Historical Reminders for Christmas: Articles Affecting the Hawaiian Islands... fyi.



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Historical Reminders for Christmas:

      Articles Affecting the Hawaiian Islands

                                                                                              Compiled by Amelia Gora (2015)

This is a callous, wicked, genocide, evil one:

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Merry Christmas Hawaii - And Bombs Away!

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Merry Christmas, Hawaii – and Bombs Away!

Cathy Garger


It’s the end of the world as we know it. The US Military has officially run out of foreign lands to bomb. Apparently out of desperation to find a place to publicly ejaculate their huge, heavy loads, the US Air Force has chosen the Big Island of Hawaii as its bulls-eye target. Unfortunately for Hawaiian paradise, however, this time it’s going to take far more than a super size box of Kleenex to tidy up this particular wad containing Uncle Sam’s latest hot, dirty, and unquestionably most slimy mess. 

According to a recent Associated Press article, “B-2 Stealth Bombers Hit US Targets”, the United States government is using both Hawaii and Alaska to expand its war games and better train pilots to unload mega-size Uranium bombs on – shhhh – unsuspecting North Koreans. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam, convincingly playing the part of one mighty sick, twisted Santa, is apparently reneging on his promise to make nice and remove North Korea from his Naughty [State Sponsors of Terrorism] List. 

How considerate of Uncle Sam to give such a generous warning, months in advance, of his impending blitzkrieg on one more unsuspecting Asian nation! But, for some strange reason, the citizens of Hawaii received no such courtesy prior to being “cursed” with monthly bloody bombings, not even the benefit of predictability enjoyed by women visited every month by their “Auntie Flo.”  

What harm would it do, if you really think about it, for the US government to run a small ad in Hawaii’s federal mouthpiece, The Honolulu Advertiser, in which they could announce for Hawaiians the dates during which they should attempt to locate suitable bomb shelters on “that” day of the month? Well, at least it would be a mighty thoughtful touch! 

One seriously wonders what horrible things Hawaiians have done to become such bad little boys and girls that their very own authoritarian Uncle Sammy – who they have, after all, permitted for over one hundred years to play soldier upon their land and in their sea - would sadistically “repay” them for their warm Aloha-spirit hospitality by dropping bombs from stealth Air Force B-2 bombers on them… ‘round Christmastime, no less! 

No matter what the offense, no matter how bad Hawaiians have been to merit domestic air raids by their own, one certainly suspects that dumping many thousands of pounds of coal atop the Hawaiian Isle would be a far more suitable punishment (not to mention an infinitely better eco-friendly gesture) than being forced into being sitting ducks for bombing practice from the heavens above! 

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But times they certainly are a ‘changing! Why, once upon a time in an era many US War Presidents ago, it used to be that attacks on Hawaii were staged by other nations – Japan, for example. Now, in this modern post-9/11 age, any nation is fair game for attack … even when the people on the island you’re bombing happen to wave the very same red, white, and blue flag as the other forty nine states! 

No, this is no parody you’re reading. This news is so priceless I could not make this stuff up! The United States Air Force has actually started bombing its own country, in order to conduct what they claim is necessary bombing practice for North Korea – or whoever’s up for the next US “hit!” 

Courtesy of the AP article, released as a gift to America on Thanksgiving Day (when we were too busy wolfing down turkey and stuffing to notice or even care), we now learn, quite after the fact, that US B-2 “Spirit” Stealth Bombers have started routinely bombing the US state of Hawaii. 

According to the US Air Force website, the domestic bombing began this year on October 23. Reportedly, the first Bombs Away event, being called Hawaii’s “October Surprise,” was part of an exercise called “Koa Lightning,” in which B-2s flew from Guam to Hawaii, dropping the bombs on the Big Island’s Pohakuloa Training Area.  

At least one dozen of these mega-bombs were dropped the first month, at $1.2 million US Dollars a pop. Called “inert” and “dummy” because they reportedly do not explode, the Air Force tells us, as if from an ad for homemade jam, bombings are conducted, “the old fashioned way too. No laser designating the target and no joint direct attack munitions with global positioning system guidance. It was just the aviators, their instruments, a deadly airframe and some Airmen on the mock battlefield calling in the coordinates.”  

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As these are not your Air Force standard, computer-guided, “built in, state of the art targeting system” drops, the aviators and their uh, instruments, work on a “deadly timeframe,” relying on nothing but gravity … and the capricious whim of Mother Nature’s tropical winds.  

So don those hard hats and heads up, Hawaii, ‘cause where those “old-fashioned ‘dumb bombs’ without precision guidance” land next is anybody’s guess! And a 2,000 lb. bomb –make that a 2,000 lb. anything… released from a point higher than the mountaintops that goes even a wee bit off course is definitely going to cause some poor Hawaiian one mighty colossal headache! 

According to the AP article, the Air Force has “only started dropping inert bombs on the Big Island's Pohakuloa Training Area [PTA] last month.” One can not help wondering if this bombing that “only” started last month is not possibly payback for the work of outspoken activists who recently opposed the permanent stationing of the 2/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team at PTA? Coincidentally [or maybe not?] Pohakuloa is the same live-fire test training area where mega-bombs are now getting dropped out of B-2 jets onto grounds where Depleted Uranium was discovered in August.  

With regard to the “Koa Lightning” bombing of Hawaii exercises, one of the B-2 pilots, Major Tim Hale, stated, “This particular mission covers the full spectrum of what we can do.” With a nation so desperate to practice dropping bombs that it chooses as its Ground Zero the sacred, culturally rich, pristine paradise of Hawaii, there is no question that the full spectrum of what we can do has indeed been achieved … at the very lowest, bottom-of-the-barrel end of the spectrum, that is.  

With the bombing of Hawaii a jolly old ho (ho, ho) hum affair, not just the United States but the international community, too, now gets to witness the utter depths of just how low the United States will go in order to wage its aggressive wars. For to depraved Uncle Sam in the role of Santa-Gone-Bad this holiday season, not even Hawaii – considered by many to be the world’s favorite tropical vacation spot – is sacred. 

On its own website, the US Air Force reminds us that the capability of the B-2 bombers (apparently considered the pinnacle of Air Force prowess) must not be underestimated. "Strategic bombers in and of themselves are huge force multipliers," according to Tech. Sgt. Richard Setlock, a JTAC from the 25th Air Support Operations Squadron.

Furthermore, according to Sgt. Setlock, "Fighter attack aircraft can stay on station for 45-minutes and provide six to eight bombs. We can have a bomber overhead for two to four hours and provide four times the firepower that a fighter attack aircraft could."  

The military’s orgiastic thrills and chills of “force multiplier” capabilities aside, one wonders how the local Hawaiian school children are coping? What must it be like for these precious young ones, learning their A, B, C’s, numbers, and colors, too, with not merely jets overhead, but stealth bombers that provide four times the firepower of fighter attack aircraft?  

Distant memories of 1960s bomb drills hiding underneath kindergarten desks suddenly come to mind. One wonders how Hawaiian teachers go about explaining to tiny tots that the bombs, each weighing about as much as four classroom pianos... are being dropped by their own country, that is [gulp] by the “good guys”.  

In correspondence with Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award winner and weapons expert of The San Francisco Bay View, Nichols wrote of the B-2 bombs,, "It is just a matter of time till the 376,000 lb heavy bombers hit a school playground or someone's house with the equivalent of a small car at 160 mph and kill no telling how many people. Just chalk it up to the annual required human sacrifice to keep the big Military payroll in Hawaii. The city fathers made a bad deal with the devil for a few dollars more." 

