We all talk about the illegality of the 1893 Overthrow, but what details do we really know about the whole affair and what occurred just a year before it happened. Was there anything that could have been done? Your thoughts and feelings, I've done a lot of research on the event and would like to know what you guys know.

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I know you are responding to KKK as far as regime change via the Overthrow--which is Sanford and later Kuhio.  This is careless in a sense that we are saying in an indirect sense that the change was for the better.  But, really is it for the better? Or, just a passing of time until we have drawn an insignificant inhabitant numbers?  

The trade agreements of Jonathan-sibling to Nathan Winship and William Heath Davis. was a binding business contract that landed land estates in Hawaii in 1847.  I believe it's not the puzzle, but a lead up to your argument of 'aversion' and the need to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom?

My argument is weak against the Kam III stepping stones to 'Liliu' and her incident.  It's because the normal distribution will come out a win win for the Kauai conspirators around 1893.

The most important version ??????


I  will take the un- biased, self- incriminating version  !!!......................................not Our Queen's version.


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