Good Grief the pinnacle of 'Lolo Head' plays the game on many fronts from a desk top!  Game rules are that this is an end game, from one starry night of wonders of whose galaxy platform?  The 2010 in mid counter, how cheap no less can one be--take it to 2012 and attach a list of goals.  Isn't that how the game is played!  Noam would have a fit with you if he knew that you were using his name in vain for self gain.  So cut the crap!!  
Secondly, your cowardly act of June 2010 like a June Bride acting like brideszilla on a protest all the while you paid no attention to Dingle Lingle and bolo head on the inside of the Convention tells me you know nothing of what you are talking about.  The crisscrossed - stripped rectangle piece of cloth does not represent Aloha Aina nor does it represent the guiding light of navigation (nationhood).  It has no Fibonacci quantifiable sense to humanity and it's foundation of natural law.
Thirdly, Dr. George Kanahele speaks to a sense of place one of which you have none.  Duck hunting with the sound of bullets flying passed your ear lobes (stink e'a) would make more sense and closer to the inner truth the core of your hearing, don' you think so?  I dare say that until one develop without profit/pay check a deeper spiritual bond with mother earth, I doubt if one can progress to the understanding of truth and meaning in this 21st century as to where Dr. Trask speaks from, "I am not an American.  I am not an American."  Too bad your shortsightedness view of star gazing is a clown's act..the Thoreau kine.  In my view a pure black hole of sorts sucking the very nature of our Na Kanaka and their ancestral Ka Pae Aina.  
Are you clowning around on the Mea Culpa?  Independence reaches far beyond your version of stars or shall we say short sightedness.  There is no 'mother theresa' in form to oversee the genocide injustice of sleek, oily, and deathness of what the US and it's sister countries have done to planet earth and it's people.  MaoliWorld is far beyond the childish and your notions of clarity in opposition of a sacred puuhonua.  It's about life or death! There is no gray as in Beverly Hollywood-popcorn movie instant thrill.  I'm all for same sex marriages and unions, however, I believe one's writing comes from a closet.  This is a bad end game to humanity and it's diverse society--especially when one blinds himself as is/not Independent from an illegal and unjust act of WAR!  This is the real game of life for all citizens in Hawaii, get off!   GOD exist and so does her partner.  By the way Waianae shoreline is her home and she awaits your sacrifice for humanity.  A desk top is cheap and a coward act of bunkering.
Slap your hands together and maybe one might cry out, I enjoyed hurting myself! The ivory tower notion of poverty and environmentalism-Judge Richardson Law students are the answers to plus size sustainability (Tad Davis) are no brain'ers.  The Big question--where the effen hell was Lorrin Pang on Jan. 13, 2010?  Splitting Na Kanaka DNA is a poster board for children's science projects as in worming or Worm Holes, if you want to get elegant about it? Hey, we do it with worms in Olomana-- a reflection?  That's the bottom line for any scientist without a paycheck to answer from the depths of their soul.  That's the real game in town and my response to you and your peepee end games, from a closet no less, it's an outie not an innie.  Your mama and dada should have explained that to you.  Don't disable Maoliworld for your personal gain, is there a paycheck in the making?  More power to you wouldn't want to add another human-animal to another US poverty community the only game in town, which is a pool of slick crude and black as a hole in ones universe and that's called progressive.
Wrapping it up like a dead fish the very ink on paper smears the very words of Liliu.  How CRUDE can one get!  Luukia-Kaohi 

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Are you part of Roland Tharp 'special education' keep project for/from Kamehameha Schools? Are you on that committee that are continuing the Kamehameha Schools 'Keep Project' along side Trisha Kehaulani, that was on the Panel last year while the Fake State Protest was happening outside the Convention Center?
I have absolutely nothing to do with them, and was not even on O'ahu at that time.
Thank you for responding, just checking--to be sure ku'ualoha is not connected to an educational process that many families participated for many years. Thank you for sharing that you were not even on O'ahu during the 80's and involved with education and Hawaiian children. Koko the gorilla learns language in Hawaii, I believe. I lost tract of the information awhile back.

We had a great deal of activities going on this past weekend. Pono Kealoha documented the event.
/{*i*}\ Oh no! That darned haole is back! poking his ugly po'o where it just does not belong!

Aloha Kakou.

-Po'olei 'oukou to the angst and consternation of many the appeal comes to you once again, as it will always come, to call gently to you not to remain on the sidelines but to involve yourself and contribute in whatever way you can, as best you can, as every little helps.