The devil may have made them do it, but do the local officials even know? According to Mayor of the County of Hawaii, Harry Kim, this is apparently not the case. "I was not aware that they were dropping bombs up there."  Mayor Kim also added that the public has a right to know about what’s going on – and when Hawaiians can expect the 2,000 pound drops gracing them from up above. "They really need to be proactive about informing us so we can inform the public," he said. "The public needs to know when these types of exercises are going on, especially those who drive Saddle Road." 

Yes, there’s no doubt about it. These bombs are a threat to Hawaii, and when even the local government’s top official is not made aware of the mortal danger his citizens face on a regular basis, one suspects that Uncle Sam does a mighty lousy job as Federal Duck-and-Cover Communicator for the oblivious residing in Pacific paradise. 

As explained by the Air Force on its website, “The global reach and long loiter time over a target is a unique capability of America's bomber force. This makes the B-2 especially lethal to America's enemies.”  Furthermore, as Col. Damian McCarthy, 36th Operations Group commander, elaborates, "Having the ability to stay over a target for extended periods, especially in a stealth airframe, gives the combatant commander the option to strike the bad guys at a time and place of their choosing." 

What none of these military load-dropping, macho-types explain, however, is just whose bright idea it was to use the Big Island of Hawaii for their bombing target practice fun. The island of Hawaii is, after all, a place where 160,000 citizens live and work, and 1.5 million tourists from around the globe come each year to sun, fun, and play. Can someone please tell me exactly when did the gentle, peace-loving people from the Aloha state get placed on the list as America’s declared “enemies” and “bad guys” in order to merit humongous, lethal bomb drops by B2 stealth bombers?  

One can understand why Hawaiians are a tad more than concerned about the very real possibility of stray, off-course bombs being dropped on their heads. What is even more disturbing, however, is the fact that these bombs – weighing roughly the same as a Honda CRX model car - are being dropped from altitudes 18,000 feet above the mountains … onto grounds contaminated with deadly toxic and radioactive Depleted Uranium from years of live-fire training. 

Can you just imagine how 2,000 pounds of concentrated dead weight, dropped from the skies, will rustle up and render airborne the Depleted Uranium in the soils on the Pohakuloa Training Area? And just how safe can this be, in terms of air quality, with lethal Depleted Uranium being re-suspended in the air by these bomb drops … particularly for those living in nearby towns?  According to theArmy’s 2000 health fact sheet on Depleted Uranium, “DU can also be inhaled when DU particles in the environment are resuspended into the atmosphere by wind or other disturbances.”

Is there any question in anyone’s mind that such a heavy bomb, dropped from the heavens and landing in radioactive soils, creates one hell of a “disturbance?” Jim Albertini, of the Malu ‘Aina Center for Non-Violent Education & Action says of the bombings, “This, along with other training at PTA, is an outrage given the presence of Depleted Uranium (DU) confirmed at PTA. The full extent of the contamination is not yet known but the military is taking action that risks spreading the stuff around. It shows the complete disregard for the health and safety of Hawaii residents and the military people who train on the ground there.” 

Wouldn’t it make sense to remediate the contaminated soils at Pohakuloa, as is required by Army Regulation 700-48 before eventhinking about dropping mega-bombs there? Is the Army in such a hurry to “practice” bombing the hell out of North Korea that it simply cannot wait another few months till it cleans up the mess it created in Hawaii by playing around there with its nuke weapons (and God-only-knows-what-other Uranium munitions)? 

Has this grand US imperial Empire, in its zealous myopic dream of waging wars at any cost, decided to totally waste the once pristine, lush, exotic Hawaiian island - and its very own citizens to boot? Does anyone know precisely when our nation made the decision to condemn Hawaii for billions of years as a radioactive “national sacrifice zone,” the “payoff” being the ability to wage continuous wars against innocent civilians … in both Hawaii as well as in far-off lands? 

Perhaps in lieu of being greeted in the future with flowered leis, future visitors to Hawaii’s airport should, by all rights, be appropriately welcomed with Army-issued gas masks and radioactive MOPP gear suits instead. While the Hawaiian tourist industry admittedly may tank once photos get out depicting the rather, um, encumbered manner in which Hawaiian tourists will now be outfitted, on the plus side, US troops would then be able to invade, occupy, and take as their own private playground vacant Hawaiian hotels and resorts where tourists and vacationers, fearing radioactive contamination, will no longer venture. 

 So say goodbye, all ye citizens of the world, to the former tropical paradise of the Aloha state! Please know you have been forewarned and travel to Hawaii now at your own risk.  Vacation now on the Big Island and prepare to be greeted with the US military’s own uniquely gracious brand of hospitality … the invisible “gift” of inhaled Uranium aerosol blowing in the warm tropical winds, bestowed upon unsuspecting residents and tourists alike, for all eternity. 

To learn more and find out what you can do to help keep Hawaii safe from domestic bombing and further radioactive contamination, visit the folks at Protect Hawaii and say Aloha to them for me.


Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a certified personal coach who specializes in Uranium weapons. Living in the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's capital during the Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at savorsuccesslady3@yahoo.com .


Santa Claus and Hawaii

SANTA CLAUS from Hawaii

By Amelia Kuulei Gora, One of Kamehameha’s descendants

SANTA Claus, a character based on fourth-century bishop Nicholas – a patron saint of the Dutch Amsterdam, named by Dutch merchants and sailors. Saint Nicholas/Sint Nikolaas; Sinterklaus were names given by the Dutch.

The following documents Santa Claus, a fictional character, promoted by American deviants and businessmen over time with background and noted:

1812 A HISTORY OF NEW YORK…by Diedrich Knickerbocker (1812) by Washington Irving was published. Santa Claus was mentioned.

Background: John Jacob Astor, who mistreated Indians, had paid Washington Irving to write favorably about him.

John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) was an American capitalist whose business was Fur. (Note: Notice how Santa Claus outfit is made of Fur.)

1837 “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas” also known as “Twas the Night before Christmas” book by Clement Moore was printed and promoted.

Background: Clement Moore wrote material attacking Thomas Jefferson for his undermining the Christian faith.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) was the Third (3rd ) President of the United States, Statesman, Diplomat, Architect and author of a bible which included “only divine love, mercy and goodness.”

Thomas Jefferson owned 400 slaves. His twice married wife Martha (Walses Skelton) added another 135 slaves and lands amounting to 40,000 acres. In the draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson struck out the paragraph denouncing slavery. He was a practicing attorney who abolished the slave trade from Africa; HATED HEREDITARY PRIVILEGE (S). He cast aside the kingly ceremonies and adopted the rule “first come, first served.” He doctored his slaves; was a scientist of sorts calculating an eclipse; letter copying press, revolving and folding chair; hemp; pedometer; gold medal winning plow; a two-wheeled vehicle inventor. He knew seven languages: English; Greek; Latin; French; Italian; Spanish and German. He was a writer and compiled a bible.

He borrowed $20,000 to repay a debt made while being the President for fear of being jailed. His treasured library was sold to Congress to maintain his home for himself, his grandchildren, grandnieces, and grandnephews. The Presidential income was $25,000 per annum. He was the author of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the University of Washington.

? U. S. Military Academy at West Point teacher painted a jovial, white male, a Santa Claus entering a Chimney top.

Background: The West Point teacher/artist represented the military establishment.

Note: The military is always in the background and supports American businessmen and their activities.

It is interesting to note that the white male character denotes someone superior over others of color. The dominant character is one who “takes care” of “children”, the “needy”, the grantor of gifts to those who are “good” and nothing to those who are “bad”.

1870 Santa Claus appeared on Christmas cards.

Background: “Jolly” Saint Nick/Santa Claus reflects a character that is content with the existing social order. American businessmen promoted Santa Claus.

