Crown Lands: Setting The Record Straight

Here is the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH concerning the "Crown Lands." It is very conniving and deceiving to openly tell the people who live and reside in the Hawaiian Archipelago that the "1993 Apology Resolution" clouded the title for the State of Hawaii to sell the "Crown Lands" away. Let us not forget the TRUTH that the only real and true titles to the land (Aina) of Hawaii Nei is really called PalaPala Sila Nui or interpreted in English, Royal Patent. Even under US Law, Patents are the "Supreme Title & Document to the Land (Aina). A favorite parable that I like to use when explaining and informing to all nationalities and people of Humanity about the "PalaPala Sila Nui" or "Royal Patents" is if I was an inventor that invented something, the first thing I would do to protect my invention from having others "imitate it" is to copyright it, which means that no one can add, subtract, sell, change or trade my copyright forever. The same things apply concerning these true and real title's throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago. These titles to the lands and even these "Crown Lands" of Hawaii Nei is passed on to the "Successors and Heirs" to who these "Patents" were given to forever. So to sum it all up in a nutshell, if Attorney General Mark Bennett wants to tell all of the people of Hawaii Nei that the "1993 Apology Resolution Bill" clouded the State's title to the "Crown Lands" of Hawaii Nei, maybe he should tell the people the "TRUTH" that the cloud over the real and true titles of the lands of Hawaii was when an "Act of war" took place in 1893, an illegal invasion" happened in 1893, that 3 treaty's were broken in 1893, which were the treaty's of friendship, commerce and navigation between two independent and sovereign countries. The US has confessed and acknowledged it's crime in the very same "Apology Resolution" that the State Attorney General Mark Bennett is referencing too. The US also broke international law as well as their own US Constitutional Domestic Law. In the Apology Resolution, the US Congress once again admits and confesses that the lands of Hawaii belong to the kanaka maoli's, because they know that these true titles to the land were given from the "Great Mahele." I am not the only one saying it, the US Congress has stated that in the "Apology Resolution" too. It is a law that all of the kanaka maoli's can point to again and again, It is a law that the US is stuck with and there is nothing they can do about it, because it is Law. One more thing, because of Public Law 103-150, the US has provided the "Restitution" that is overly due to the kanaka maoli's, which means to bring back a people to where they were before the offense occurred. Again, this is openly admitted and confessed in the "Apology Resolution." So before the State Attorney General wants to deceive and connive the people of Hawaii Nei where the "clouding of titles" began, maybe he should read what really took place and what the US Congress is openly acknowledging in the "Apology Resolution" so all will know the TRUTH that these "Royal Patents" if anything will be clearing up all of the "Clouding" of titles that has been going on for the last 115 years in Hawaii Nei, once and for all. Feedback and input is highly desired and encouraged!!! "Kaleo" Kanaka Maoli

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  • there is a cloud on any transfers by the state of crown or government lands, since the us and state have admitted the overthrow was illegal, thus the provisional govt and later republic were illegitimate, and thus . . . the republic did not have any control over the crown and government lands other than as a constructive trustee. a constructive trustee, or, in plainer language thief, must preserve the res, or body of the trust until it can be returned to its rightful owner(s). clearly, both the us and state have been violating their fiduciary duties in this aspect, although that is not what the present litigation is about (mostly).

    • Since the overthrow of the lawful government of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893, there is a Cloud over All the Land Tittles in Hawaii. Not only on the Crown and Government Land Tittles but all sales of lands, including all private and trust lands. We need to look at the BIg Picture, not only at the Crown and government lands. All sales and transfer of lands in Hawaii since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom do not have any lawful jurisdiction of law. United States and its governmental entities have had over 115 years to correct the wrongs that it committed in 1893. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied...................... KUE, January 17, 2009 . .
  • Crown Lands were used to deffray the costs of the reigning monarch and to his heirs in perpetuity; through leases and revenues produced through them. The government lands were to be used in like manner and for public uses. All lands had a codicil which states that the lands were subject to the rights of Native tenants living and farming on the property. The arable lands were used in similar fashion in that maka'ainana lands were to be arable lands for agriculture and homestead. The mahi'ai were recognized as the breadbasket of the Kingdom; hence the water rights and arable land were for the ultimate use of the farmers and cultivators.

    Therefore all lands were subject to the rights of Native tenants. Lands were in perpetuity to the heirs and could not be sold. The purpose and intention behind it all was if a foreign power invaded; they wouldn't be able to get the lands for its use. the lands were in allodial and as far as foreigners, they could only get lands in lease or "fee" but not allodial That would remain with the nation and its people. The land was considered ano, sacred and not 'ano or less than. It's semantics!

    There was no land to cede, thus it is stolen.
  • ALOHA Kaua,
    It is my understanding and research on the Crown Lands was to be administered by the Sovereign for the benefit of the Indegenous Hawaiian people as a Perpetual Trust. Since most of the Indegenous Hawaiian people did not submit for their claims to the lands of Hawaii.
    The King knew that administrating the lands of Hawaii were changing with the new ways of the government. At the time of the overthrow of 1893 the Crown Lands were not part of the Government Lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom. By the laws of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Crown Lands were "inalienable." Inalienable in case there was an overthrow of the government of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the Crown Lands would not be part of the new Hawaiian government.
    The Organic Act of 1900 makes the Crown Lands "alienable". Which is an Illegal Act just as the Overthrow of 1893. At the time of 1900 there were over 900,000 acres making up the Crown Lands.
    In Public Law 103-150 and the Native Hawaiian Education Act, the United States recognizes that the Indegenous Hawaiian people have claims to their National Sovereignty Lands of Hawaii. Not only to the Crown Lands but to all lands that make up the Hawaiian Islands at the time of 1900. The Crown Lands are just a part of the National Sovereign Lands that our ancestors and our Kanaka Maoli people today possess the Sovereignty to those lands. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono and ALOHA AINA says it all..................He Hawaii Au, He Hawaii Makou.............. KUE
    • Aloha Kaua e Pomaikaiokalani,

      I could not have agreed with you more, my bruddah!!! KUE!!! ONIPA'A!!!
      • KU I KA PONO, e Kaleo............... o Po
  • In my understanding of Public Law 103-150 all lands of Hawaii has a Cloud over those lands. The Joint Resolution of Annexation transfered the Hawaiian Islands the United States. Not only the Crown and governments lands but all lands of of the Hawaiian Kingdom nation. The State of Hawaii is 100% Ceded Lands. Ceded Lands that I and many Kanaka Maoli Hawaii have not and will never relinquish our Sovereignty to the national lands of the Hawaii. All actions involved in the national lands of Hawaii since the signing of Public Law 103-150 is Illegal. The United States and the State of Hawaii does not have a Clear Title to the national lands of Hawaii. The Sovereignty to the national lands of Hawaii are Inherent in the Indegenous Hawaiian people. Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono says it all....... He Hawaii au, He Hawaii makou.
    • Aloha Pomaikaiokalani,

      Can we kukakuka sometime? I would love to go a lot deeper with you in regards to the Crown Lands and for all of the Royal Patent Lands of the Hawaiian Archapelego 2? Mahalo Nui!

      O wau iho no,

      • ALOHA Kaua, e Kaleo, It would be my pleasure to share with you my manao on the Crown Lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom nation. ALOHA KUU AINA HAWAII, o Po
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