/{*i*]\ What does he want and why is he here?

-The simple answer is a sense of morality, a remembrance of those Hawaiian Nationals who night and day attempt to educate you and invite you to become part of the process and share your mana'o. A sense of loyalty to the 'aina of Hawai'i. Nothing can be offered you only purity of thought, as playwright the late Oscar Wilde once said to U.S. immigration over in the U.S. "I have nothing to declare except my genius."

/{*i*}\ Auwe! Da kine brash paternalistic haole arrogance is unmistakable! that's why I detest that guy but still read that drivel of garbage he writes here on Maoliworld out of curiosity.

-How can one person attempt to solve the pilikia of Hawai'i? Come to think of it how did Nelson Mandella contribute to South Africa? How did Ho Chi Minh contribute to Vietnam? How did Albert Namatjira contribute to Australia? You also friend can contribute and for the contributor the World is not enough, for the contributor's mindset is Universal.

Before assessing the under mentioned posting the reader is invited to kindly take a look FIRST at the Free Hawai'i blog posting of late on the main page titled: "Will Hawaiians have to be united before getting their country back?" Please spare a few moments to appraise that particular posting first.

I ka wa kahiko the ancestors understood the importance of quality craftsmanship when producing canoes, any rough edges on the hull could impede progress and thus they had to be smooth in order to slice through the water. The same with na lomi-lomi pohaku great skill was employed in developing a smooth texture, the resultant product was close to perfection.

The beauty of the Free Hawai'i site is the ease of navigation, it is well laid out and very pleasing to the eye. As an opinion it is probably the best of the Sovereignty sites. It takes time and much effort on behalf of the people involved. Mahalo nui loa for the hana they do. Did you notice the paragraph: "A free Hawai'i is the unifying cause. The various factions are already united in what matters most - the burning desire to see Hawai'i restored as an independent, sovereign nation."...? This being the case of what matters most, have you ever asked yourself why has the objective not to date been attained or indeed for the last 117 years?
In the next blog postings I will have much to write on that very subject, additionally, on why so called "Democracy" is not always idyllic [here is a hint, India is the largest Democracy in the World but it has it's societal vagaries no less than Hawai'i]. Also, why just because U.S. political parties differ is superficial as a premise in suggesting Hawaiian Sovereignty groups should not unite more. The U.S. Governmental seal of 1776 has the Latin inscription "E Pluribus Unum," which translates as "Out of many, one." Loose translation: "Out of many comes one."

Observing the avenues the Independence Movement is headed it is apparent that rough edges have not in some instances been smoothed out in advance. Take this tendency to attribute blame on WASP and Manifest Destiny as applied to U.S. culture. To the American thought process by way of generalization the term WASP has connotations with the Kl Klux Klan and Manifest Destiny to past expansionism of U.S. Governmental interests overseas. It is fast becoming a little defunct to keep using these repetitive tactics as a crutch to whip up sympathy for the Hawaiian Sovereignty cause. Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire, Thutmose111 of the Egyptian Empire in Africa, Dariusi of the Persian Empire and others all had one thing in common, they never came from a WASP society and had never heard of Manifest Destiny although their means of conquest show remarkable resemblances. The Hawaiian National is ever a schemer and advances to meet the fluidity of changing circumstance. In your garden you may notice that those plants which adapt survive, while those who fail to do so may often perish.

Cross cultural differences easily cause misunderstanding. The American reader would clearly see that this blog is written in English as there are slight variational differences with American English. It may not be as evident to a Hawaiian reader. The use of the word "colleague" for a friend or work acquaintance being an example. A malihini to Kaunakakai would maybe find it difficult by sight to identify who is Kanaka Maoli and who are hapa-Kolea or hapa- Kepani. A little of those differences of cultural variations are outlined here: [For first time visitors to the site note the sovereignty link on the upper portion of the web page].
Incidentally, did you notice how many on the islands speak Hungarian or Serbo-Croatian according to the survey? Just testing....L.O.L. the answer is 242 and 87 respectively.

/{*i*}\ No act! Is this guy fo' real? he's aznuts fo' shua.