Santa Claus became promoted especially so by the Macy Company, a merchandising firm:

1873 Macy Stores owner, Roland H. Macy had rented an area within Macy’s to Lazarus Straus and sons: Isador; Nathan, and Oscar. Their items were valued and made Macy’s a popular store.

1877 Roland H. Macy died leaving a son with drinking problems. According to his will, Stocks were to be sold to relatives and to set up a small trust for his son named Rowland H. Macy, Jr. who had drinking problems.

1878 Rowland H. Macy, Jr. died.

1878 George W. Macy of Honolulu, one of the investors in the Macy Company was the “purported Father of George W. Macy, Jr. whose claimed mother was Piena/Piiana (w) according to First Circuit Court Case No. 798, Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Piena/Piiana (w) had died and the guardians assigned to George W. Macy, Jr. were his grandparent’s Kahiamoe (k) and Kaili/Kekai/Kekainui/Kamalii/Kamaliiwahine (w).

THE FOLLOWING GENEALOGIES MAY BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND, SKIP OVER THIS SECTION TO NEXT PARAGRAPH. Kaili (w) was a Kamehameha descendant through Kaoleioku (k) married to Keoua (w) who had Hanuna (k), Pauahi (w) and stepsibling’s Keola (k) and Konia(w). Hanuna (k) had four (4) children: Kapule (k); Kini(w); Hookahe(w); and Poohina (w). Kapule (k) had (4+) children: Kamaliiwahine/Kaili (w); Kaakau (w); Kamai (k); and Nainoaalua (k). Kamaliiwahine/Kaili (w) daughter was named Piena/Piiana (w) had siblings: Ahukinialaa (w); Kamauoha (k); Wahineaea (w); Luakini/ Kaluakini (k) who was A hanai/adoptive father of Kapiolani/Queen Kapiolani. Luakini/Kaluakini (k) had Other siblings/stepsiblings and direct descendants including my own grandmother Named Elikapeka Kaimiola Kaluakini Gora. Queen Kapiolani’s claimed hanai/ Adopted son was Kuhio Kalanianaole/Prince Kuhio. Prince Kuhio had represented Hawaii after the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani and had introduced the Hawaiian Homestead Act (1920), which was based on the Crown Lands, the claimed ceded lands that still has owners, because Kamehameha’s bloodlines, descendants still exist. Prince Kuhio’s brother David Kawananakoa had married Abigail Campbell, daughter of James Campbell and Abigail Maipinepine Kalaikini/Kaleikini.

Macy’s investors:

Roland H. Macy’s relatives;

Preferred shares investors:

General Electric Credit Corporation

Mutual Shares Corporation

Mutual shares:

Chief: Michael A. Price

Goldman & Sachs, limited partnership with Sidney J. Weinberg

Common shares:

Ed Finkelstein

Mark Handler

Art Reiner

Bobby Friedman

Hal Kahn

New Board: Michael A. Price; Sidney J. Weinberg; and Dan I. Hale of General Electric


1884 – Bernice Pauahi Bishop died. Her husband Charles Reed Bishop PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC was an American SPY, banker, a Mason/Freemason, plantation owner, Pacific Cable Company investor, etc. Untrue that it was, Bishop and others claimed Bernice Pauahi to be the last of the Kamehameha’s, the Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Issues of CONSPIRACIES appear on Bernice Pauahi Bishop Trust/Estates due to the efforts of the PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC and FRIENDS.

Issues of CONSPIRACIES appear on this MACY line with associations and investing backed by the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, Liberty House, Goldman and Sachs/Stock Investors with Weinberg as one of its officers.

George Macy also became a TERRORIST, taxing peoples in Hawaii while working with the United States Internal Revenue in Hawaii.

1893 Queen Liliuokalani was dethroned, basically shoved off the throne because the Whites felt they could do a better job. Queen Liliuokalani had handed Hawaii Temporarily to the United States President who has since died.

1917 Queen Liliuokalani died. A claimed Trust was set up with documented OPPOSITIONS. The Bank of Hawaii became Trustees in part along with The other Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional Government supporters Backed by the United States government.

Congress over time called Queen Liliuokalani “NIGGER”.

1920 The Crown Lands/claimed ceded lands by Conspirators/TERRORISTS/ Provisional government supporters was placed in a Trust under the Hawaiian Homelands concept. The Bill was claimed to have been introduced by Prince Kuhio/Kuhio Kalanianaole, another “NIGGER” who was also a Mason/ A Freemason like his brother David Kawananakoa. Both Kuhio and Kawananakoa were NOT Kamehameha’s descendants.

Although the claim of Kuhio and Kawananakoa maintains descendancy from Kaumualii, there are many other descendants who have documentation as Descending from Kaumualii. Kaumualii had other children who were older than their ancestor. Questionable issues of non-bloods/non-Hawaiian/kanaka maoli remain for the Kawananakoa families.

1926 George Macy, Jr., a young unmarried police officer died in a motorcycle accident. He was born in 1901. Unresolved issues in genealogies remain for Macy, Jr. was Macy, Jr. was claimed to be the purported son of Piena/Piiana (w) with George Macy.

His father was named George Macy, but no junior on the end, which indicates There are questionable issues and Funny business in the claims of Macy and ties to the Kamehameha families.

George Macy was the first Internal Revenue director in Hawaii. He collected Taxes for the Federal government who remain de facto (not legal) government In Hawaii.

It may be said that everyone in Hawaii has and is wrongfully paying taxes to the governments based on de facto existence and occupational status.

Macy, Jr. and parents are buried at the Kawaiahao Church Cemetery close to King William Lunalilo’s tomb. (Note: Mr. Young, employee at the Kawaiahao Church pointed out the Macy’s families graves one sunny afternoon –year 2001 with a brief historical background to being the store owners – MACY’S.)

Suspicions of the Macy’s not being part of our Kamehameha families/direct descendancy bloodlines remain.

Unless the Macy family’s remains are uncovered and DNA tested for kanaka Maoli blood/Kamehameha descendancy, it appears that the Macy’s claims may be another conspiracy issue entered by the Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional government supporters who have MUCKED UP some of our records and have wrongfully and criminally assumed/ helped themselves to lands, monies, etc. that they have no right to. The Macy family claims are documented in Probate. Piena/Piiana/Malia Piiana was married to others.

1995 Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools aka’s Trustees invested in Goldman and Sach’s stocks.

Note: The Bishop Estates claims are based on a Trust created in the de jure Kingdom of Hawaii period with unresolved issues due to the intense amount of FRAUD entries on Probates affecting all lands in Hawaii, etc.

The ongoing Conspirators/TERRORISTS/Provisional government and the evolved governments de facto supporters along with the United States government TAX the Estate as well.

Sovereign descendants/ descendants OPPOSE, jurisdiction IS NOT GRANTED to the currently run estate with de facto TERRORISTS criminally assuming lands, monies, etc. FRAUD exists, Criminal deviants exist. TERRORISM actively exists in Hawaii.

------------------------ ------------------ -------------------

- Weinberg invests/purchases sugar lands from Hawaii and sets up Trusts to help the Poor, the elderly, and the homeless. Weinberg Trust (includes his wife Jeanette) set up with claimed land holdings surpassing the holdings of some of the alii/Chiefs and Chiefesses Trusts with interest in helping the poor, the homeless, the elderly, etc.

2001 MACY’S bought out or saved bankrupt LIBERTY HOUSE Stores.

MACY’S is now known for its’ marvelous balloon parades given each Thanksgiving advertising Christmas, a white Santa Claus, merriment – thoughts of gifts, candies, goodies, snow, Christmas trees, decorations, holiday cards, cheer, baking, cooking, gatherings, fragrances, mood music – blanketing the crowds filled with young and old ----innocent victims of deceit.


