Tell me what you think of this logo. I've contemplated over it for months, thus making colors blend on a food label with other information is a lot of work. This will go on food labels for sauces and other products the company makes. Color for wording. Any extra detail for kalo? Your kokua is greatly appreciated! Trust me I had many other ideas in it, but because of limited space on food products, many revisions were made from original labels.


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  • I love your creative ideas. This what makes ideas come to life. The mana'o shared. Yes, MADE IN HAWAII will be on the food label. Mahalo for taking the time to share. Have a nice day!
  • Hā.ʻupu:
    To recollect, recall, remember. ʻO ʻoe kaʻu i hāʻupu aʻe nei (song), you are what I have remembered. hoʻo.hā.ʻupu To cause to recollect, recall.

    Kele in reference to jams and jellies or anything having to do with preserving in food?

    Wondered if this is the idea with the company name.....if it is it is pretty catchy. How about hands holding the leaf of the kalo?
    If this is "Made in Hawaii" it would be trend/catchy and mana for hands that make it....SMILE
  • First correction to be made is to add the kahako over the a in HAU'PU KELE.
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