If you are going to make chicken soup........ you had better have a chicken to go in the pot!

Aloha kakou.

                          She who soups with the devil had best use a long spoon:


The cracks are already in the wall of American Empire:



What is above will come down. What is below will rise up. The islands (Ko Hawai'i Pae 'Aina) will be united!

........ Onipa'a.

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hi Andrew........

just found this post on delphiforums which is aligned with yours............... 

The Soap Box / Polls -  19 Most Hated Companies In America Notify me whenever anyone posts in this discussion.Subscribe   

From:   "Swanny" (MissSwanny)   Jun-17 4:20 pm 
To:  ALL  (1 of 1) 
There's one difference between Bank of America and UPS that won't show up on the balance sheet.

Customers hate Bank of America. This feeling -- generated by excessive fees, impenetrable call centers and foreclosure horror stories -- is reflected in the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

And customers love UPS.

Follow me to:

Hostess of :
Problem Reaction Solution
Asst Manager of:
9/11 Truth Movement  

 “Many people inhabit a closed belief system on whose door they have hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign, that they pick and choose only those facts that will serve as building blocks for walling them off from uncomfortable truths.”

There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself. --Senator Daniel K Inouye

You will never truly understand the magnitude of what is going on until you understand that 9-11 was an inside job. It is as simple as that. Until then you walk in complete utter darkness and even your point of light can not pierce it. 
Miss Swanny
 "Human beings are perhaps never more frightening than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right."
—Old Vaquero Saying
Tobacco Smoke Free 5/31/2012 
watching :  http://www.realecontv.com/videos/social-costs/brace-yourself-the-am...  interesting.......he also talks about his religion, etc.
the latest on Dr. Farakkhan:

Minister Farrakhan delivers live public address July 1 at 10am Central


CHICAGO - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is scheduled to deliver a live address via webcast from the Nation of Islam's headquarters Mosque Maryam in Chicago on Sunday July 1, 2012 at 10:00am Central Time.

Shackle sneakers the latest assault on Black dignity and the Black ...


NEW YORK - More than a week after the German shoe company Adidas unveiled its plans on Facebook to market a $350 sneaker with a chain that could be wrapped around the ankle, the “JS Roundhouse Mid,” the insult to Black folk was still felt.

Salaam is back! Nation-built $5 million restaurant re-opens


CHICAGO - The jewel of 79th street is returning with the early July reopening of the Nation of Islam built Salaam restaurant. Calvin Hollins, the new executive director, said the $5 million Salaam restaurant will officially reopen for business July 6 and July 7.

Artists against Israeli apartheid movement grows


Alice Walker, author and activist, joins a growing group of artists and entertainers who are boycotting Israel for its treatment of Palestinians in what many are calling apartheid practices.

New developments in Trayvon Martin case


Some Sanford, Florida residents had been calling for the dismissal of Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee ever since he botched the investigation into the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by first failing to arrest George Zimmerman.


Rebuilding The Family


The Black woman is completely frustrated and hurt by the lack of development in the Black male. We can reverse this trend only if the Black man can be reflective of the characteristics of Allah (God) by submitting to Allah (God) that He may guide the Black man to being himself.

Justice: A Prerequisite to Life


I read of this unfortunate incident in our newspaper, The Final Call, and it is one of many that are taking place in cities throughout America that you don't hear of: Young Black men being handcuffed, and shot while they are handcuffed; and then a series of lies are told to justify murder.

This Controversy: The True History of Slavery in the Americas


The time that we live in is so strange, that those men and women whose ideas some disagree with, and whose persons are not loved by all, are a target for assassination. It is so shameful that when we disagree, the only way we have to settle disagreements is through assassinating someone with whom we disagree. » CONTINUE

An Open Letter To Black Leadership by Minister Louis Farrakhan


Most of you have benefited in some way from a relationship that you have with members of the Jewish Community. Some of you have become very wealthy and are able to live in the best manner that you choose because of this friendship. » CONTINUE

The Need for, and the Search for, 'Father'


To all the men who may be reading this: You can't be a 'father' without God. You don't know how to be a father or a husband without God. And as men, it has been our failure to submit to God that has weakened us in our ability to be a father or a husband. » CONTINUE

Guidance in a Time of Trouble


There's other powers that manipulate presidents, kings and rulers! So what you think you've got in the person you voted for: When you find out what you hoped for is something you can't get--because the man you voted for doesn't have the power to deliver, whether it is Obama today, or Mitt Romney tomorrow--your hopes will be dashed.

What's Troubling America?