There used to be a Hawaiian National who often daily, week after week. month after month, year after year, contributed his viewpoints relating to Hawaiian Sovereignty. He wrote concisely bang on the nail. His often legal references to International Law as applied to the Baltic States and Tibet gave a fair indication of who he actually was...'aka'aka.
Time after time he took on a whole bunch of anti-sovereignty campaigners, among their very best in fact, he excelled in discharging facts and straightening the many Oliver Twist's of that group? So what became of this Hawaiian Patriot? He was left to do most of the donkey work admittedly this may have been by choice, sometimes he was supported but most often acted independently. The work load was not delegated properly, last time I checked his profile had been deleted. What occurred was pretty obvious, he became ensnared in a degree of hostility perhaps an entrapment set by a group of oppositional detractors determined to silence him. That is the thrust of the invitation to become involved and not remain on the sidelines as Hawaiian Nationals are vastly outnumbered. One can only doff one's hat in appreciation of the interactions this guy created, he was highly mannerly and not argumentative many U.S. readers were greatly impressed as he highlighted voids and the idiosyncratic missing gaps of their historical knowledge, so if you are reading this friend kudos!

In a previous posting mention was made of a resident U.S. kama'aina, retired, disabled [according to his own wording], as far as I recall a widower, and dealing patiently and lovingly daily with his daughter who had special needs. He liked interacting on the forums about a whole bunch of different issues, his views on crime, transportation, raising family, neighborly festivities, etc. were always a joy to behold, he never failed to provide fresh insight. Sometimes he commented on Hawaiian National affairs it might be the desecration of sacred 'iwi or his views on developers. Either way his comments displayed an insight which provided a rainbow of colorful hues. His knowledge of Hawaiian history varied like everyone else, I recall onetime directing him to a site about the Honolulu Rifles as he appeared to be a little confused as to their allegiance. What happened with this commentator in theory outlined the failings of the Sovereignty Movement.
A Kanaka Maoli accompanied by an Ali'i icon who was well schooled in single argument WASP, Manifest Destiny i.e. gibberish piffle ostensibly Mr. McGoo short-sightedness contributed his version of how Kanaka Maoli were in due course going to take control on their terms. Sometimes anti-Sovereignty activists use this ruse to rabble rouse and create dissent, to set the figurative kolohe cat among the pigeons. A'ole, this was a legitimate Kanaka Maoli the lingo was clearly identifiable, who brought disservice on the Movement. While the leadership cannot be responsible for the actions or comments of individual members they must take the lions share of kuleana in preventing the same oft repeated mistakes in propagandizing 'ike pili. It is doing harm to the good image of the Sovereignty Movement. If you do not like to read that a'ole pilikia I am not here to conform to anyone's standards or necessarily be nice, so if you do not like what you read here you are equally free to blog or to hit the road....L.O.L.
For the American reader I am not or never have been a member of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement. I honestly as an opinion do not believe it represents any danger to U.S. Citizens either in future blog postings that will better explained and in more detail, and why the future of Hawai'i is bright under Independence is far more advantageous than you ever imagined most especially for your keiki. We must all follow our individual consciences in creating the light in this World for those groping in darkness to follow.

A strange curiosity with the Hawaiian Independence movement it feels like being in alligator alley, no matter which course of direction you select there is the ever present danger of getting snapped at. Will you achieve Hawaiian Independence long term? As an honest opinion you will, it will involve radically different thought processes than those of present and can come most especially from youth. The older we get the more set we appear to get in our ways, we prefer safety based on experience. The advantage of youth is vibrancy and spontaneity. A cavalier attitude in seeing things differently.

Have you ever considered who exactly will be at that Top Table for round party talks to arbitrate Hawaiian Independence? Will you be there? Most likely not but your descendants will have representatives who will be there. Those talks will be ongoing over time. Who is likely to be there? Representing the Hawaiian National community it can be anticipated that the Reinstated Hawaiian Government, Kingdom of Hawai'i, Nation of Hawai'i, Aupuni o Ko Hawai'i Pae 'Aina, and others will have components. The U.S. "State" will equally have their representatives, as indeed will the U.S. Government proper from the U.S. The U.N. may have observers there. [Incidentally, I am not as an opinion a fan of the U.N. as it is a bureaucracy, employees often draw huge salaries in the upper echelons of that organization. Some branches like UNESCO and UNICEF do good work, but it is utterly vexing when you are aware of friends in Africa volunteering freely of their time rendering aid to malaria and aids victims For the American reader you may know similar people who volunteer with overseas agencies abroad in third world countries]. But who else will be at that Top Table? Will there be NGOs? Will there be a component from Native American People's over in the U.S. or other countries many of whom have supported Hawaiian Nationals in the past? It is worth considering is it not? That is why the Free Hawaii site is pono in that it "is a matter open for discussion, creativity, prodding, poking, and the testing of different approaches."

