Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands and U.S. Barren of Gold! Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017)

The following shows a Chronological History of the Military/Army Activities in Hawaii:

Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands

                                                                    Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017)

The Army, Navy have had a significant role in Hawaii since the American Civil War (1863 - 1865).

The Confederate Officers had fled from the United States after the War and were found by the Union Officers and Federal officials.

They were told that they had two (2) choices:

(1)  Work on assignments with the United States, or
(2)  Be imprisoned

Army General Schofield was in Hawaii mapping Pearl Harbor, etc.

A United States Representative asked to borrow money from the Kingdom of Hawaii during the time of King David Kalakaua and he was refused.

The United States was already in debt to a number of nations.

The United States was bankrupt in 1892, etc.  :


England Not on the side of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  Along with the United States, they too lost a lot of money in funding the both sides of the American Civil War.
England suggested that Annexation should occur after the death of Queen Liliuokalani:

St. Paul daily globe. (Saint Paul, Minn.) 1884-1896, September 22, 1891, Image 1

Image provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn90059522/1891-09-22/ed-1/s...


The following article shows the bankrupt status of the United States:

The morning call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1878-1895, February 09, 1893, Image 1

Image provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn94052989/1893-02-09/ed-1/s...


Page Page 

The following shows a Chronological History of the Military/Army Activities in Hawaii/ about Hawaii:

1893 -  The U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, a former American Civil War General made the suggestion that  'a plebiscite be given to give the appearance that it was the people's decision to have a change in government'

Eight (8) Confederate Generals were in the Hawaiian Islands.  Some of them became Judges in the Hawaiian Kingdom affecting important documents affecting the genealogies, history, conspiracy, treason, etc.:

(1)  General Marshall
(2)  General Armstrong/Samuel Armstrong
(3)  General W. H. Dimond
(4)  Brigadier General Walter Quintin Gresham
(5)  Alfred Hartwell
(6)  Carl Schurz
(7)  Robert E. Lee
(8)  General Schofield

1897 - U.S. President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani and had put it on record.

President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani before he left office, and having full knowledge that 40,000 subjects were against Annexation...

Reference:  President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani https://docs.google.com/leaf? id= 0B6Gs4av5Se1wN2JkZjMxMzEtMDIyN i0...

the new President McKinley ignored Queen Liliuokalani who maintained that she was the Queen and did Not legally abrogate the Constitutional Monarchy government ....her legal name was Liliuokalani Regina - Latin word for Queen....and she was forced to sign Liliuokalani Dominis; she was under stress, duress, usurpation, and coercion;

1897 - U.S. President McKinley had the Army, Navy, Federal personnel help develop the Territory of Hawaii.

1898 -  U.S. President McKinley Proclaimed the Republic of Hawaii to be the Territory of Hawaii.  
1901, etc. -  Non Alodio/Allodial persons, not related to the Royal Families conveyed Pearl Harbor lands, etc. to the U.S. Navy and other military in Hawaii.  

Note:  Recently in 2017 - The criminals who were the Bishop Estates/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/KSBE Trustees, etc. who criminally claimed that they were the owners.deeded lands to the U.S. Military, etc.  The current trustess are perpetuating frauds, deceit, criminal claims and  They should be arrested.  

For starters, two trusts the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/KSBE Trustees, and the Liliuokalani Trust/Queen Liliuokalani Trust Trustess should also be arrested because both Trusts were served legal notices and defaulted in answering the Legal Notices, etc.  

Rent/Billings for Rent was made and Filed according to law, Kingdom of Hawaii law and made in accordance with the Most favored nation status of seven (7) days....they/the Trustees have well passed the seven (7) days notices, and Notices were also served via the Post Office, return receipt requested to the Trusts, and U.S. President Donald Trump, et. als.

Additionally, some of our Konohiki and Assistant Konohiki also delivered and served the Notices while obtaining stamps from the offices, etc.

1929 -  Former Judge Bailey recorded that Hawaii's land laws were "alodio in fee simple" a manipulation of Alodio/ Alodial titles and Fee Simple to Aliens were merged into one phrase making everyone think lands in Hawaii were Fee Simple.

1941 - Senator Daniel Inouye served in the Army's 442nd battalion.  He died in 2012.

1994 - Captain Keanu Sai/D. Keanu Sai/David Keanu Sai retired as an Army Captain.

Conklin's Points on Hawaii Sovereignty Not Valid | Hawaii Reporter

www.hawaiireporter.com › ... › Conklin’s Points on Hawaii Sovereignty Not Valid

Sep 12, 2011 - KEANU SAI PHD - This letter is in response to Dr. Ken Conklin's article ... In 1994, I decided to retire from the Army as a Captain and with this ...

RIMPAC and the Military Occupation of Hawai'i - The Red Nation

Aug 16, 2016 - RIMPAC and the Military Occupation of Hawai'i .... Keanu Sai makes three different claims: there is no treaty of annexation, the so-called ...

Hawaiian Kingdom Government - Welcome - E Komo Mai

Dr. David Keanu Sai lectures on the illegal and prolonged occupation of the ... as the HQ's for the largest of the nine unified military commands of the United ...

