Does anyone disagree with me when I say the following - and please give a clear understanding as to why if you disagree...

WHERE YOU ARE ROOTED (BORN AND LIVED) AND WHOM YOU ARE IN YOUR KOKO (surname carried from birth and your genealogy) is an important factor of WHOM YOU ARE IN GENERAL.


NOTE: I say this as I was questioned on whether or not I was a true Naihe by the so called Queen TINA (he nic here on Maoliworld) of Kapakahi and his entourage. You know, the so called Queen and her King - the ones that stormed the palace? She now claims she's a descendant of Naihe and the true line of the Kawanakakoa's.

NOTE TO TINA: Kawanakakoa's claim to come from the Paternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu. I come from the Maternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu, THE LINE THAT WENT would know this if you were a Naihe as you claim...HELL-ERR!

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Yes Uncle Tane, so true on not getting clear answers to "how" we were related. I have found in my work on 'aina when it comes to some families - commoners or ali'i how the names changed from village to village because they were escaping being put to death by Kamehameha, or was too heavy to carry so better to be blessed and change it or they did a wrong deed by disrespecting a kahuna or a chief.

I am saddened as to that part of my family ties to think we encouraged bloodshed of po'e but that was the protocol of the prophecy one that was not influenced by "the white man".

An example of property PAO'O my last project in protecting which is on the state's conservation list now and we are gathering funds to purchase it - owner now does not want to develop it. Ali'i Kauwe of PAO'O which we protected his gravesite had one of a few properties next to Naihe here in Kohala. In gathering the lineal descendants it brought up sadness to me to see their name changed for sake of their own life, THEIR LINE but it felt so honorable to recover the land and preserve it and bring the 'ohana together.

I had to be awakened to know who I was in my name because our 'ohana kept quiet - "don't talk about it" but since my kupuna Marie Solomon said it was time to tell whom you are because you are working on land issues, I will tell but not by intimidation. We as koko should never be intimidated by others about whom we are and where we come from....IMUA!
...but then the words are also not clear..MmmmHmmm. Mahalo Ke Akua and Maika'i 'Uhane!
as for me, when i introduce myself, i always address to others who i am and where i come from,
My Name is Princess Lehuanani, I'm From the Village of Moku'ula, of the Kingdom of Maui Nui.
my kupuna's and my ohana know of my kupuna kahiko (ancestors) and my being raised on that very Village
a very sacred 'aina, that I honor highly in the highest level of an Ali'i.
that is where the koko and the 'aina has to come together to be as one in unity as a Kanaka Maoli.
so i definitely agree 100% with this discussion and always to know how you are and where you belong, period....
mahalo Ke Akua
until we all unite as one
malama kou kino (take care of your body).......................................................................~da princess~
Mahalo to Princes for sharing a part of your roots and whom you are. I address myself as Stephanei Naihe Laxton. Naihe Laxton is my legal name, no hyphen. My husband said I needed to add Naihe because I would have to explain it to those who wanted to know my Hawaiian side. Before would be Stephanie Cabaniss NAIHE (my first marriage and last legal name after my maiden name from birth) Laxton.. then I'd get "...oh oh oh oh...I know your family..." then names would pop up with stories and I'd get stuck in conversation on storytelling...I LOVE IT, but it holds me up when I need to finish shopping in the visiting town and my family is waiting for me in a next shopping aisle. LOL.. now in respect of my family and time restraints my kids remind me, "Now mom if someone says who you can you be sure not to get stuck talking so we can shop and eat?" LOL..So now I say, Stephanie Naihe Laxton from Kohala. And if they start talking story and i recognize the name drops I for the most part lately say, "Yeah I know your family or yeah that is an old name from Kohala, no more the family in Kohala...... and then we exchange emails. This way I can communicate with them without sacrificing time with my 'ohana - this is a balance for my 'ohana and their respect I give them to keep UNITY and PEACE; not a place if my attention to be with my 'ohana because I spend A LOT of other times on issues of 'aina and koko with projects I work with here in Kohala. But now my oldest just said, "Ma, you need to record all the stories on paper or disc. I said, "Hawaiians of old neva did that, if you hear the stories I tell over and over with people you should remember if it's meant to be for you to remember to then be the next storyteller....otherwise, it isn't for you and for someone else in the I leave her hanging with that and see where it goes from there...She just EXHALED and was quiet for she knew what I meant...SMILE. If she wants to do this in recording that is up to her for the new generation. But in her exhale she knows it is a lot of work and storytelling or genealogy is not a lot of work if it is ones calling...SMILE
Aloha, Mahalo for the add.

Uncle Leonard Naihe, is my Mom’s first cousin, His Mother Tutu Rose and My Grandmother Tutu Lupinehae were sisters. We are from the Kukona -Owali line.

I feel that you are right to assume that ones geographical history and genealogy goes hand in hand. I once researched (a very long time ago) that foods that are grown in the soil that one is born on, is vital to ones health, because it is has the proper minerals and nutrients (from the soil) that the body requires to exist in that particular geographical area..

If we tend to eat foods that are grown in another geographical area or climate, we will not acquire the nutrition our body requires to exist in this climate, hence mineral deficiency and poor health.

This only made me realize that in order for Hawaiians to over come common disease and illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, etc...We must eat what’s grown on our Aina

On another topic, Do you believe that memories are passed on genetically?
WONDERFUL NOELANI! So we are "Calabash cousin" You connect to Leonard's mama and I connect to Leonard's father...MAIKA'I. Through marriage and not koko we are related. Meaning you are my cousins cousin, we are CALABASH...wonderful.

