......i am now learning of the Claims we need be conscience of our

Kingdom Legal BirthRights as the Heirs of Maui Nui~~~

as you know my HA (breath of life) and my MANA (spiritual powers) is of Loko O Mokuhinia.....by the raising of my living Ancesters on and of Loko O Mokuhinia.....amene~~~

however i will make contact to seek the knowledge of this new group (CZM) and check it out.....for most of our Maui

coastal plans of development needs to be MONITORED and REGULATED to be in VIOLATION.....for all of these illegal development was build on a NO ZONE AREA....all along KIHEI and LAHAINA and the FEDERAL has Granted a BILL.....that those who lives on a "NO ZONE area" will not be Protected in INSURANCE for rebuilt and REMOVAL will be Done and now this will include the illegal commerial activities that is destroying our reefs and lifestyle of our Traditional Living of Kanaka's......for soon.... in prayer....this will all be REMOVED off our Kingdom Islands......what you all on Oahu.....need to REMOVE  is........the MILITARY and the MISSIONARY off your Kingdom Island of Oahu......that is the main POISION to your Future GENERATION of Kanaka's!!!......please oahu kanaka's....you can do it.....IMUA (move foward)  and KUKANAKA (stand tall).......i pray, i ask it, i believe it will happen within our Generation.......mauruuru~~~


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