Does anyone disagree with me when I say the following - and please give a clear understanding as to why if you disagree...

WHERE YOU ARE ROOTED (BORN AND LIVED) AND WHOM YOU ARE IN YOUR KOKO (surname carried from birth and your genealogy) is an important factor of WHOM YOU ARE IN GENERAL.


NOTE: I say this as I was questioned on whether or not I was a true Naihe by the so called Queen TINA (he nic here on Maoliworld) of Kapakahi and his entourage. You know, the so called Queen and her King - the ones that stormed the palace? She now claims she's a descendant of Naihe and the true line of the Kawanakakoa's.

NOTE TO TINA: Kawanakakoa's claim to come from the Paternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu. I come from the Maternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu, THE LINE THAT WENT would know this if you were a Naihe as you claim...HELL-ERR!

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Wow, that was rude of him to demand genealogy like that. This is why outsiders are ridiculed b/c they don't understand protocol. Even among each other we don't do that, at least not like that b/c that's not how things are done...period.
I still stand by the research part of genealogy, but caution to sharing the information: we can still do this research sharing and share it with the future generations This is just me, meetng with Ohana reunions is a major part of this research for filters, and protocols. There has got to be an openess for research work, Na Kanaka (including myself) will not spend the 24 hours and daily task pouring over records. The land disputes is a never ending stories and the bulk of na kanaka children will not go this work. I knew that Edith Mckenzie met with a huge block and Bisop Museum took over. I was there and had a talk story with her when this was decided upon. I also understood why?

Soon the academic community (which is in process) will publish and connect to the community with their findings and of course the usual we will spend years debating the facts from fiction. The always around the corner are the 'cheap' group'ys with their empty talk shows up and take up space and time and most times the resources that is needed for the real research problems at hands.

So I don't mind the less players on this forum --would like to see more. We can move faster through issues that are alive and slamming!

Today, Shad Kane (turn coat) hurt many warriors in his process to gain power (misuse). He basically lost his way as he grew up in Wahiawa, went to Kamehameha Schools 1964, Utah State, Military UH, and Police Department a recent plant into the Hawaiian Movement via Oahu Civic Club. Partnershiped with OHA and the military Shane conjoined with the Federal Agencies, DLNR etc.. which is all and well, but this happened at the expense of people that have been tirelessly working at the helm for decades.

Where as the newbies such as Jalna, Shad and Amaral, acting out of the patriot act comes on board because of 911 and decides to be the head hunchos. Their duties given to them by the Feds are to carve out the pure seeds planted by our ancestors of 2,000 years, has Na Kupuna connections (unbroken), as well as obidence to our ancestors spirits all for the love of US and their stolen revenues from the mouths of children. Land revenues are for our children not comprehensive-intergrated- political-budget-stealing-projects from educational funds.

Today's Makahiki Nov 6 ties into the worlds view of 'Make Love not War' for a day which is okay in my eyes. But, debunks cultural values, desecrate our 'iwi, and sells the very souls of our young people and their thinking process. These are dangerous times.

The national flavor when you play the high game of patiot act for the love of war, one is in favor or genocide. Where the General sits on the top of a hill and sends his men into harms way against it's fellow men such as the civil war.

911 was not a civil war!!!! Or, was it?

911 was over the fight of the last drops of oil.

As Na Kanaka one should fasten ones belt and look at the real issue this friendly relationships between Shad, Jalna and Amaral placed us in grave danger with the US and the future. Giving resources out of the mouths of children to a 'princess party' in this case a prince party favors genocide. I cannot stop the background of decit. We will spend years (after party) to sort through the clean up. Sorting through why we have children with congenial defects or too many rotting in their graves.

We just don't get why people like Shad get's away with developing a relationship with the US for super-ego reasons and to sell our future done the drain. The construction contracts on military bases which Shad is negotiating the two sentences on a any given plans with the DLNR poisons our future generation for a few pennis on the dollar. Shad is a two bit idiot and his sisters Jalna and Amaral are the same.

This is an age old game that has been played since the early 70s with native Hawaiian women that were from the homesteads. Today there is a working relationship that is on going with CNHA, Feds, and OHA. We should see many changes and many unecessary lives lost!!!

It takes tireless workers at the helm in good times and bad times.
I also have a different perspective about sharing on the internet or published by book ie: where you can even provide copies of documents (marriage, birth, etc etc) EASY WAY FOR IDENTIFY THEFT!
Sorry noticed a lot of grammatical erros


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