/{*i*]\ This pupule dude makes a little sense at last 'coz each new member that joins the site can contribute there own mana'o on their blogs, like the saying: "When an old pond gets a new frog it becomes a new pond." Maybe, just maybe I will mosey along to the next Sovereignty event and ask a few questions."
- Aloha and have a great weekend!

Happy Father's Day you were always there for me and my family, I appreciate your one on one attention. Opening up your home, phone lines, and being on Maoliworld helps me to be out there on the frontline. Being out there on the frontline can be very stupid at times and super dangerous too. So I thank you for your warm hugs in my Post Traumatic Syndrom state of mind. I also thank you for your talk story with Scott while I sat between Pono and David discussing different things. You are so special to many people and all generations in the Na Kanaka population as well as the Nationals in Hawaii.

You have given over and over and will continue to give to my ohana long after I am gone in this physical world. I will always remember how you carried my 'Pahu' as I gazed at you on that day, I knew that the future generation will hear your echo's for eternity. I strongly believe when you have given especially when other's have torn or tried to shred the fringes of humanity. I love my Alamihi goddess she's all that I feel sometimes with a knife in her hand clutching to the sides of 'life' for lipids for she feeds starving children during times when men were away at war in the America's.

I love you on this Father's Day
More 'Orientalism'
Aloha Kakou.

Today we are going to brooch on a number of subjects rather like a leis, na pua are strung together. Be advised in advance this article is lengthy so it is okay to read a bit if you are interested and come back again later to see the mana'o in totality.
The viewpoints are set out for you to have a contemplation about them, their may/may not be ideas that you can see that you yourself can expand on, they are generalizations subject to interpretation. Each member that joins Maoliworld brings in an area of talent, some are scholars, some are students, some are genealogical buffs, others have an interest in traditional plants. It matters not your specialization or lack of, all can play a part in participating whereby the Independence cause can be addressed. It has been said that blogs should be like a ladies skirt, long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to retain interest.

[1]. Hawaiian Keiki:

