Kanaka maoli needs to know the dangers of diabetes. I hope this site is informative for those who have it! Let me know what you think about this site. It was provided me my a new friend I met at the May Day Celebration at Kapiolani Park and thought this would be a resource site to check it out. If you have it, don't neglect yourself. The video tells of a local family from Hawaii who struggled with diabetes. http://www.freeyourfamily.com aloha, namaka'eha

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  • NO OFFENSE to anyone but I don't know why some people are buying BHip. Eating sensibily and exercising are relatively free. Why buy a supplement that is being tauted as curing ills? They claim that itcan give you more energy? Get enough sleep. They claim that it can help you lose weight? Eat less, eat less processed foods, and exercise. If one is eating less processed foods and cutting down on their calories coupled with exercising like how our ancestors did then there is no need for this supplement.

    Diabetes and cancers run in my family and I am far from skinny. Instead I am very big yet I buss my elemu nearly every day to get some kind of exercise whether it be lifting weights in the gym followed by cardio and walking with my three dogs in my neighborhood and I have to watch what I eat and I would never advocate BHip. There is no conclusive evidence that it helps and IMHO for those who are in this organization to push this onto our people without any conclusive evidence does a disservice to them and their pocketbook. Granted they are making some money to survive but I have not seen any studies about the long term effects.

    IMHO just because one pays for something does not mean it has any value. Arsenic and strychnine are natural yet they can result in death. Pakalolo is natural too but sometimes it can increase caloric consumption.

    I realize that some people are selling this to their ohana. I have some of Pfizer's Lipitor stock but I would never advocate that oiwi buy Lipitor. Instead I would stress that walking is FREE. Why buy pills? I do not like to see oiwi hooked on pills if they can help it. Then again to each his or her own but BHip is not the cure. IMHO it is within ourselves: Eating less processed foods and exercising (ho'oikaika kino.) Or better yet... eating less plate lunches, drinking less soda, and WALKING. Walking is free.

    Malama, Lana
    • I know you posted this over a year ago Ululani, but no worries. The people who were promoting bHIP to do all the things you mention, and more, got fired by La Corre and Gara earlier this year. Reason was over all of the false claims the Hawai'i group made about bHIP, which is just what it originally promoted as, an energy drink. A crappy one at that, even when drinking 12 packets in 20 oz of room temp water which would have caused a slower transmission into my urine. Therefore, it would have had time to really kick in, which it did not. I also used common recommendations for loading up on a supplement product for it to have the optimal effect. Once again, FAIL.


      Nothing to worry about, the former bHIP Hawai'i group started to sell a new miracle product that "does the same great stuff as bHIP, but none of the bad stuff". It also Destroys Diabetes and will prevent death by cardiovascular disease and similar Metabolic Syndrome effects.

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