I haven't been back here on Maoliworld as there is no REAL discussion about any interest or concern in the forums.  I get the same political news which I find being posted here on a late cue of a few years. 


What friends I do have on my list here on Maoliworld who contribute to causes on the forefront I hear straight from their posts elsewhere. It's great that we do have maoliworld to post of events or issues, but in a forum not much discussion is made but by just 1-2 a loop of an old filipino station on monotune you'd find at 4am in the morning back in the 50's-60's....what happened to Maoliworld...discussions that meant something...where you can stand proud to be a hawaiian and go forth and give your times to issues and truly rally more people to your cause instead of the 1-2 same people rattling on and those we don't see their photographed identity?


We're in for some major economic changes in the next 5 yrs. It might be a great thing bringing us back to the land in life, gathering and truly living off of it but how many of our people are truly ready? How many are truly debt free?  How many are living paycheck to paycheck?  How many can truly say that if there was a governmental shut down of all levels they can survive off our land w/alien algae, water pollution not suitable for drinking in our streams unless you travel up slope where no animal contamination in the streams will be of concern?


For me personally I can survive with our wells always on automation w/King Kamehameha tunneling through to provide water for us daily...that same water that filters through a commercial osmosis system where I pay 50 cents a gallon for drinking but for gardening and baths I have no problem in using it in the raw...EPA hasn't tested our waters since the 60's so I best be safe with sugar plantation lands sprayed w/chemicals and into the ground it goes...for the most part can't complain - GRATEFUL!


Getting back to "us" as whole, a natural many family members do you know that can survive w/out their  ABD & Veteran & Retirement Social Security Benefits (A = aged, B = blind, D = Disabled)?  Debt ceiling is the should be raised good for up to year 2013 because I feel it will take at last 2 yrs for the average non credit card spender to get a hold of their finances and prepare for the worst....


Stop turning in your gold jewelry in for cash...Why?  If the US dollar falls,  precious metals will be worth more than US dollars...think outside the box and get away from being enslaved to our world economy. Now's the time for grant funding on projects for self sufficiency...gonna need that down the road. And if you believe that tourism industry is up; based on the airlines handing out questionnaires about a tourists travel and how much $$$ they spend while visiting is that a good statistic if a teenager filled it out for the family as mom and dad are not into filling out these stupid forms which some may deem as being "private" really trust the Tourism Dept?  I say get rid of that dept and use the funds for supplementing our own people who try and survive the cost of living here...{sigh....}


Man I could go on and on and on about my thoughts on what I feel is discussion in a forum...but how many of you will respond aside from the 1-2 people who post of things that seem trivial but nothing to evoke CHANGE!


This forum is not a challenge, but to reflect back on Maoliworld when it first started and where are we today aside from being a bulletin board of events as a social media for us kanaka?


JUS SAYIN'...."smile"


Kden...I've made a forum discussion...something new to read and hopefully not boring but the ability to relate to some of your thoughts OR to stir your thoughts....Mahalo for allowing me the space for my thoughts....SMILE


Stephanie N. Naihe Laxton (for those who never heard of me just google my name)

North Kohala, Hawaii, Big Island


PS: Aloha to my old friends here....are you all still alive and well? SMILE

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The "BATTLE" for Indpendence has not begun!  

As too many peope still have hope in United States that Justice will be done!  

That the wrongs of the past will be corrected! 

Long Live The Kingdom of Hawaii, o Pomai  

"Long Live The Kingdom of Hawaii"!  Well said Pomai....well said...Blessings!


      I just went to the Post Office in Nanakuli to pick up a Letter and they asked me for my I.D. 

      I showed them my Hawaiian National I.D. and I got my Letter. 

      So the Post Office in Nanakuli accepts Hawaiian National I.D.!!!!!!!

Long Live The Kingdom of Hawaii, o Pomai


Maika'i!  Yes they can not refuse you mail if you have a picture's not verifying citizenship as other foreign nationals able to receive mail via US postal service.

I just got my Hawaiian Natonal I.D. and will use it as much as I can. 

My Hanai also got his Hawaiian National I.D. 

Imua Hawaiian Nationals...............






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