Parents have a huge responsibility in raising keiki, they are a common denominator which brings people together. At the beach it is wonderful to hear their voices, laughter, and the excitement in which they view the world around them. Somebody said onetime that in interacting with keiki it is like reliving your own childhood. Hawaiian keiki are arguably the most beautiful in the world it is little wonder that calendars are produced of them annually.
It is fascinating to observe them even at a junior age jump into ke kai from rocks and piers island wide, they have little fear of the sea and take to it like a duck to water. We all have our own childhood experiences which contribute greatly in forming our character in later life. A factor in this development is the ability to change ourselves which is an ongoing process even into adulthood. With hindsight many of the ideologies and beliefs we once held were hewa and our perspectives evolve constantly. Maybe the way forward is for Americans to become more Hawaiian, and for Hawaiians to become more American while retaining the distinct identities of both with nurture.
We each have our own educational background from whichever compass point we originate. When I went to school in the 1960s corporal punishment was a regular daily occurrence, we were beaten with leather straps to be conditioned in not questioning but accepting the formal conventional educational practices. There is an International website on the subject here: In recent years compensation claims stemming from clerical abuse reports in care institutions make for shocking reading. Cover ups and Governmental silence contributed to the abuse of the most vulnerable members of society the keiki. Just the other day Belgian police swooped on the headquarters of the Catholic church in that country investigating child abuse.
We were born into that system just as our parents were, this violence was perpetrated against generations of keiki and few parents questioned the morality of same.
The religious Jesuits had a boast to the effect "Give me a child until he is five and I have him for life." In other words indoctrination at an early age deforms character to certain ends, it would be apparent that this is why Government take such an interest in education. The tendency is to keep language and cultural barriers in place. There appears to be much emphasis even today on competition between students for the purpose of "examinations."
Those that conform become pillars of the establishment often going into judicial, medical, economic, and political arenas thus perpetuating the system. Most become maka'ainana garage mechanics, bus drivers, store clerks, interior decorators, etc. They are semi-skilled in some area. Still others are a little lower on the strata and become janitors, sanitary staff, general repair workers, etc. I have always identified with the latter group and therefore been acquainted with the commoner and their lifestyle. Those working in the kalo patches and whose stories for the most part often go untold are fellow 'ohana in the structural pyramid irrespective of geographical locality.
Over here class divisions are conspicuous even to this day be they of upper, middle, or lower. You are assessed on the basis of accent, income, occupation, hale, and the very automobile you drive. A white South African lady told me a number of years ago the very same criteria applied over there. Based on experience when this structural pyramid is identified to others they display little interest in attempting methods in dissolving it, and are more concerned with gaining a foothold on the next rung of the ladder, often without thought of the consequences of whose toes they step on in the process.
The leadership in the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement have the same difficulty in engaging Hawaiian Nationals in becoming involved for similar reasons. It becomes an ardous process at times.
From examination of the Holocaust it is evident that German citizenry were completely unaware of the existence of the gas chambers, their Government over there at that time hid the truth.
It is important to look for what is concealed, if we were to troll through Hawaiian historical archives there are certain to be areas scholars have overlooked, small details that have huge relevance. One noted anti-Sovereignty activist awhile back was only too delighted to have his photographs taken on "his" discovery of documentation pertaining to recognition of the so called "Republic of Hawaii" and to enter same in his prolixity of website turpitude.
Many historical researchers have an agenda in writing books for their own personal gain and profit and thus overlook the maka'ainana they are more concerned with Royalty and major political players and figures to the exclusion of the multitudes of common folk. Yet it was the common folk who built those very societies from the pyramids of Egypt to the Aztec temples.
As well as examinations the sporting arena has always been very competitive. In U.S. society it is very much in evidence you can see it at baseball, football, or basketball matches. It becomes particularly noticeable with the Olympic Games, Americans have to take the gold. If the former U.S.S.R. provided superior athletes the whole country went into a state of gloom. The same happened in nazi Germany when an American runner of African descent was seen as defeating the Aryan race. This business of lanakila at all costs is part of the subconscious, but truth is more important if you play fairly it is okay to come in second, third, or even last place, you have played the game honorably and your reputation is what counts.
Over time the reader will bemoan a distinct anti-Government philosophy in this blog which some may attribute to bias and prejudice, but we are all creatures of our environment and as an opinion Government in its existent format to me is hewa.
We can see from the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962 how Governments hold us all hostage, for years they generated scare mongering via the dangers of communism or conversely capitalism if you happened to be from the Eastern bloc or marxist oriented countries. With the demise of communism in the former Soviet Union a new enemy had to be found to warrant expenditure on militarism this was excused with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism the new enemy.
Fundamentalists of all creeds to me as a viewpoint represent a threat, however we must be cognizant of the valuable contributions the Arabic societies have made historically be it in mathematics, language, or astronomy, and not confuse Islam with fundamentalism. This was of course and remains a ploy by Governments to keep their respective populaces under control by fear of an external enemy. You may have heard the late Howard Zinn quote during the Vietnam era of the 1970s "while all the while the grand thieves are running the country." Howard Zinn was an American academic who well understood Hawai'i was under occupation. If you are unfamiliar with his writings you can find some details here:
If you look under "The problem is civil disobedience" you will see the a/m quote, this particular article written way back in 1970 is excellent when applied to the Hawaiian National of 2010.
One time having a conversation with a work associate he made the point "Ah, but you need somebody to steer the ship." The simple answer is we are all in our own particular way navigators and leaders, from raising keiki to making poi, we all face daily decisions and choices.
Sometimes it is pleasant to review the many keiki on the site here in the knowledge they are the future of Hawai'i kena and the obligation you have in leaving them a legacy of a safer World.
On this theme I am a little concerned about some of these kids and feel by way of suggestion some kind wahine be appointed who could maybe contact them individually over time and ensure their parents are aware they are on the site or indeed other websites.
Recently a lady made a comment about her husband being incarcerated over in the U.S. and I felt the impulse to leave a comment that free support services including free legal aid were available i ke kelepono directory. She may of course have been aware of this but she is dealing with a sad domestic situation.
In the old Hawaiian way people reached out and helped each other and offered their kokua. In this instance being a haole in a Kanaka community site it is only fair that the restriction of blogging only should be self imposed dependent on the individual member and their intentions.
On pulling out the book Hagakure to look up a paragraph referred to later regarding the illegal 1893 overthrow this poignant sequence of words was found therein written by Tsunetomo: "When you are sick or in difficulties, many of those who were friendly or close to you in daily life will become cowards. Whenever anyone is in unhappy circumstances, you should above all enquire after them by visiting or sending some gift. And you should never in your whole life be negligent toward someone from whom you have received a favor. By such things the consideration of others can be seen. In this world the people who will rely on others when they are in difficulties and afterwards not give them a taught are many." It was a remarkable piece of wisdom from all those centuries ago i na mokupuni Kepani.
In the future more haoles will take a look at the Maoliworld site as it is often linked on the web via other Hawaiian related subjects. Anti-sovereignty activists are here also as members that is only to be expected, people view their sites regularly and it is only human nature to watch what the other side is doing at any given time. The U.S. intelligence services most likely monitors the site here as they do a great many others, and very possibly other foreign services do likewise, any challenge to the "National interest" i.e. "Government interest" is liable to scrutiny.
Since 9/11 everything that moves is of interest, there have been cases over here of train spotters [i.e. those interested in locomotives as a hobby] being interrogated for innocently taking photographs on train station platforms.
On rare occasions you see here on the site the term "Hawaiian traitor" being cast about hither and dither like a frisbee, as a viewpoint the only Hawaiian traitors of whatever ethnicity are those who use threats or violence against others as it represents the very antithesis of aloha.
The Hawaiian National is above this at all times, the future transition to Independence will be done totally peacefully and if done correctly it will be done relatively harmoniously. In an ideal world their would be no guns or violence and it is trusted the future Hawaiian Nation will set an example to the rest of the world in this endeavor.
It is erroneous to believe that a military free Hawai'i would leave you prone to external invasion, if necessary something based on the Swiss model could be employed initially, the world has changed much since 1893 and the trend appears to show that Peace and Friendship Treaties with few exceptions are in fact honored. When you ponder it the year 2010 is an exciting time for the Hawaiian National, the Sovereignty Movement is growing steadily, you are the ones who will make the decisions for the future, there is no reason to believe that it could not actually occur during the latter stages of our lifetime, the only thing that places Independence on the long finger is the unity of the Hawaiian National, the answers are there within you and your culture.
Sometimes as adults it is nice to take a moment to look down from the towering upstanding heights of parenthood at the chirping voices playing beneath on the floor and be reminded the keiki are the very flowers of Hawai'i the decisions made need to be no'eau as they affect them directly.
In addition too:

State of Hawaii stole 3,000 children and adopted these youngsters out to the US without parent or family consent. I call this 'human trafficking, only a pedophiles would call this beautiful. How funny ages ago foreign voyagers observed Hawaiian infant babies as amphibians (tadpoles) because they could swim without assistance from their mother. Andrew calls Hawaiian children ducks, QUACK! "...T[t]he child may simultaneously appear to be very ego-centric and completely absorbed in others. Piaget p 279 Andrew you're such a flightless creature And sightless too,"The invisible actor behind the scenes is an invention arising from a mental perplexity but corresponding to no real experience. H.Arendt p185 Capitalism and Charity are partners in crime for their intended purpose: "It's the soldier ...up and down the mountains, mistreating and murdering his own people. R. Menchu p 138. Hitting or be hit--"Sometimes angry or frustrated users strike back." A. Toffler p 106 Globs, and globs of clogs--"The intertwinement, the organic commingling, is severed, the faith destroyed that one thing merges wholly with the other, unless the intertwinement becomes so dense and intricate as to obscure meaning completely." T.W. Adorno p 155 Attacking the defensless children on Maoliworld during the summer solstice moments shows how cheap, shoddy, and cowardly acts in the twilight--"In warfare, attack is a matter of knowing the adversary." said Liu Ji. T. Cleary p 100
Andrew wrote:

This is a popular web hit as it manifests itself on entering a search for Independence Models. Models are blueprints or a form of master plan for the future. Ms. Mililani B. Trask has been quoted as saying in the past that: "All the talk about models of sovereignty. A model is just a prototype. It's not real. We're not a model."
On this token as an opinion I would somehow disagree with Ms. Trask assertion while not knocking her overall work and her bestowed Movement contributions in any way. Models are vital, any engineer will tell you the importance of a blueprint for a structure, any gardener will tell you the importance of layout and design, any painter or artist is aware of the necessity of a draft diagram.
Andrew wrote:

Without playing semantics, is there a difference between Hawaiian Sovereignty and Hawaiian Independence? It may appear to be a philosophical question but there are those who believe in "State within a State" or "Nation within a Nation" status and yet still classify themselves as Sovereignty adherents.
From day one, as an opinion I have always held the viewpoint that total Independence from the United States is the ultimate target. I am not anti-American and have consistently and persistently mentioned this in blog postings, at a personal level I find Americans to be a warm and friendly people whom with many communally held ideologies are shared. But the question poses the objectivity of what of the danger of the islands dividing over the Independence question whereby long term you could face a scenario like the U.S. and British Virgin Islands? The Hawaiian National always strategizes for total unity in terms of the archipelago and this suggestive resume entails tying up any loose chords.

For openers today, please click on and take a look at this link:

Many Hawaiian Nationals would agree with the thrust of Ms. Cruz's hypothesis as outlined above, when reviewing such a statement [or any others for that matter] it is perhaps important to ask ourselves as dispassionate observers, who exactly is Ms. Cruz? What group or organization does she belong to? Does she speak for that body, or is she merely forwarding her own viewpoint? In this instance she has identified herself as belonging to P-HSWG, who are they and what do they represent? Not for a moment are Ms. Cruz's designs being assessed with any degree of levity but rather a set series of criteria applicable to all sides of the argument.
This is an important question, were we to examine viewpoints on banking or financial Institutes we could hypothetically come across a statement on the matter from the name Al Capone we may agree or disagree with the late Mr. Capone's putative postulations also but when we independently assess his background and own vested interest in monetary matters, we discover his base of hoodlums in Chicago over in the U.S. many years ago.
Ms. Cruz has defined her ka mea pono, absolute integrity conviction which automatically sets her apart from Mr. Capone and his goons. She has additionally countenanced in scrupulous rectitude the virtuous principle that "Those who already know must act." [i.e. not remain biddabley docile on the sidelines].
Let us momentarily for want of a better term play a "Conehead game."
[Conehead games incidentally are played only by ballyhoo artists, o ka makapo wale no ka mea hapapa i ka pouli, those very same dilatory dilly-dallying slothful individuals on the sidelines even if they happen to fall under the categorization of a, quote: "regular contributor" here on Maoliworld....L..O.L.]
Imagine we are all Americans reading Ms. Cruz's article. Ms. Cruz has challenged aspects of our fundamental beliefs and thrown down the gauntlet of our assumptions that in itself is a good thing. We may own property large or small in Hawai'i and are aware of the Royal Patent's application on same. Americans would tend to ask themselves how can we be held accountable for dispossession in Hawai'i as this was or is not my personal doing, or others whom I know, it is an occurrence from historical happenings decades ago? the onus is on my Government [i.e. the U.S. Government] to resolve the issue, effectively it is not my kuleana.
Genealogy is not as important to Americans as a generalization as it is to Hawaiians though they do do take an interest in their family origins it mostly goes to their Grandparents or Great-Grandparents as defined by the family photograph album. Since the advent of the internet family origins are now much more accessible nowadays via public records.
Variance can be witnessed in the giving versus selling, Ms. Cruz may be misinterpreted as having a degree of obloquy in that a sizeable proportion of Americans give to various charities regularly or volunteer their time in community endeavors. Recently the "Kaua'i Garden Island News" ran an article on how a substantial amount of money was raised by locals performing different endeavors for local charities. Under the Independence Ms. Cruz projects for the future many Americans would desire to retain their U.S. Citizenship and have no desire whatsoever for Hawaiian Citizenship, are their passions going to be addressed? We are referring to the specific article above on the basis of interpretation.
Oh, and what will happen if the U.S. military leave the islands considering all they contribute fiscally to the local economy? This last question brings a perplexed smile to the face of the Hawaiian National perhaps as it is very much American in nature, nonetheless deserving a response. It is sort of like a wife asking her husband "Honey, in these times of recession and furloughs whatever will we do without the electric hair dryer? or the dishwasher?" Years ago people on the islands had neither, and survived without their noise creating decibels, they are mere conveniences but not necessities.
The brief content of Ms. Cruz's article is short but embraces much, should we have an interest in her aspirations we would most likely in continuity followup either her or her organizations future ambitions and objectives in order to derive more information or the latest updates.
As with any other organization it is salubrious to enquire who finances it? Take the local so called "Grassroots Institute," what type of business foundations contribute donations toward it, and why?


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