Hawaiian Kingdom - David Keanu Sai v. Barack Obama, et al


KANE`OHE, HAWAIIAN ISLANDS, JUNE 1, 2010 — Dr. David Keanu Sai, ..... as military occupation does not confer de jure sovereignty upon an occupant.


by DK Sai - ‎2008 - ‎Cited by 25 - ‎Related articles
Sai, David Keanu, “American Occupation of the Hawaiian State: A Century ..... United States Army and Navy Manual of Military Government and Civil Affairs, U.S..

[PDF]1 May 23, 2016 David Keanu Sai, Ph.D.* 1.1. This Report is provided...


May 23, 2016 - 19 David Keanu Sai, A Slipperty Path towards Hawaiian Indigeneity: An ...... The Hawaiian Kingdom came under military occupation on August ...

Smithsonian Exhibits Hawai'i's Occupation through the Matrix ...

Oct 29, 2016 - Dr. Sai's exhibit is the American occupation of Hawai'i seen through the lens ... government in 1893 followed by the military occupation during the Spanish-American War. ... The Matrix star Keanu Reeves is a cousin of Dr. Sai.

Keanu Sai Doctoral Dissertation: "The American Occupation of the ...


Jan 3, 2009 - Keanu Sai has put his UH political science doctoral dissertation online: The American Occupation of the Hawaiian Kingdom: Beginning the Transition from Occupied to Restored State (PDF) I'm working ... Military Occupation

Dr. David Keanu Sai and the Hawaiian Kingdom - SUN NATION

David Keanu Sai, Chairman of the Council of Regency of the Kingdom of ... on treaties between Hawaii and other nations, and military occupation and the laws ...

Hawaiian Sovereignty Moves Forward in International Courts - Indian...

Apr 24, 2014 - Dr. Keanu Sai speaks to students at Central Connecticut State .... the U.S. occupation will include a temporary military government established ...

Hawaiian sovereignty movement - Wikipedia

The Hawaiian sovereignty movement is a grassroots political and cultural campaign to gain ..... DavidKeanu Sai and Kamana Beamer are two Hawaiian scholars whose ... Sai has done extensive historical research, especially on the treaties between Hawaii and other nations, and on military occupation and the laws of war.
 2000 -  Claim to Annexation of Hawaii Illegal.
See articles, posts by William Chang, former Law Professor of University of Hawaii at Manoa and article below:

2012 - Retired Brigadier General David Earl K. Cooper - claimed for water in Waiahole Waikane.

2012 Community Award Recipient: Hui O Hana Pono (HOHP) - YouTube

Oct 9, 2012 - Uploaded by LEAPvideos
Founded by Brigadier General David EK Cooper, US Army, Ret. in 2004, ... With employees in Hawaii, Guam ...
2017 - Mazie Hirono - Senator for Hawaii gives $350 for the military:

Senate Passes Defense Bill That Includes Key Hawaii Priorities

Dec 8, 2016 - “From securing nearly $300 million in military construction funding to ... The final bill included a provision to allow for the repair, recapitalization, ...

Hirono Secures Hawaii Priorities in Wide-Ranging Bill to Improve ...

Sep 15, 2016 - The bill authorizes over $12 billion in funding for the Army Corps of Engineers, andsupports water infrastructure projects across the country.

Hirono to Push for Hawaii Priorities, Asia-Pacific Rebalance

Jul 15, 2016 - ... NDAA that provides nearly $200 million to improve military installations in Hawaii, prevents devastating cuts to Hawaii's Impact Aid program, ...

Mazie Hirono | Hawaii News and Island Information - Damon Tucker


Senator Mazie K. Hirono today marked Equal Pay Day by introducing the Science, ... The STEM Opportunities Act helps federal science agencies and institutions of .... The four military service academies are: the U.S. Air Force Academy, the ...... $350 a day, this growth in visitors could also yield an estimated $573 million for ...

Mazie Hirono - Ballotpedia

Based on analysis of multiple outside rankings, Hirono is an average Democratic .... TPA, also known as fast track authority, allows the president to negotiate trade ..... This is less than the average $10.2million spent by Senate winners in 2012. ... [show]U.S. Senate, Hawaii, 2012 - Mazie Hirono Campaign Contributions.

Freedom Index: Congressional Scorecard for Mazie Hirono

This bill (S. 2943) authorizes $611.2 billion for military programs in fiscal year .... The federal government ought to cover veterans' healthcare costs but allow ...... which administers the program, could start spending the second $350 billion ...

PDF - Congress.gov

mately $516 billion in defense appropriations found in Division A, ... so in a way that does not sacrifice our military capability. .... MAZIE K. HIRONO. OF HAWAII.

Hirono Has $1 Million On Hand For Likely Senate Re-election Bid

Apr 21, 2017 - U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono raised nearly $300,000 in the first three months of the year, bringing her cash-on-hand total to more than $1 million.