Although the Santa Claus myth which has grown in the United States promoting contentment with social order, the realities are that the economic rewards are taken by the shrewd, the exploiters, the ruthless, and those who are TERRORISTS.

The fictitious character Santa Claus descends from demonic beings of chaos with its beginnings in Europe. “The Lord of Misrule, the Boy Bishop, and the Saint Nicholas who consigns bad children to a devilish companion” in Europe becomes everything opposite in the United States and Hawaii by TERRORIST businessmen at the expense of Kamehameha’s descendants, heirs and countless others.

The fictitious creation Santa Claus actually exploits the populations into deceit, cunning behaviors, and lying to children. The phenomena/socializing/programming phenomena given to the children are an incredible diversion of the truth, which aids in accommodating businessmen everywhere. The perpetuation of a white jolly faced male (red faced man who expected home-baked cookies and an ice cold glass of milk---in all actuality a white with red face means one who had one drink too many), dressed in expensive furs who magically drops into a chimney or a fictitious chimney and leaves an abundant amount of gifts for those who have been good is a downright lie adhered to by the rich and poor.

Why has the Churches failed in correcting the ongoing lies? Perhaps, it is because the Churches gain in wealth, monetary assist from the American businessmen as well who also sell Christian related objects such as the Nativity Scenes, etc. All Christmas time sales encourage the spirit of giving which also benefits the church at Christmas time as well.

The mood music developed by American businessmen further encourages a mood to shop, etc. The mechanisms employed through studies, observations by others are maintained in developing/enhancing all buyers.

The merchandise promoted, displayed, advertised by businessmen are planned to be completely sold by Christmas. The marketing, costs is taken up by the businessmen, the financing is made by the bankers, the big businessmen, the TERRORISTS who have defrauded, exploited lands, monies, Trusts, plantations, large businesses to base their Capitalistic Society which benefits a few.

Meanwhile, the Government backs the claims, disregarding the Frauds, Criminal Deceit, Criminal Malfeasance, Criminal Deviance, Genocide issues because more is to be gained and maintained through lands, taxes, monies gotten from the cunning, the deviant, the exploiters, the TERRORISTS, who descend from Missionary stock in part.

The United States, a Complex Slave Society, which had evolved from a downright Slave Society with its’ Presidents being slave owners, continues. The people’s wants for their children moves in alignment with the Capitalistic machinery due to easy/cash purchases from the wealthy (who benefit off of those with less) and credit purchases from the poor/slaves. (The credit purchasers pay nearly double for their merchandise.)

The credit purchases are also extended by businessmen, bankers, ruthless, TERRORISTS who are riding on the claims of Kamehameha’s descendants, heirs, and exploiting all of theWorld's Societies as well.

Criminal Deviance is the base of the American Society with the United States Government, armed military, and FBI/Federal Bureau of Investigations to back the criminal claims which is only looked at for no more than 45 years.

What is the true meaning of Christmas? It’s certainly not an alcoholic white man, dressed in animal skins for looks, and encouraging demonic behavior.

Historical evidence, moreover, that the basis is truly on demonic behavior attributed to quasi alcoholic behavior drugged on greed, animosity, jealousy, thievery, deceit, criminal malfeasance, depravity, manipulation of fellow humankind by those who want more and more.

So what is the true meaning of Christmas? We think we know it as the birth of Christ. But is it so? Do we believe what the Churches claim or do they too have ulterior motives as well? The Catholic Church with its Papal Bulls of 1493 validates the plundering on barbaric or other such undeveloped societies. With the current exposure of their perverted priests, everyone surely needs to take a step back and view the facts.

Saddened by the truth? You need not be. The complex slave Society includes the facts that many are working to pay off credit card bills at tremendous amounts of percentage rates, which makes many slaves. Note how the names in this article shows the many businesses living off of greed, criminal deviance, genocide, etc. at the expense of our Kamehameha families wealth and transferred to the general public – within the United States and the World.

For now, let us celebrate Life, Love, and set aside your Christmas, “distorted, greedy man created holiday” feelings aside along with your outrageous Credit Cards and celebrate with your loved ones every day.

Try the following steps to move towards the truth: Know your ancestors through Genealogies because most of us came from God. Live Truth, Joy, Life, Love, and Peace all gifts from God. We are masters of our own ship, the outcome, Pleasure, Pain, Reward, Punishment, Goodness, or Evilness is ours to keep or share. Aloha.


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AlterNet / By Nicolas J.S. Davies comments_image 107 COMMENTS
35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists
Here's a handy A to Z guide to U.S.-backed international crime.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

March 4, 2014 |

The U.S. is backing Ukraine's extreme right-wing Svoboda party and violent neo-Nazis whose armed uprising paved the way for a Western-backed coup. Events in the Ukraine are giving us another glimpse through the looking-glass of U.S. propaganda wars against fascism, drugs and terrorism. The ugly reality behind the mirror is that the U.S. government has a long and unbroken record of working with fascists, dictators, druglords and state sponsors of terrorism in every region of the world in its elusive but relentless quest for unchallenged global power.

Behind a firewall of impunity and protection from the State Department and the CIA, U.S. clients and puppets have engaged in the worst crimes known to man, from murder and torture to coups and genocide. The trail of blood from this carnage and chaos leads directly back to the steps of the U.S. Capitol and the White House. As historian Gabriel Kolko observed in 1988, "The notion of an honest puppet is a contradiction Washington has failed to resolve anywhere in the world since 1945." What follows is a brief A to Z guide to the history of that failure.

1. Afghanistan

In the 1980s, the U.S. worked with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to overthrow Afghanistan's socialist government. It funded, trained and armed forces led by conservative tribal leaders whose power was threatened by their country's progress on education, women's rights and land reform. After Mikhail Gorbachev withdrew Soviet forces in 1989, these U.S.-backed warlords tore the country apart and boosted opium production to an unprecedented level of 2,000 to 3,400 tons per year. The Taliban government cut opium production by 95% in two years between 1999 and 2001, but the U.S. invasion in 2001 restored the warlords and drug lords to power. Afghanistan now ranks 175th out of 177 countries in the world for corruption, 175th out of 186 in human development, and since 2004, it has produced an unprecedented 5,300 tons of opium per year. President Karzai's brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, was well known as a CIA-backed drug lord. After a major U.S. offensive in Kandahar province in 2011, Colonel Abdul Razziq was appointed provincial police chief, boosting a heroin smuggling operation that already earned him $60 million per year in one of the poorest countries in the world.

2. Albania

Between 1949 and 1953, the U.S. and U.K. set out to overthrow the government of Albania, the smallest and most vulnerable communist country in Eastern Europe. Exiles were recruited and trained to return to Albania to stir up dissent and plan an armed uprising. Many of the exiles involved in the plan were former collaborators with the Italian and German occupation during World War II. They included former Interior Minister Xhafer Deva, who oversaw the deportations of "Jews, Communists, partisans and suspicious persons" (as described in a Nazi document) to Auschwitz. Declassified U.S. documents have since revealed that Deva was one of 743 fascist war criminals recruited by the U.S. after the war.

3. Argentina

U.S. documents declassified in 2003 detail conversations between U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Argentinian Foreign Minister Admiral Guzzetti in October 1976, soon after the military junta seized power in Argentina. Kissinger explicitly approved the junta's "dirty war," in which it eventually killed up to 30,000, most of them young people, and stole 400 children from the families of their murdered parents. Kissinger told Guzzetti, "Look, our basic attitude is that we would like you to succeed... the quicker you succeed the better." The U.S. Ambassador in Buenos Aires reported that Guzzetti "returned in a state of jubilation, convinced that there is no real problem with the US government over that issue." ("Daniel Gandolfo," "Presente!")

