Hawaii-The FAKE State Book

For those of you that still have not had a chance or did not know about a book that has 140 pages of legal documents to show, reveal, and uncover the FRAUD, that Hawaii really isn't part of the Union of the United States, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ONE!!! All of the contact information is below for your convenience. Mahalo Nui! Enjoy!!! Aloha Nui Distributors 850B Third Street Pearl City, Island of Oahu Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Direct: 808.489.7065 Fax: 808.454.5221 alohanuidistributors@gmail.com www.hawaiifakestate.com

Trafford Publishing Hawaii - The Fake State a nation in captivity.url

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  • Hi Kaleo.

    I saw the hardcopy version of book for sale at the UH-Manoa bookstore. It was priced at $25.

    Malama pono, Lana
  • Howizt Kaleo,

    Although I've only read a few pages of this book, I had some questions w/ some of the things mentioned. I never realized, nor do I understand, the part of Pres Eisenhower issued an Executive Order to create a "state of the Union", but that he cannot do that, only Congress? I thought Congress did approve it? Or not understanding correctly.

    Then I just read the part of Title 28 U.S.C. Sec. 91 & the whole "admission by omission" of which I've heard before, never understood it.
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