If you are going to make chicken soup........ you had better have a chicken to go in the pot!

Aloha kakou.

                          She who soups with the devil had best use a long spoon:


The cracks are already in the wall of American Empire:



What is above will come down. What is below will rise up. The islands (Ko Hawai'i Pae 'Aina) will be united!

........ Onipa'a.

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you are an example for your family to "Heed the Warning" because it happened (your burns) to you and a reflection of your family(ies)...............best you take your own advice............because you are in no position to give any advice.

you lucky you alive..............

how did you get scarred and burned anyway.............at 6 it appears adults were at fault for neglect and perhaps everyone is trying to blame their irresponsibility of caring for you and now lash out at others when they are truly at fault............think about it...................am surprised no one served time for their neglect, etc........



suggest you move on to a topic away from Pele because your story is NOT about Pele but downright child neglect, abuse by your elders for failing to care for you properly when you were only six (6) years old, an innocent in harms way........


p.s. I am a descendant of the most powerful kahuna from Molokai......and many even on Maui knew his name.........we are protected and blessed....so hoi to you and your venomous family.


for your GREEDY information amelia.....if you were raised the Royal Traditonal way of our lifestyle,

there is no one to Blame but living the lifestyle of an AMERICAN,

and it is a time that we are taught good from bad and right from wrongful evil american advice,

for your Ancesters (sharp shooters), was the advisors of greedy kamehameha....that MURDERED my Maui Ancesters!,


for i was the Chosen withiin my ohana nation to face the FEAR of FIRE to recieve the Birthright of PELE,

for amelia this only shows that you are another american HISTORIAN....that have not lived the ways

and Traditioinal Protocals of our Real Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli's...for a living kupuna would have

already know the questoins you are asking??????.....and this is where we can tell if you were trained from the eyes,

of a Royal Kingodm Ancesters...versus...being trained and breed in the eyes of this illegal american Usa as a historian,


for only a Royal Kingdom Kahunanui would know the SACRED answers to your questions of being in the blind, in the lost, in the deaf, and in the LAND GREED generation of a researcher of our history.....for now we can all IDENTIFY what you are all about.....Hewa (conducting wrongful Criminal Acts)......and i have "Heed the Warning" and i have already felt the heat of our Sacred Madam Pele firey FINGERS....and yes...i SURVIVED IT.....as was spoken of way before my BIRTH!!!!!!.........and i am here with the strenght of my Royal Kingdom Ancesters and the heat of Fire from madam PELE.......to IMUA (move forward) and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) in JUSTICE for our next future Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Kingdom of Maui Nui.....this advice is because i have been dea the did dat.......and i am of our Royal Kingdom of Maui Nui and i am in the POSITION to be ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE to make sure the my next future generation of Royal Kingdom Heirs is also made aware of you and your land GREED!!!!!!...and all others coming from Oahu.....amene!!!

and i today return your Blessings of evil back to your molokai, oahu and maui ohana nation,

that have not "Heed the Warnings" of our Royal Kingdom Ancesters of LOKO O MOKUHINIA,

and so be it from the Ali'i Nui Kahunanui Tutu Lady Wahinenui of our Kingdom of Maui Nui

..mauruuru Ke Akua and to our Maui Nui Royal Kingodom Ancesters to our Protection of our "KumeawaKainaKaleoMomoma" ohana nation to flourish in Respect, Honor and in TRUTH

to the proper Protocals of our Royalties of our Maui Nui....amene~~~da princess of Loko O Mokuhinia

you who have sent evilness first......hoi to you and yours....which is returning all that you send....

all who are reading this ~ ~ ~ ~ everyone be aware that this wahine ete nui et. als. are problematic, twisted and be aware that many question her..... it appears the burns that cover her body has also affected her entire being, physical and spiritual.....May God bless her and her families for Kamehameha did set aside the kapu system and they did not follow.....she is not with our Royal Families........





and yes....may i be the example to end this continued hewa of the Twisted american Lies,

by these american historians as you amelia?????????......and best yet.....i get to IDENTIFY each individual,

with FACTS and FINDINGS....for today this amelia refuse to give me names of my family,

that she said is talking stink behind my back.....i am so waiting to face this family members (i hope they are blood related),

for i know all ohanas's that is my Birthright Bloodline Royal Kingdom Heirs......we have all the names written and documetned within our Royal Kingdom ohana nation of the "KumaewaKainaKaleoMomoma" ohana nation!!!!!!

i have gathered my real imtimate Bloodline Royal Kingdom  ohana's of Maui Nui and they are also ready to face these

members that you amelia said is talking about me????????....please IDENTIFY these to me,

for i await to face them head on......and may TRUTH prevail from the Voices of my Royal Kupuna Kahiko.......amene~~~~

Here is the chicken with alphabets:

"In 1953, US President Eisenhower said, "Modern weapons take food from the hungry and shelter from the homeless: Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children."  

for a true Kupuna arise and speaks up for her people,

i love you kupuna kaohi and my many more Blessings your energy,

to continue to be there for our homeless on kanaka maoli's.....mauruuru~~~

i never ever claimed to be part of the evil thinging american mentality of GREED kamehameha,

and i will never ever want to be part of this family of the american hawaiian Usa....

i NO send Hewa to NO one....for i hate NO HUMAN.....i call them on their SH*T, period........i only EXPOSE the Hewa....just like on facebook and my personal emails,....i testify what i witness on a daily basis and speak up loud!!!!,

for i NO hide my Identity.....i straight up and i face to face the lies of american Usa and the american hawaiians of Usa,


i have requested the names of people the is talking to this amelia on oahu about me on my Maui Nui, and still await????,

remember we have a small island...and if you from my Maui Nui....you should know who i am and where i am from,

and also who is my Royal Kingdom Ancesters of Loko O Mokuhina....and if you dont know who i am....than you not from Maui Nui. period........for you are only a TRANSPLANT, a TRESSPASSER, a STRANGER, and a INTRUDER lurking lost on our Kingdom of Maui, both hawaiian american and american foreigners of Usa~~~

i have proven with FACTS and FINDINGS.....making all of you listeners and viewers of "MAOLIWORLD"......aware of the fake and the false coming out of Oahu, Molokai and Kauai......for RESPECT is needed by the american hula teachers of mahu's.....and RECOGNITION to our Royal Kingdom Heirs of our Maui Nui...for Ke Akua will REMOVE the Hewa...watch!

amene-----da princess for Loko O Mokuhinia....Kingdom of Maui Nui.....mauruuru~~~

da princess,

There is no solution to these problems, not from the USA and unfortunately not from the research side.  The military in Hawaii have taken on it's own spin on their happy budget.  There is no society that can survive the words spoken by their own President.  However, we must survive!  

Taking care of  our children and seeing that they walk the right path are all that we can do.  All the made up stories are just that.  Ground yourself into what or who you think you are.  I strongly believe that it is the little ones that matters.  We can gab all we want into cyber space, but nothing can happen if your little ones don't carry the thread into the next generation.  If that thread is not practicing, it's just a floating string withering in the air.  

The branches will fall and wither.  We must nurture our roots, so that the tree it self continues to be stronger.  We have many other things to confront, we must pay attention to other things in life too.  I am very impressed with Maui's Royal Spirit and the sense of nature that weaves a connection between Molokai, Lani, Kahoolawe and Maui.  

This problem will not go away until death happens.  That's the inevitable, I too am truly sad that such a element exist in our contemporary culture.   I assure you our Na Kupuna would never go in that frivolous direction because there are too much work to do, conserve your energy for the good things in life.  


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