Mahalo for your response of 'aina and koko...much appreciated.

By the way, I have not seen any hawaiian studies of memories being passed on genetically but I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT MEMORIES ARE PASSED DOWN SPIRITUALLY even in the good book it says, "....and HE has given to those the gift of dreams or visions." Like those of "da Princess" has experienced with her mama, a genealogist who has then passed it down to the generations that follow...SMILE. Doing work with balance of confirmation in this area of PULE, WAITING and SENSES (remember can not have one without the other and in this combination you have strength like a woven rope when braided = 3 = Pule, Waiting, and Senses...SMILE
aloha noelani,
mahalo nui for your mana'o, yes! as i was taught we need to live it, breathe it and than one can claim it.
we come from a very sacred land in hawaii nei, non like the mainland lands were the ground is not honored in
health, but used for the wealth of ones pocket. because we know the values of our sacred lands, we fight for the justice to malama (care) for the land as caretakers, not owners, ownership began when the white man namely the jones and the smiths started to draw out the bountries of ownership on our sacred lands of hawaii ne. you are correct, that we need to get back to the land for good health, but the only way today is to educate the next generations to come of care take and not owning. today Noelani our lands has been drenched with chemicals due to the plantation days of immigrants under the direction of illegal greedy business men, so to go back to our natural soil, we need to toil the deseased lands and redivert our waters back to our lands to do what you and i know is best for our next 7 generations to come. good to hear you on this forum, many more understanding of truths to you and yours....................................~da princess~
True story to DA PRINCESS...true story...Mahalo for sharing the depth of what you have experienced and felt and your connection to 'aina and koko...SMILE....MAIKA'I!
all my pleasure nr8n8,

for only the truth will set us FREE!!!

Blessings to you and yours.......................~da princess~
have to be very careful with genealogies of certain Alii names, very careful....otherwise, one may not be able to sleep well at night!.............

Exactly! Remember this:

So to refresh, this is what I wrote in response to what you just said, how you HAVE TO BE CAREFUL:

This time, I noticed a source referenced, not precise, but still it was now, a cited source finally. Probably due to my encouragement, if not me embarrassing that person for not citing sources. In any case, I am taking a portion of that cited newspaper article.

LINK TO KA NUPEPA - Oct. 5, 1867 (See 4th Column; No Ka Papa Alii Hawaii)

2. Ruta Keelikolani ke kaikamahine a Kalanipauahi, ke kaikamahine a Keoua, ke kaikamahine a Kauhiwawaeono, ke keiki a Kekauhiwamoku, ke keiki a Kekaulike a ka Moi o Maui. O ka makuakane o Kalanipauahi, o Pauli Kaoleioku, ke keiki a Kamehameha I. A o na makua i oleloia no R. Keelikolani, o Luanuu Kahalaia a me Kaimihaku.

So that segment of the article says, Ruth Keelikolani the daughter of Kalanipauahi, the daughter of Keoua, the daughter of Kauhiwawaeono, the son of Kekauhiwamoku, the son of Kekaulike, the Mo’i of Maui.

Then the important part that I bolded says, And it is said for the fathers of R. Keelikolani, Luanuu Kahalaia and Kaimihaku. Ka Imi Haku was an epithet used for Mataio Kekuanaoa, the father of Princess Ruth. John Papa I'i goes into more detail in his book (Fragments of Hawaiian History) talking about the lineage of Kekuanaoa and the marriages of Kahalaia and Pauahi and also to Kinau and how Kekuanaoa wanted to marry Pauahi after he gets back from England.

Basically, Kahalaia was considered a poolua to Ruth. Kekuanaoa seemed to have been the one recognized as the father, although the marriage of Kekuanaoa to Pauahi
Excuse the late response Kalani, but so true on being careful on genealogies of certain Ali'i names. Our family feels the same way. Even with work I do with my church on looking up names. I look I provide but I don't say the name outloud - we are mindful that we do not give them rest and honor. Pule first, during and after doing searches - that is the way we were raised. Thanks for reminding those that do not understand the sacredness of genealogies and mentioning them openly as if they were alive and sitting next to them "oorahing" their works. It definitely doesn't work like that...SMILE
Excuse me Tina. I do not need to share my genealogy to know who I am. If you provide a name there is either a connection or none. So where are your Naihe 'Ohana that actually carries the name? Because I have emails on surnames that carries Naihe from birth. From 'Oahu, Maui, Kaua'i, Pennsylvannia, California, Oregon, etc etc. AUWE - don't try to disrespect we who were BIRTH w/the name Naihe it is not a "namesake"..hell-err. There are a few families that changed their name to Naihe. We know who they are...they were the ones that allowed us to go underground for what we do today.

I tell you what I'm doing right now... I am securing funding to purchase 27.3 acres of land here in Kohala under my nonprofit because this is an area that Na Ali'i and Their Royal Courts Gathered for Recreational and Political if you are a Naihe, you would know this place I am speaking about...btw, I was approached to hold the title and I told them, I will not hold the title unless it is given in LOVE. For: Land is liken to an ali'i and we are only it's stewards. Any other hawaiian probably wouldn't say this - but the land owner (illegally yes) said yes and I did not meet them face to about that one? So don't go saying I disgrace the families and people. It's because people like you and Amelia Gora who think that connecting lines where there is not but "you goin' make it so" is how to do genealogy....WHATEVER...what are you doing for Ali'i (Land)....HMMMMM?

Yeah, I'll come and provide my comments here on MW only when needed because all I see is WAHA WAHA WAHA ....idle time WAHA - NO ACTION!


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