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Too much emphasis is made on Hawaii's businessmen involvement in 1893 U.S. invasion of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  They were just pawns and scapegoats for the U.S. government's agenda to control and takeover the Hawaiian Kingdom.   As Cleveland stated, it was an unlawful act of war without U.S. Congress declaring war against the Hawaiian Kingdom and breaching its treaties with the Hawaiian Kingdom.   This sleight of hand was to establish U.S. non-involvement when in fact, it was the U.S. brainstorm to use the Hawaiian Kingdom (American) businessmen as a ruse.  Without the U.S. military's direct involvement, the hostile event of 17 January 1893 could never take place using the Hawaii's businessmen and the influx of U.S. Americans as its cover to invade and belligerent occupation which is an international crime.  Thus a peace treaty, the law of occupation and violation of the Hawaiian Kingdom's international status of neutrality, compels the U.S. to address under international laws.  The U.S. continues to violate these laws since its invasion against a friendly, neutral nation state of the Kingdom of Hawaii.


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