4. Brazil

In 1964, General Castelo Branco led a coup that sparked 20 years of brutal military dictatorship. U.S. military attache Vernon Walters, later Deputy CIA Director and UN Ambassador, knew Castelo Branco well from World War II in Italy. As a clandestine CIA officer, Walters' records from Brazil have never been declassified, but the CIA provided all the support needed to ensure the success of the coup, including funding for opposition labor and student groups in street protests, as in Ukraine and Venezuela today. A U.S. Marine amphibious force on standby to land in Sao Paolo was not needed. Like other victims of U.S.-backed coups in Latin America, the elected President Joao Goulart was a wealthy landowner, not a communist, but his efforts to remain neutral in the Cold War were as unacceptable to Washington as President Yanukovich's refusal to hand the Ukraine over to the west 50 years later.

5. Cambodia

When President Nixon ordered the secret and illegal bombing of Cambodia in 1969, American pilots were ordered to falsify their logs to conceal their crimes. They killed at least half a million Cambodians, dropping more bombs than on Germany and Japan combined in World War II. As the Khmer Rouge gained strength in 1973, the CIA reported that its "propaganda has been most effective among refugees subjected to B-52 strikes." After the Khmer Rouge killed at least 2 million of its own people and was finally driven out by the Vietnamese army in 1979, the U.S. Kampuchea Emergency Group, based in the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, set out to feed and supply them as the "resistance" to the new Vietnamese-backed Cambodian government. Under U.S. pressure, the World Food Program provided $12 million to feed 20,000 to 40,000 Khmer Rouge soldiers. For at least another decade, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency provided the Khmer Rouge with satellite intelligence, while U.S. and British special forces trained them to lay millions of land mines across Western Cambodia which still kill or maim hundreds of people every year.

6. Chile

When Salvador Allende became President in 1970, President Nixon promised to"make the economy scream" in Chile. The U.S., Chile's largest trading partner, cut off trade to cause shortages and economic chaos. The CIA and State Department had conducted sophisticated propaganda operations in Chile for a decade, funding conservative politicians, parties, unions, student groups and all forms of media, while expanding ties with the military. After General Pinochet seized power, the CIA kept Chilean officials on its payroll and worked closely with Chile's DINA intelligence agency as the military government killed thousands of people and jailed and tortured tens of thousands more. Meanwhile, the "Chicago Boys," over 100 Chilean students sent by a State Department program to study under Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago, launched a radical program of privatization, deregulation and neoliberal policies that kept the economy screaming for most Chileans throughout Pinochet's 16-year military dictatorship.

7. China

By the end of 1945, 100,000 U.S. troops were fighting alongside Chinese Kuomintang (and Japanese) forces in Communist-held areas of northern China. Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang may have been the most corrupt of all U.S. allies. A steady stream of U.S. advisers in China warned that U.S. aid was being stolen by Chiang and his cronies, some of it even sold to the Japanese, but the U.S. commitment to Chiang continued throughout the war, his defeat by the Communists and his rule of Taiwan. Secretary of State Dulles' brinksmanship on behalf of Chiang twice led the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war with China on his behalf in 1955 and 1958 over Matsu and Qemoy, two small islands off the coast of China.

8. Colombia

When U.S. special forces and the Drug Enforcement Administration aided Colombian forces to track down and kill drug lord Pablo Escobar, they worked with a vigilante group called Los Pepes. In 1997, Diego Murillo-Bejarano and other Los Pepes' leaders co-founded the AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia) which was responsible for 75% of violent civilian deaths in Colombia over the next 10 years.

9. Cuba

The United States supported the Batista dictatorship as it created the repressive conditions that led to the Cuban Revolution, killing up to 20,000 of its own people. Former U.S. Ambassador Earl Smith testified to Congress that, "the U.S. was so overwhelmingly influential in Cuba that the American Ambassador was the second most important man, sometimes even more important than the Cuban president." After the revolution, the CIA launched a long campaign of terrorism against Cuba, training Cuban exiles in Florida, Central America and the Dominican Republic to commit assassinations and sabotage in Cuba. CIA-backed operations against Cuba included the attempted invasion at the Bay of Pigs, in which 100 Cuban exiles and four Americans were killed; several attempted assassinations of Fidel Castro and successful assassinations of other officials; several bombing raids in 1960 (three Americans killed and two captured) and terrorist bombings targeting tourists as recently as 1997; the apparent bombing of a French ship in Havana harbor (at least 75 killed); a biological swine flu attack that killed half a million pigs; and the terrorist bombing of a Cuban airliner (78 killed) planned by Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, who remain free in America despite the U.S. pretense of waging a war against terrorism. Bosch was granted a presidential pardon by the first President Bush.

10. El Salvador

The civil war that swept El Salvador in the 1980s was a popular uprising against a government that ruled with the utmost brutality. At least 70,000 people were killed and thousands more were disappeared. The UN Truth Commission set up after the war found that 95% of the dead were killed by government forces and death squads, and only 5% by FLMN guerrillas. The government forces responsible for this one-sided slaughter were almost entirely established, trained, armed and supervised by the CIA, U.S. special forces and the U.S. School of the Americas. The UN Truth Commission found that the units guilty of the worst atrocities, like the Atlacatl Battalion which conducted the infamous El Mozote massacre, were precisely the ones most closely supervised by American advisers. The American role in this campaign of state terrorism is now hailed by senior U.S. military officers as a model for "counter-insurgency" in Colombia and elsewhere as the U.S. war on terror spreads its violence and chaos across the world.

11. France

In France, Italy, Greece, Indochina, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines at the end of World War II, advancing allied forces found that communist resistance forces had gained effective control of large areas or even entire countries as German and Japanese forces withdrew or surrendered. In Marseille, the CGT communist trade union controlled the docks that were critical to trade with the U.S. and the Marshall plan. The OSS had worked with the U.S.-Sicilian mafia and Corsican gangsters during the war. So after the OSS merged into the new CIA after the war, it used its contacts to restore Corsican gangsters to power in Marseille, to break dock strikes and CGT control of the docks. It protected the Corsicans as they set up heroin labs and began shipping heroin to New York, where the American-Sicilian mafia also flourished under CIA protection. Ironically, supply disruptions due to the war and the Chinese Revolution had reduced the number of heroin addicts in the U.S. to 20,000 by 1945 and heroin addiction could have been virtually eliminated, but the CIA's infamous French Connection instead brought a new wave of heroin addiction, organized crime and drug-related violence to New York and other American cities.

12. Ghana

There seem to be no inspiring national leaders in Africa these days. But that may be America's fault. In the 1950s and 1960s, there was a rising star in Ghana: Kwame Nkrumah. He was Prime Minister under British rule from 1952 to 1960, when Ghana became independent and he became president. He was a socialist, a pan-African and an anti-imperialist, and, in 1965, he wrote a book called Neo-Colonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism. Nkrumah was overthrown in a CIA coup in 1966. The CIA denied involvement at the time, but the British press later reported that 40 CIA officers operated out of the U.S. Embassy "distributing largesse among President Nkrumah's secret adversaries," and that their work "was fully rewarded." Former CIA officer John Stockwell revealed more about the CIA's decisive role in the coup in his book In Search of Enemies.