America is turning her back on the weak and blaming the condition of the country on the poor, on the Black, on the Hispanic. In reality, the mismanagement of the wealth and people of this country is the fault of those who are at the top who have held power, who have manipulated the masses of the people against the good of America and the good of the world. » CONTINUE

The Spirit of Warning


The winds of revolution and war are blowing from all parts of the Earth because the governments of the nations are not in harmony with the will of the people. The policies of the governments of the world are not good policies; and therefore, Jesus prophesied: "Wars and rumors of wars. Kingdom against kingdom, and nation against nation". » CONTINUE

Our Youth: The Most Powerful Generation We've Produced Since Slavery


They have no fear and they don't have any respect for the law because the law has no respect for itself. They don't have any respect for church... I want you to listen to me because
I am going to speak for them. » CONTINUE

Where Would We Be Without Pain?


When a misfortune comes into a person's life who has served God as best as they can, sometimes they wonder, "God, why should any misfortune come into my life?" Why not? How else will God know, and how will you know, who you really are if God only does what you want Him to do, when you want Him to do it? Pain is not a permanent condition. » CONTINUE

 also see: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Louis-Farrakhan


  1. Corporate irresponsibility

    Irresponsible corporate behaviour can result in harm to individuals, to communities and to the environment. Society tries to protect itself from harm by setting ...
  2. The Height of Corporate Irresponsibility -- Anheuser Busch ...

    Nicholas Kristof
    by Nicholas Kristof - in 317,448 Google+ circles - More by Nicholas Kristof
    May 5, 2012 – Readers comment on my column about brewers selling alcohol on the edge of an Indian reservation, knowing that it seeps in against the rules...
  3. Corporate Irresponsibility - Yale University Press

    Corporations are often so focused on making short-term profits for their stockholders that they behave in ways that adversely affect their employees, the ...
  4. Amazon.com: Corporate Irresponsibility: America's Newest Export ...

    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's own warehouses, and we directly pack, ship, and provide ...
  5. The BP Oil Disaster — Corporate Irresponsibility | Florida Injury ...

    Jul 7, 2010 – The Gulf Oil disaster should not be a place for political bents or muckraking – should it? I just read ...
  6. Corporate Social Irresponsibility - BusinessWeek

    Jul 8, 2008 – Despite PR posturing, corporate philanthropy is down from 25 years ago. To be taken seriously, companies should pledge 1% of pretax ...
  7. Public Eye award singles out Brazilian mining company, Barclays ...

    Jan 27, 2012 – Award given at the same time as the World Economic Forum strives to embarrass companies for 'corporate irresponsibility'
  8. Corporate irresponsibility in the Niger Delta | minorities in focus

    Feb 27, 2012 – Natasha Horsfield, MRG's Research/Publications Intern, sees the case brought against oil giant Shell by Nigeria's Ogoni people as a reflection ...
  9. Scam and corporate irresponsibility... what to do?

    May 12, 2012 – A year and a half ago I bought a power hitter/ power meter bundle from Medicus. Yesterday morning, a $69 charge showed up from them on my ...

More Hot Issues identified in the film link that was part of your post............

  1. civil disobedience — Infoplease.com

    civil disobedience, refusal to obey a law or follow a policy believed to be unjust. Practitioners of civil disobediance basing their actions on moral right and usually ...
  2. Images for civil disobedience

     - Report images
  3. Civil disobedience | Define Civil disobedience at Dictionary.com

    the refusal to obey certain laws or governmental demands for the purpose of influ

News for occupy movement

The Associated Press
  1. US Occupy movement prepares for national conference over Independence Day holiday

    Canada.com‎ - 17 hours ago
    PHILADELPHIA - U.S. groups with the Occupy movement against economic inequality are gathering this weekend.
  1. ******************************************
    1. Occupy Honolulu Movement Evicted From Park | KITV Home - KITV ...

      Dec 30, 2011 – Occupy Honolulu protestors vow to continue to push their message no matter where in the city they may end up.
    2. Honolulu Civil Beat - Occupy Honolulu

      Occupy Honolulu. The Occupy Honolulu movement has made its presence felt. ...Here are stories about Occupy Honolulu and the group's statement on APEC.
    3. Honolulu Civil Beat - Inside the Occupy Honolulu Encampment ...

      Nov 14, 2011 – The faces of the Occupy Honolulu encampment at Thomas Square Park are diverse. ... She has a message for people who hate the movement.
    4. Occupy Honolulu member arrested during Lei Day event | KHON2 ...

      May 1, 2012 – A member of the Occupy Honolulu movement was arrested during a Lei Day celebration. The arrest then sparked a protest in front of the ...
    5. City Enforces 'Stored Property' Law On Occupy Honolulu Movement ...

      Feb 1, 2012 – Watch the video 'City Enforces 'Stored Property' Law On Occupy Honolulu Movement' on Yahoo! News.
    6. occupy honolulu | Tumblr

      He spent much of Tuesday with the Occupy Honolulu protesters as they transition into the second phase of the movement, six months after they began. He writes ...
    7. Occupy Wall Street Interviews : The New Yorker

      May 1, 2012 – I represent the Honolulu Occupy movement. Native Hawaiians are being pushed further and further from their homes by luxury condos, what ...
    8. Occupy Honolulu protesters remove their tents - Hawaii News ...

