Summer is here, it's certainly a creative but challenging period for those women who wear hair bundles in a hot and sweaty summer. You can choose countless different hairstyles and colors of hair bundles. But due to the humidity and the temperature, it's harder than other seasons of the year to hold weaves perfect and indian hair bundles tend to have a shorter lifespan if you don't take measures to protect and maintain the hair in summer, and here are some tips for you to deal with the sunlight and humidity.

Protect your hair from sunlight

Keep your weaves stay away from direct sunlight. Just like that you apply suncream and wear sunglasses for protecting your skin and eyes, you also need to apply hair products on your hair extensions. Direct sunlight can do damages your curly hair extensions weaves, and it can cause hair breakage. So it's essential for you to take action if you want your hair extension to keep shiny and bouncy. You can use a parasol as a protection to keep you away from sunlight, it can not only protect your hair, and take down the influence of sunlight on your skin. And keep in mind that you need to make full preparation for protecting your skin and hair if you have plans to have fun on the beach. Chemicals such as chlorine and salt can make your hair easily tangled and dried.

Store your human hair weaves properly

When you don't need to use hair bundles, and you plan to use the same hair later. You should store them for a longer lifespan and a fixed hairstyle. But you probably toss them on the bed when you get your kinky curly hair out of your head. For keeping your weaves stay shiny, it's suggested that you should protect them by using a silk scarf to wrap them around. Because using a silky and smooth fabric can help the bundles ease the tangles and friction.

If you are searching for quality remy hair, you can go visit unice mall for more human hair weaves and wigs with different hairstyles, such as body wave, straight, and all kinds of curly hair, etc. And there are colorful wigs for you to refresh your looks this summer.

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