13. Greece

When British forces landed in Greece in October 1944, they found the country under the effective control of ELAS-EAM, the leftist partisan group formed by the Greek Communist Party in 1941 after the Italian and German invasion. ELAS-EAM welcomed the British forces, but the British refused any accommodation with them and installed a government that included royalists and Nazi collaborators. When ELAS-EAM held a huge demonstration in Athens, police opened fire and killed 28 people. The British recruited members of the Nazi-trained Security Battalions to hunt down and arrest ELAS members, who once again took up arms as a resistance movement. In 1947, with a civil war raging, the bankrupt British asked the U.S. to take over their role in occupied Greece. The U.S. role in supporting an incompetent fascist government in Greece was enshrined in the "Truman Doctrine," seen by many historians as the beginning of the Cold War. ELAS-EAM fighters laid down their arms in 1949 after Yugoslavia withdrew its support, and 100,000 were either executed, exiled or jailed. The liberal Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou was overthrown in a CIA-backed coup in 1967, leading to seven more years of military rule. His son Andreas was elected as Greece's first "socialist" president in 1981, but many ELAS-EAM members jailed in the 1940s were never freed and died in prison.

14. Guatemala

After its first operation to overthrow a foreign government in Iran in 1953, the CIA launched a more elaborate operation to remove the elected liberal government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954. The CIA recruited and trained a small army of mercenaries under Guatemalan exile Castillo Armas to invade Guatemala, with 30 unmarked U.S. planes providing air support. U.S. Ambassador Peurifoy prepared a list of Guatemalans to be executed, and Armas was installed as president. The reign of terror that followed led to 40 years of civil war, in which at least 200,000 were killed, most of them indigenous people. The climax of the war was the campaign of genocide in Ixil by President Rios Montt, for which he was sentenced to life in prison in 2013, until Guatemala's Supreme Court rescued him on a technicality. A new trial is scheduled for 2015. Declassified CIA documents reveal that the Reagan administration was well aware of the indiscriminate and genocidal nature of Guatemalan military operations when it approved new military aid in 1981, including military vehicles, spare parts for helicopters and U.S. military advisers. The CIA documents detail the massacre and destruction of entire villages, and conclude, "The well documented belief by the army that the entire Ixil Indian population is pro-EGP (Guerrilla Army of the Poor) has created a situation in which the army can be expected to give no quarter to combatants and non-combatants alike."

15. Haiti

Almost 200 years after the slave rebellion that created the nation of Haiti and defeated Napoleon's armies, the long-suffering people of Haiti finally elected a truly democratic government led by Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991. But President Aristide was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup after eight months in office, and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) recruited a paramilitary force called FRAPH to target and destroy Aristide's Lavalas movement in Haiti. The CIA put FRAPH's leader Emmanuel "Toto" Constant on its payroll and shipped in weapons from Florida. When President Clinton sent a U.S. occupation force to restore Aristide to office in 1994, FRAPH members detained by U.S. forces were freed on orders from Washington, and the CIA maintained FRAPH as a criminal gang to undermine Aristide and Lavalas. After Aristide was elected president a second time in 2000, a force of 200 U.S. special forces trained 600 former FRAPH members and others in the Dominican Republic to prepare for a second coup. In 2004, they launched a campaign of violence to destabilize Haiti, which provided the pretext for U.S. forces to land in Haiti and remove Aristide from office.

16. Honduras

The 2009 coup in Honduras has led to severe repression and death squad murders of political opponents, union organizers and journalists. At the time of the coup, U.S. officials denied any role in the coup and used semantics to avoid cutting off U.S. military aid as required under U.S. law. But two Wikileaks cables revealed that the U.S. Embassy was the main power broker in managing the aftermath of the coup and forming a government that is now repressing and murdering its people.

17. Indonesia

In 1965, General Suharto seized effective power from President Sukarno on the pretext of combatting a failed coup and unleashed an orgy of mass murderthat killed at least half a million people. U.S. diplomats later admitted providing lists of 5,000 Communist Party members to be killed. Political officer Robert Martens said, "It really was a big help to the army. They probably killed a lot of people, and I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that's not all bad. There's a time when you have to strike hard at a decisive moment."

18. Iran

Iran may be the most instructive case of a CIA coup that caused endless long-term problems for the United States. In 1953, the CIA and the U.K.'s MI6 overthrew the popular, elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh. Iran had nationalized its oil industry by a unanimous vote of parliament, ending a BP monopoly that only paid Iran a 16% royalty on its oil. For two years, Iran resisted a British naval blockade and international economic sanctions. After President Eisenhower took office in 1953, the CIA agreed to a British request to intervene. After the initial coup failed and the Shah and his family fled to Italy, the CIA payed millions of dollars to bribe military officers and pay gangsters to unleash violence in the streets of Tehran. Mossadegh was finally removed and the Shah returned to rule as a brutal Western puppet until the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

19. Israel

Just as the U.S. uses its economic and military power, its sophisticated propaganda system and its position as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council to violate international law with impunity, it also uses the same tools to shield its ally Israel from accountability for international crimes. Since 1966, the U.S. has used its Security Council veto 83 times, more than the other four Permanent Members combined, and 42 of those vetoes have been on resolutions related to Israel and/or Palestine. Just last week, Amnesty International published a report that, "Israeli forces have displayed a callous disregard for human life by killing dozens of Palestinian civilians, including children, in the occupied West Bank over the past three years with near total impunity." Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Territories condemned the 2008 assault on Gaza as a "massive violation of international law," adding that nations like the U.S. "that have supplied weapons and supported the siege are complicit in the crimes." The Leahy Lawrequires the U.S. to cut off military aid to forces that violate human rights, but it has never been enforced against Israel. Israel continues to build settlements in occupied territory in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention, making it harder to comply with Security Council resolutions that require it to withdraw from occupied territory. But Israel remains beyond the rule of law, shielded from accountability by its powerful patron, the United States.


20. Iraq

In 1958, after the British-backed monarchy was overthrown by General Abdul Qasim, the CIA hired a 22-year-old Iraqi named Saddam Hussein to assassinate the new president. Hussein and his gang botched the job and he fled to Lebanon, wounded in the leg by one of his companions. The CIA rented him an apartment in Beirut and then moved him to Cairo, where he was paid as an agent of Egyptian intelligence and was a frequent visitor at the U.S. Embassy. Qasim was killed in a CIA-backed Baathist coup in 1963, and as in Guatemala and Indonesia, the CIA gave the new government a list of at least 4,000 communists to be killed. But, once in power, the Baathist revolutionary government was no Western puppet, and it nationalized Iraq's oil industry, adopted an Arab nationalist foreign policy and built the best education and health systems in the Arab world. In 1979, Saddam Hussein became president, conducted purges of political opponents and launched a disastrous war against Iran. The U.S. DIA provided satellite intelligence to target chemical weapons that the West helped him to produce, and Donald Rumsfeld and other U.S. officials welcomed him as an ally against Iran. Only after Iraq invaded Kuwait and Hussein became more useful as an enemy did U.S. propaganda brand him as "a new Hitler." After the U.S. invaded Iraq on false pretenses in 2003, the CIA recruited 27 brigades of "Special Police," merging the most brutal of Saddam Hussein's security forces with the Iranian-trained Badr militia to form death squads that murdered tens of thousands of mostly Sunni Arab men and boys in Baghdad and elsewhere in a reign of terror that continues to this day.

21. Korea

When U.S. forces arrived in Korea in 1945, they were greeted by officials of the Korean People's Republic (KPR), formed by resistance groups which had disarmed surrendering Japanese forces and begun to establish law and order throughout Korea. General Hodge had them thrown out of his office and placed the southern half of Korea under U.S. military occupation. By contrast, Russian forces in the North recognized the KPR, leading to the long-term division of Korea. The U.S. flew in Syngman Rhee,a conservative Korean exile, and installed him as President of South Korea in 1948. Rhee became a dictator on an anti-communist crusade, arresting and torturing suspected communists, brutally putting down rebellions, killing 100,000 people and vowing to take over North Korea. He was at least partly responsible for the outbreak of the Korean War and for the allied decision to invade North Korea once South Korea had been recaptured. He was finally forced to resign by mass student protests in 1960.

