Aloha kakou.

                        "Honolulu Weekly" ran a story this week on attempts to railroad rail:

......... Train hits woman is not news, woman hits train is news!

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hi Andrew,

thank you for posting this............I left the following comments which is being reviewed........and I'll be very surprised when and if they publish it!

Oppositions to Rail were made and apparently ignored..............

In Honouliuli Ahupuaa, Mike Lee and I, Amelia Gora, opposed....and who are we?  Mike claims some of the lands from his ancestors, their burials on the grounds.....I, Amelia Gora, am a direct descendant of Akahi the last wife of Kalanimoku who had a hanai daughter named Miriam Kekauonohi the land and konohiki assigned after Kalanimoku died.  His widow Akahi married Kahope who was the konohiki until Miriam Kekauonohi took over.
I am also a descendant of Keoua the younger brother of Kalanimoku.
The Rail and lawmakers assumed our families properties disregarding our ongoing claims and are building on our families properties namely Nuuanu's, and Nahuina's properties amidst oppositions.  I am one of Nuuanu's and Nahuina's descendants and have been recognized for more than 10 years due to documented evidence verified by Kanae Kapeliela who was the genealogist for the Oahu Burials program at Kapolei.
The Rail expects to cut through Victoria Kamamalu's properties, Grace Kamaikui's, Mataio Kekuanaoa's properties of Halawa and move on through our families properties on Kapalama whose konohiki was John Kapena and Nuuanu.
Every step of the way we have claims........
Everyone disregards the facts that the Treaty(ies) are in place because I am also one of the descendants of four (4) of Kamehameha's children.
Cease and Desist..............the State of Hawaii does Not own the Crown Lands, the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates are Not the title holders, etc.
Bernice Pauahi Bishop was Not the last of the Kamehameha's as criminally claimed over time.... we have the proof and the State of Hawaii even recently has sued us in court claiming we filed a "wild deed"...........
Premeditation of assuming a neutral. non violent, friendly nation is on record......supported by the U.S.,, England, and the JP Morgan bankers (includes the Bank of England, the Rothschilds, et. als.)
Oh, found out that the Rothschilds are the Rail owners around the World including this project which I think is for future government reasons in transporting ammunition, etc. due to future Wars in Hawaii over Water, etc.
The PERMANENT Treaty(ies) signed by the earlier President is on record.....since 1893 with American Civil War general President Benjamin Harrison the Treaty(ies) appears to have been disregarded from all the Presidents till now even though OBAMA is a foreign born person with having admitted in his book that he was born in Kenya.  See articles about OBAMA by Amelia Gora by googling or read etc.
Kamehameha's descendants exist and we live among genocide activists, pirates, and parasites documented............
Take back your government Americans and know that the Treaty(ies) supersedes State laws, etc. and make corrections because the Corporations have empowered themselves and are using citizens as Slaves...........and they are "brokeass" and "bankrupt" utilizing monies of our family(ies), neutral nation, innocent subjects, undereducated citizens in Hawaii/ the Hawaiian archipelago........Wicked indeed.............Oppositions to the Railroad continues with news out to all here in the Islands, the U.S., and the World.

Aloha kakou. 

                          E Amelia if you posted a link it is unlikely the comment will get cleared. Sometimes a way to overcome this is to post your comment, log out, return to your comment and then "edit" it by posting the link. It works with some newspapers but not others. Great comment though! -Andrew.

Great article, but, for myself-- I am not throwing in the towel so to speak. From the past burial desecration..I don't see any means of changing their minds.  Iwi will be removed in order to build that rail.

In my opinion, building an encased area with blue rocks similar to Walmart and Bellows--it's degrading.    


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