Trump's Effect on Hawaii | Hawaii Business Magazine

Mazie Hirono Sen. ... Hirono notes that Trump's anti-immigration policies will be another risk for Hawaii, ... That program allows some undocumented immigrants who entered the United .... “There's an issue as to how we're going to pay for the over $350 billion increase in military spending over the next four years,” she says.
2017 - Tulsi Gabbard:

Tulsi Gabbard - Wikipedia

Jump to Military service (2004–present) - Tulsi Gabbard is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who has been the United States ...
Years of service‎: ‎2004–present
Battles/wars‎: ‎Iraq War
Political party‎: ‎Democratic
Rank‎: ‎Major

About Tulsi | Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard spent her life growing up in beautiful Hawai'i. ... of the Hawaiʻi Army National Guard—this time to serve as the Military Police Platoon Leader.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard | Representing the 2nd District of Hawaii

Tulsi Gabbard's Telephone Town Hall on Hurricane, Disaster Preparedness ... Learn about the U.S.Military Academy nominee process and how to apply for a ...

Tulsi Gabbard Is Not Your Friend - Jacobin

May 26, 2017 - Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard is the new progressive darling. ... Gabbard has since done a 180, citing her military service in the Middle ...
The move to assume a neutral friendly nation the Hawaiian Kingdom has been ongoing since the time that the mercenaries./ American mercenaries/missionaries arrived in 1820.
Tracking the Army in the Hawaiian Islands shows the continuous move by Aliens to assume a wealthy nation is documented through the former military officers, assistants, etc.
Premeditation, Pillaging, conspiracies, treason are part of the ongoing moves to assume a neutral, friendly nation that did no wrong.
The move to pillage, pirate our lands, assets, gold, titanium/minerals, water, etc. continues but can be seen by characters who push "Military occupation", etc.
Fraud vitiates all claims and all contracts.
Hawaii should really be on the list of the 53 nations documented as False Flag Operations.  See:  

53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks - Washington's Blog

Feb 23, 2015 - There are many documented false flag attack
Keanu Sai's move to Steal the Kaai soon after he retired from the Army gives suspicion to his activities over time.  He needs to be arrested.
His push for Military Occupation, and War with the Spoils of Wars issues are maneuvers, calculated maneuvers in further confusing, defrauding the Alii and kanaka maoli, and undermines the Truth found over time which shows Premeditation, Piracy, Pillaging, etc.
Piracy, Pillaging, etc. is documented in the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America, Article XIV.
Keanu Sai/D. Keanu Sai/David Keanu Sai and the identity thieves Trustees are to be arrested because of the criminal activities documented.
The Treaty involves only the Sovereign Kamehameha III, his heirs and successors and the United States of America President.
Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli's heirs and successors are his Royal Families and Not the Identity Theft entity set up since 1897 by U.S. President McKinley who was assassinated shortly after his claim to Annexation was made.
The 1871 Bankers Constitution was illegal (See Karen Hudes articles, you tube videos).
The changeover of the United States of America to two nations:  United States, and American Empire occurred in 1899, more than 50 years after the permanent treaty does not apply to the contractual agreement between two (2) nations:  the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States of America.
The U.S. Constitution documents that the Treaty supersedes State, Federal Laws and is the Supreme Law of the land.
Pirates are amongst us, and includes Army, military, and Federal personnel operatives who fraudulently maintain illegal claims and cannot fail to follow rules or law or can be proven to be barbarians in nature, contrary to our status of most civilized nation since the time of Kamehameha III - Kauikeouli our ancestor.
Keanu Sai/D. Keanu Sai/David Keanu Sai along with the Identity thieves Trustees, etc. are on record to be arrested.
Additionally, the Military in the Hawaiian Islands owes rents for lands fraudulently conveyed by the identity thieving Trustees who are Not the Alodio/Alodial land owners.
The Trustees, et. als. are legally squatters on our Royal Families lands.

Image may contain: textReference:  GMO Free Hawaii Facebook page


Pa Pelekane case, (1912), HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Kingdom

Peacock vs. Republic of Hawaii (1899), HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Kingdom, and other cases which shows case precedence in the Hawaiian Islands





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the U.S. was barren of gold..............

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Checking out "Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Report of Military and Associates Activ" on Maoliworld: https://maoliworld.com/forum/topics/hawaiian-kingdom-facts-report-of-military-and-associates check out Barrack Obama's ancestor Robert E. Lee in Hawaii ---and the other American Civil War Generals on Assignment in Hawaii... share far and wide!
Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands...
Friday, July 14, 2017 Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017) The following shows a Chronological…
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https://youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=ecIVIFLo0uE&feature=emb_logo False Flag Ops in Hawaii documented...........fyi
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Share far and wide!...........check out Barrack Obama's ancestor Robert E. Lee also....who was an heir of George Washington whose wife Martha held stocks in the Bank of England! .....only in the Hawaiian Kingdom...infiltrated by Pirates, pillagers, genocide activists, etc.! ............
Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands and U.S. Barren of Gold! Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017)
Hawaiian Kingdom Facts: Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands and U.S. Barren of Gold! Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017)
Friday, July 14, 2017 Report of Military and Associates Activities in the Hawaiian Islands Compiled by Amelia Gora (2017) The following shows a Chronological…
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