22. Laos

The CIA began providing air support to French forces in Laos in 1950, and remained involved there for 25 years. The CIA engineered at least three coups between 1958 and 1960 to keep the growing leftist Pathet Lao out of government. It worked with right-wing Laotian drug lords like General Phoumi Nosavan, transporting opium between Burma, Laos and Vietnam and protecting his monopoly on the opium trade in Laos. In 1962, the CIA recruited a clandestine mercenary army of 30,000 veterans of previous guerrilla wars from Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines to fight the Pathet Lao. As large numbers of American GIs in Vietnam got hooked on heroin, the CIA's Air America transported opium from Hmong territory in the Plain of Jars to General Vang Pao's heroin labs in Long Tieng and Vientiane for shipment to Vietnam. When the CIA failed to defeat the Pathet Lao, the U.S. bombed Laos almost as heavily as Cambodia, with 2 million tons of bombs.

23. Libya

NATO's war on Libya epitomized President Obama's "disguised, quiet, media-free" approach to war. NATO's bombing campaign was fraudulently justified to the UN Security Council as an effort to protect civilians, and the instrumental role of Western and other foreign special forces on the ground was well-disguised, even when Qatari special forces (including ex-ISI Pakistani mercenaries) led the final assault on the Bab Al-Aziziya HQ in Tripoli. NATO conducted 7,700 air strikes, 30,000 -100,000 people were killed, loyalist towns were bombed to rubble and ethnically cleansed, and the country is in chaos as Western-trained and -armed Islamist militias seize territory and oil facilities and vie for power. The Misrata militia, trained and armed by Western special forces, is one of the most violent and powerful. As I write this, protesters have just stormed the Congress building in Tripoli for the fourth or fifth time in recent months, and two elected Representatives have been shot and wounded as they fled.

24. Mexico

The death toll in Mexico's drug wars recently passed 100,000. The most violent of the drug cartels is Los Zetas. U.S. officials call the Zetas "the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and dangerous drug cartel operating in Mexico." The Zetas cartel was formed by Mexican security forces trained by U.S. special forces at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

25. Myanmar

After the Chinese Revolution, Kuomintang generals moved into northern Burma and became powerful drug lords, with Thai military protection, financing from Taiwan and air transport and logistical support from the CIA. Burma's opium production grew from 18 tons in 1958 to 600 tons in 1970. The CIA maintained these forces as a bulwark against communist China but they transformed the "golden triangle" into the world's largest opium producer. Most of the opium was shipped by mule trains into Thailand where other CIA allies shipped it to heroin labs in Hong Kong and Malaysia. The trade shifted around 1970 as CIA partner General Vang Pao set up new labs in Laos to provide heroin to GIs in Vietnam.

26. Nicaragua

Anastasio Somosa ruled Nicaragua as his personal fiefdom for 43 years with unconditional U.S. support, as his National Guard committed every crime imaginable from massacres and torture to extortion and rape with complete impunity. After he was finally overthrown by the Sandinista Revolution in 1979, the CIA recruited, trained and supported "contra" mercenaries to invade Nicaragua and conduct terrorism to destabilize the country. In 1986, the International Court of Justice found the United States guilty of aggression against Nicaragua for deploying the contras and mining Nicaraguan ports. The court ordered the U.S. to cease its aggression and pay war reparations to Nicaragua, but they have never been paid. The U.S. response was to declare that it would no longer recognize the binding jurisdiction of the ICJ, effectively setting itself beyond the rule of international law.

27.Pakistan; 28.Saudi Arabia; 29. Turkey

After reading my last AlterNet piece on the failed war on terror, former CIA and State Department terrorism expert Larry Johnson told me, "The main problem with respect to assessing the terrorist threat is to accurately define the state sponsorship. The biggest culprits today, in contrast to 20 years ago, are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Iran, despite the right-wing/neocon ravings, is not that active in encouraging and/or facilitating terrorism." In the past 12 years, U.S. military aid to Pakistan has totaled $18.6 billion. The U.S. has just negotiated the largest arms deal in history with Saudi Arabia. And Turkey is a long-standing member of NATO. All three major state sponsors of terrorism in the world today are U.S. allies.

30. Panama

U.S. drug enforcement officials wanted to arrest Manuel Noriega in 1971, when he was the chief of military intelligence in Panama. They had enough evidence to convict him of drug trafficking, but he was also a long-time agent and informer for the CIA, so like other drug-dealing CIA agents from Marseille to Macao, he was untouchable. He was temporarily cut loose during the Carter administration but otherwise kept collecting at least $100,000 per year from the U.S. Treasury. As he rose to be the de facto ruler of Panama, he became even more valuable to the CIA, reporting on meetings with Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and supporting U.S. covert wars in Central America. Noriega probably quit drug trafficking in about 1985, well before the U.S. indicted him for it in 1988. The indictment was a pretext for the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989, whose main purpose was to give the U.S. greater control over Panama, at the expense of at least 2,000 lives.

31. The Philippines

Since the U.S. launched its so-called war on terror in 2001, a task force of 500 US JSOC forces has conducted covert operations in the southern Philippines. Now, under Obama's "pivot to Asia," U.S. military aid to the Philippines is increasing, from $12 million in 2011 to $50 million this year. But Filippino human rights activists report that the increased aid coincides with increased military death squad operations against civilians. The past three years have seen at least 158 people killed by death squads.

32. Syria

When President Obama approved flying weapons and militiamen from Libya to the "Free Syrian Army" base in Turkey in unmarked NATO planes in late 2011, he was calculating that the U.S. and its allies could replicate the "successful" overthrow of the Libyan government. Everyone involved understood that Syria would be a longer and bloodier conflict, but they gambled that the end result would be the same, even though 55% of Syrians told pollsters they still supported Assad. A few months later, Western leaders undermined Kofi Annan's peace plan with their "Plan B," "Friends of Syria." This was not an alternative peace plan, but a commitment to escalation, offering guaranteed support, money and weapons to the jihadis in Syria to make sure they ignored the Annan peace plan and kept fighting. That move sealed the fate of millions of Syrians. Over the past two years Qatar has spent $3 billion and flown in planeloads of weapons, Saudi Arabia has shipped weapons from Croatia, and Western and Arab royalist special forces have trained thousands of increasingly radicalized fundamentalist jihadis, now allied with al-Qaeda. The Geneva II talks were a half-hearted effort to revive the 2012 Annan peace plan, but Western insistence that a "political transition" means the immediate resignation of Assad reveals that Western leaders still value regime change more than peace. To paraphrase Phyllis Bennis, the U.S. and its allies are still willing to fight to the last Syrian.

33. Uruguay

The foreign officials the U.S. has worked with include many who have benefited from their cooperation in American crimes around the world. But in Uruguay in 1970, when Police Chief Alejandro Otero objected to Americans training his officers in the art of torture, he was demoted. The U.S. official he complained to was Dan Mitrione, who worked for the U.S. Office of Public Safety, a division of the US Agency for International Development. Mitrione's training sessions reportedly included torturing homeless people to death with electric shocks to teach his students how far they could go.

34. Yugoslavia

The NATO aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 was a flagrant crime of aggression in violation of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter. When British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told Secretary of State Albright that the U.K. was having "difficulties with its lawyers" over the planned attack, she told him the U.K. should "get new lawyers," according to her deputy James Rubin. NATO's proxy ground force in its aggression against Yugoslavia was the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), led by Hashim Thaci. A 2010 report by the Council of Europe and a book by Carla Del Ponte, the former prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, support long-standing allegations that at the time of the NATO invasion, Thaci ran a criminal organization called the Drenica group which sent more than 400 captured Serbs to Albania to be killed so that their organs could be extracted and sold for transplant. Hashim Thaci is now the Prime Minister of the NATO protectorate of Kosovo.