      Feb 2, 2012 – Occupy Honolulu protesters clear up their tents and belongings after ...The Honolulu protesters are part of a broader movement that is largely ...
    9. Occupy Honolulu Movement Evicted From Park | KITV Home - KITV ...

      www.kitv.com/Occupy-Honolulu-Movement.../-/index...Dec 31, 2011
      They've been kicked out of the park, but not the sidewalk. On Friday afternoon, the tents remain on the ...
  1. News for who funds the occupy movements

    The Associated Press
    1. National gathering of Occupy movement in Phila. on Saturday

      Philadelphia Inquirer‎ - 1 day ago
      Organizers of two groups that grew out of the Occupy movement kick off events in Philadelphia Saturday and are promising, peace, love, street protests, ...
  2. Occupy Wall Street Movement Gets Corporate Support - WSJ.com

    Jessica Firger
    Feb 28, 2012 – Business leaders are planning to give substantial funds to theOccupy Wall Street movement in hopes of sustaining the protests, Jessica Firger ...
  3. Who Funds the Occupy Movement? | US Daily Review

    May 4, 2012 – Lachlan Markay works to advance The Heritage Foundation's policy solutions by breaking hard-hitting investigative news stories as a reporter ...
  4. Occupy Wall Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    thank you Andrew for posting interesting links affecting the latest news.......



Business news without the bullshit

Brace Yourself: The American Empire is over
and the descent is going to be horriying

Slow motion coup d'etat underway



The book author touches upon a wide spectrum of current issues.


Think more people will be questioning  issues because the Independence Day Holiday is coming up soon........





Mahalo Amelia, BTW excellent posting of yours yesterday on Lana'i it was a pleasure to read the 'inoa listed on "Buke Hakau paa no ka Mahele 'Aina i Hooholoia i waena o Kamehameha III." Keep up your hana maika'i.... E malama pono. -Andrew.

hi Andrew,

Mahalo.........have been trying to educate our people to get back onto their lands..........

due to the heavy indoctrination, lies, deceit promoted over time......many/most of our kanaka maoli remain hesitant........

have been patient because social change takes time.........but we cannot continue to be naive.......I like the author of your post who said that 'we have to shake off the naivety '......... 

he also points out the problematic people are the Goldman-Sachs group and he got arrested, is going to trial for his arrest is opposition to the Golman-Sachs...........the connecting factors being the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates who did invest in the group, Bishop Estates Trustees who sold Lanai to Murdock of Castle & Cooke and Murdock pawning off the problems, false titles to an innocent billionaire who can sue the crap out of them........lol.....

come to think of it, that billionaire if educated could really break the whole cabal ..........lol.....

Chris Hedges promotes Howard Zinn's book.........and I remember Howard Zinn used to send messages years ago.....Zinn was awesome, a gift to all of us, etc.




Have a good weekend............aloha.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in a "New York Times" article a few days ago blasted the current administration over in the U.S. for violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights although he does not name Obama directly the inference is clear:


....... The chickens are coming home to roost.

Hi Andrew,

Jimmy Carter's article is also posted at the NEW YORK TIMES see http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/25/opinion/americas-shameful-human-r...

background of Jimmy Carter, the "peanut farmer".....peanuts also makes dynamite!  war weaponry.... see

  1. You can use peanuts to make dynamite! - Celebs - Apr 21, 2010 ...

    Apr 21, 2010 – OMG Facts Celebs - You can use peanuts to make dynamite! George Washington Carver, the scientist and inventor dubbed "The black ...
  2. Why are peanuts an ingredient to dynamite ? - Yahoo! Answers

    answers.yahoo.com › ... › Food & Drink › Cooking & Recipes
    3 answers - Oct 28, 2008
    Glycerol is made of……….Peanut oil! Peanut oil of course being made of peanuts! So there you have it! The principle ingredient of dynamite is ...
  3. Are peanuts one of the ingredients in dynamite

    wiki.answers.com › Wiki Answers › Categories › Science › Chemistry
    True Enough- Peanut oil can be processed to produce glycerol, which can be used tomake nitroglycerin, one of the constituents of dynamite. However, there are ...
  4. Of Peanuts and Dynamite | Philosophically Disturbed

    Aug 20, 2011 – So dynamite can be made from peanuts, coconuts, cows, soy beans and soap. This is because glycerol can be made from so many different ...
  5. how to make dynamite... with nuts! - Facts - Fatal Facts

    fatalfacts.com › Fatal Facts › Main Board › Facts or Fiction › Facts
    May 7, 2011 – how to make dynamite... with nuts! - posted in Facts: Dynamite ismade with peanuts Peanut oil can be processed to produce glycerol, which ...




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