mismanagement is on the rise for the safety and health of these facilities,

please take the time to report to your feds/hud programs to monitor and regulate new

laws and policies to violate management of not providing the recommended

environment and surroundings.

it is your right to have the best practice of safety and health in a federal low income facility.

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Can you say more about the mismanagement? Mahalo.

aloha Ikaika for your interest, i am dealing with second hand smoke and smoking being allowed inside a HUD assisted Low IncomeFair  Housing Facility (apartment).....i have been suffering for 7 months, since i moved into this Housing Project Complex. May i mind you that i was Homeless for 9 yrs. solid and wait for 5 yrs on this waiting list..for it was brought to my attention it was Best Housing Practice! now to suffer pain and have the hardest time Breathing my HA (breath of life). My medical has gone from chronic to accute and today health threat, since i moved into this fair housing project. I have dealt with this mismanagement, HUD, police, the courts (harassment), the Mayors Assistant, the vast agencies, the law business, attorneys (legal aid), State Officials, the Health Department (clean air division), our Maui County Council and Officials,----- its been pass the buck to who is Responsible and Accountable?????????---and still NO SOLUTIONS?????, NO management on site to Enforce Policies, No Security to also Enforce rules and regulations....Policies need to be Addressed to Benefit and for the Betterment of all tenants/residents and most of all our KUPUNA's (elders) and our DISABLED (handicap).

the mismanagement has gotten worst since i last posted this dicussion back in Oct. 2010. the management had let the smoking violators know that i was the one to report the smoking violation....OMG!!!!! Why??? didn't a notice go out to all the tenants/resident?????? addressing the concern of second hand smoke????? As of today, i have had spit on my door front entrance, my new purchased van punched with big dings on it, my mo'opuna's (grand babies) is sweared at, my care taker was threatened to have a bottle cracked behind his head and the list goes on, friends and family of smoking violators have threatened to be-head me, another wants to put me out of my misery, another will put poison in my drink, due to the unwise decisions of this mismanagement?????? at this very moment, I am trying to work with the policies within this system and making changes to update and address new rules and regulations to protect our KUPUNA's (elders) and the DISABLED (handicap), who also have equal fair rights and the oppurtunity to clean air....in a HUD Low Income Fair Housing Project......mahalo Ikaika, that felt so good to share and i will speak up for our KUPUNA's and/or the DISABLED that is also suffering in pain from Second hand smoking. As i noted in earlier discussion, i am one kupuna that will not die in silence, this is the time to speak up for our next generations to come. Lets protect the future from second hand smoking and continued violators........mahalo Ke Akua for give me the strenght to do what is right in justice. i beg for your Prayers.....Any suggestions, better yet any SOLUTIONS to this hideuos heatlth hazard second hand smoke situation....many more Blessings to all in good health........Mauruuru (thank you in Tahitian)...........da princess


to allow second hand smoking in a HUD assisted facility needs to be addressed...........please any one out there..... i am a Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli seeking to help to end this hedious housing discrimination situation........mauruuru..........mahalo Ke Akua 

after dealing with the county of maui officials, state of hawaii, the federals and this mismanagement of this HUD assisted low income fair housing facility, i had to contact Congress Legislative due to no response for the past 9 months of my health hazard issue of allowing to have smokers smoke in their apartments and not monitoring the 20ft. state law, that has effected the health of the Elderly, the Disabled and non-smokers.

today i recieved a personal letter from Daniel Akaka himself, mentioned on his letter that he is aware of the second hand smoking situation and he will do an Investigation with the proper Authorities......i await...however at the same time i have submitted numerous applications to different advocates and angencies to counter all issues involving my health hazard situation. mahalo Ke Akua for his leadership and guidance......mauruuru.......da princess

because of the involvement of the Honorable Daniel Akaka.......fair housing authorities is waking up and understanding that positions that is not helping our people is on the line. too much federal, state and county workers got to comfortable in their airconditioned office and comfort seat.

i used the apology bill in my human rights complaints to be recognized as a Native Hawaiian Legal National of our Kingdom of Maui Nui and it got this illegal system to face the problems that they (housing authorities) are managing ...after going over the rules, the regulations, the policies of this illegal government  and none of it brings resolution to the daily problems we are facing in this government of illegal outside INTRUDERS......their policies does not BENEFIT our Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli's. this is a wake up call to start Changing policies that will best benefit our native hawaiian kanaka maoli's, that was apologized to Reconciliate and Rectify our Legal Hawaiian Rights as the Host Culture of our Sacred Kingdom Hawaiian Islands.... mahalo Ke Akua.....mauruuru

i finally filed a complaint with the HUD Fair Housing Authorities.........how can my housing facility allow smoking in our apartments with no warning, no communication, no consideration for the elderly, the non-smokers and us the Disabled?

yesterday a complaint went in to the management and he over rules smoking over a child having asthma suffering from second hand smokers........why is bad habits of smoking put into priority instead of health??????

i had my 3rd Request for Accommodation REFUSED and DENIED.....to be relocated away from violated smokers. i ask for all your prayers to seek Justice to this Housing Discrimination........my safety and health hazard issues is being looked away by the management.......i am so happy to have filed this discriminaiton to the FEDS.......i pray for Justice to the Human Rights of a Disabled Person......mahalo Ke Akua......mauruuru.......da princess

this has turned into a case of a housing discrimination of a disabled person of NO Human Rights,

and a Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli, that was appologized (apology bill) because of the wrongful actions of these

same greedy business men in our generation of unprofessionalism........shame on the county of maui to allow

this kind of unjust to happen to a disabled person, for i today have more rights as a Disabled instead of a Kanaka Maoli...WHY?

to allow smoking in an apartment complex without the consideration of an Heir to this Hawaiian Kingdom, the Disabled, the Elderly and non-smokers.....this management owner/agency should be FINED and PENALIZED with the highest Fees to teach other low income HUD approved fair housing to be maintain loyalty to their bylaws and to the tenant/resident........we are working with a 30 years old policies of bylaws that needs to be updated and enforced, it have not been adjusted to meet the enforcements of protection to the reporting tenant/resident of smoking violators. i will claw this one.......to make sua that this no happen to my next generation....WATCH.......mauruuru.....da princess of maui nui

i have dealt with the state health officials, the government of the county and state, the leaders in housing authority and now to respond back to the congress Akaka to inform him of the vicious cycle this illegal system of law have violated my civil rights as a legal disabled, and a legal recognized Native Hawaiian 7/7/11 in todays maui news.


almost a year of housing investigation.....i only wait and watch...ho'omanawanui..be pateint...mauruuru..da princess

after one whole year dealing with this illegal housing system within a low income hud assisted facility.....dealing with health safety issues, dealing with the hostile harassment, dealing with the mayor of no help, dealing with the court system, the police chief, the procecutors and now a TRO violation from miss harassment herself of lahaina.

i was forced to move out....due to the continued hostility and no protection and safety environment was provided by HUD housing officials and this housing facility of Lahaina......now to seek legal assistance to make sure this no happen to one odda kanaka maoli.....let the games begin.....Usa i stay coming to Remove your illegal system off our Sacredness....watch~~~

i have my housing cases in the works with the Civil HUMAN Rights commission...dealing with discrimination is housing......mahalo Ke Akua....for patience i have and IMUA (move forward) to fights for the rights as a disabled person in the american housing and to KUKANAKA (stand tall) in my beliefs to Justice...amene to lead the way.....big nui smiles~~~~


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