Aloha everyone i am having a grand opening!

Healthy-Superstore Grand Opening of CHERRIE KELLEY KANAHELE's Healthy-Superstore Dear Friends and Family, I'm excited to let you know about my new online store, where I'm able to offer great products, prices and service. To celebrate my grand opening, I've included a store coupon in this email. Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested, to help me share the news. To visit my store, click on the "Start Shopping Now!" button. Use the coupon code at the store checkout! Thank you, CHERRIE KELLEY KANAHELE Save 15% on all orders until 2/27/2009. Use coupon code: trbmf Earn An Extra $300 - $800 Per Month With Your Own Healthy Product Superstore - Click Here! This is a one time mailing, you will not receive anymore emails of this type unless you visit my website above and request more information. You may also contact me at and request to be removed from my address book.

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  • Unlike in some Western cards, the focus is placed exin braindumps on the company. For example, a meishi will feature the company name at the top in the largest print, followed by the job title and then the name. This is also how Japanese introduce themselves: company and title first.
    • Good luck in your marketing...I like the buy one get two free specials where I purchase my online quality supplements for my family. If you had something like this I would support it...
  • Can't open your links to see what you have...what's the website address?
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