April 3, 2010 


Be aware of contaminated Opihis from the United Kingdom  circulating in Oahu fish Markets. It’s not just sewage from humans that causes the contamination, diffuse pollution, particularly from agriculture is why the UK coastal areas suffer from poor water quality. Sewage from farm animals often runs off from fields into streams and rivers.



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  • This was reported about two years ago. It is wise of you to bring this up again. Mahalo nui for the reminder. Many should take heed of this warning. It seems they are still pushing this product; economically, it's cheaper to import and sell here in Hawai'i and they claim the taste is no different. Those that sell it should label it as imported and not island grown.
    • Opihis are enviromental indicators. Because we no not have a healthy supply of Opihis and spats (baby opihis) along Hawaii's coastlines perhaps its time we malama our aina. What we do on our lands affects the creatures in our oceans and coastlines.

      Opihis can and have adapted to biological contamination as they have in the UK. Opihis are not capable of adapting to chemical or petroluem contaminationand will die. This is what I believe is happening to Opihis in Hawaii'is waters, along with over harvesting or lack of a KAPU system for our natural resources.

      To ensure that you not serving contaminated Opihis to your Ohana or at your Luau, ask the vendor that you are purchasing from to see copies of "batch testing results" from a reputeable local lab tester like Mapunapuna Food and water lab testing. Batch test report should match with hand written number on packaging. Never purchase imported product from the side of the road and always Know your food source! There is nothing like the sweet taste of freshly picked Hawaiian opihis!
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