35. Zaire

Patrice Lumumba, the president of the pan-Africanist Mouvement National Congolais, took part in the Congo's struggle for independence and became the Congo's first elected Prime Minister in 1960. He was deposed in a CIA-backed coup led by Joseph-Desire Mobutu, his Army Chief of Staff. Mobutu handed Lumumba over to the Belgian-backed separatists and Belgian mercenaries he had been fighting in Katanga province, and he was shot by a firing squad led by a Belgian mercenary. Mobutu abolished elections and appointed himself president in 1965, and ruled as a dictator for 30 years. He killed political opponents in public hangings, had others tortured to death, and eventually embezzled at least $5 billion while Zaire, as he renamed it, remained one of the poorest countries in the world. But U.S. support for Mobutu continued. Even as President Carter publicly distanced himself, Zaire continued to receive 50% of all U.S. military aid to sub-Saharan Africa. When Congress voted to cut off military aid, Carter and U.S. business interests worked to restore it. Only in the 1990s did U.S. support start to waver, until Mobutu was deposed by Laurent Kabila in 1997 and died soon afterward.


Major Joe Blair was the director of instruction at the U.S. School of the Americas (SOA) from 1986 to 1989. He described the training he oversaw at SOA as the following: "The doctrine that was taught was that if you want information you use physical abuse, false imprisonment, threats to family members, and killing. If you can't get the information you want, if you can't get that person to shut up or stop what they're doing, you assassinate them—and you assassinate them with one of your death squads."

The stock response of U.S. officials to the exposure of the systematic crimes I've described is that such things may have occurred at certain times in the past but that they in no way reflect long-term or ongoing U.S. policy. The School of the Americas was moved from the Panama Canal Zone to Fort Benning, Georgia, and replaced by the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) in 2001. But Joe Blair has something to say about that too. Testifying at a trial of SOA Watch protesters in 2002, he said, "There are no substantive changes besides the name. They teach the identical courses that I taught, and changed the course names and use the same manuals."

A huge amount of human suffering could be alleviated and global problems solved if the United States would make a genuine commitment to human rights and the rule of law, as opposed to one it only applies cynically and opportunistically to its enemies, but never to itself or its allies.

Nicolas J. S. Davies is the author of Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq. He wrote the chapter on "Obama At War" for the book, Grading the 44th President: A Report Card on Barack Obama's First Term as a Progressive Leader.

UPDATED for 2017:

Kingdom of Hawaii/Hawaiian Kingdom Legal Notice No. 2017-1128 (2) Failure in Upholding Covenant of 2010 by the U.S. Army from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, House of Nobles Member, Konohiki, Hawaiian Genealogical Society Representative, Land owner, Landlord


Amelia Gora <hawaiianhistory@gmail.com>
Nov 28 (11 days ago)

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U.S. President Donald Trump
Secretary of State
Other Nations
and Concerned Others


This is to inform all that the U.S. Army has failed to uphold their covenant which was agreed to by certain members of the Hawaiian Community.

I, Amelia Gora, did oppose the Covenant.

The Covenant was signed in 2010:

“The covenant recognizes that Hawai’i’s rich cultural and historical experiences are shaped by the land and surrounding ocean,” said Maj. Gen. Michael J. Terry, commanding general, 8th Theater Sustainment Command. “We acknowledge that the Army has the responsibility of being good stewards for the lands we maintain and that we must be mindful to protect and preserve this fragile environment for future generations.”

The recent killing of the owls, birds, fishes, seaweed, etc. by the use of the Rat poisons is affecting "this fragile environment for future generations."

The use of the rat poisons contaminates all, including the populations in the Waianae Ahupuaa, etc. districts.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources are also party to the crimes and along with the U.S. Army are now recorded as Genocide activists because the poisons will eventually affect humankind of all races in those areas.

Please refrain from further contamination because the Army "has the responsibility of being good stewards for the lands" which some of our kanaka maoli have erroneously agreed to.

I, Amelia Gora, continue to oppose the Covenant and document the ongoing lies made by the U.S. Army in collusion with DLNR/Department of Land and Natural Resources, a squatter agency which operates offices on my own families private properties and have failed to pay rents, recorded as trespassers and squatters.

The resulting medical costs for the peoples affected by the malicious poisoning of the "fragile environment for future generations" is a complete lie and further poisonings must be terminated.

The DLNR is part of the State of Hawaii which evolved from the Territory created by U.S. President William McKinley who proclaimed that the Republic of Hawaii was the Territory with the help of Army, Navy, and Federal officials.  An Attorney General of the Territory claimed that they were the "successors of the Kingdom of Hawaii" which is false, an identity theft claim because our Royal Families are the "heirs and successors of the Kingdom of Hawaii" being descendants of the Kamehameha's and members of the original House of Nobles.

Please help in stopping the toxins to be freely used on our "fragile environment" for the present day populations and "future generations".

The Rat poisons are a method of exterminating humankind in the Hawaiian Islands, etc.

I, Amelia Gora, am one of the Konohiki in the Hawaiian Islands, there are many others.  See:  Kingdom of Hawaii Records No. 2017-1128 (1)

I, Amelia Gora, am one of Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli's heirs and successors and party to the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America signed and ratified by Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli an U.S. President Zachary Taylor.

This is also a reminder that the Kingdom of Hawaii exists because U.S. President Grover Cleveland did give Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani twice (2x) in 1894 and 1897.

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Please see the additional references listed below which shows that the contamination affects all life, including sea creatures including the whale populations.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Amelia Gora


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Army, Native Hawaiian community signing symbolic accord tomorrow
Advertiser Staff and News Reports
The Army tomorrow will sign a first-of-its-kind “Native Hawaiian Covenant” with representatives from Native Hawaiian organizations in an effort to improve a sometimes contentious relationship.
The agreement will be signed at 12:30 p.m. at Fort DeRussy.
“The covenant recognizes that Hawai’i’s rich cultural and historical experiences are shaped by the land and surrounding ocean,” said Maj. Gen. Michael J. Terry, commanding general, 8th Theater Sustainment Command. “We acknowledge that the Army has the responsibility of being good stewards for the lands we maintain and that we must be mindful to protect and preserve this fragile environment for future generations.”
The Army said the pledge is a symbolic accord between the Army and the Native Hawaiian community “signifying the commitment to forging a stronger relationship of cooperation, appreciation and understanding of Hawai’i’s native culture and resources.”
The agreement also recognizes the Army’s role in Hawai’i and the soldiers who are a part of the local community.
“We firmly believe that it is possible to protect Hawai’i’s precious cultural and natural environmental resources while still meeting the mission and goals of the Army,” said Matthew T. Margotta, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Hawai’i. “The covenant outlines our pledge to do just that.”
The Army and Native Hawaiians have clashed in the past over the Army’s use of Makua Valley for live-fire training and the decision to bring the Stryker Brigade here.
To strengthen mutual understanding, the Army said the Native Hawaiian Advisory Council was created to guide the Army in working with the Hawaiian community.
The Distinguished Lecture Series also was created featuring prominent Native Hawaiian guest speakers who share the history, culture and customs of Hawai’i with soldiers and their families, the Army said.
Prior to tomorrow’s ceremony, members of the Royal Order of Kamehameha and Benevolent Societies will hold a traditional offering for fallen warrior ancestors.
Rev. William Kaina, the senior pastor of Kawaihao Church, will give the opening invocation, or pule.
Neil Hannahs, Kamehameha Schools and Bishop Estate land manager and a member of the Native Hawaiian Advisory Council, will be one of the guest speakers.
The ceremony will conclude with the ceremonial planting of an ulu tree representing the partnership.
“The ulu is one of the trees brought by canoe to Hawai’i by the first


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