Does anyone disagree with me when I say the following - and please give a clear understanding as to why if you disagree...

WHERE YOU ARE ROOTED (BORN AND LIVED) AND WHOM YOU ARE IN YOUR KOKO (surname carried from birth and your genealogy) is an important factor of WHOM YOU ARE IN GENERAL.


NOTE: I say this as I was questioned on whether or not I was a true Naihe by the so called Queen TINA (he nic here on Maoliworld) of Kapakahi and his entourage. You know, the so called Queen and her King - the ones that stormed the palace? She now claims she's a descendant of Naihe and the true line of the Kawanakakoa's.

NOTE TO TINA: Kawanakakoa's claim to come from the Paternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu. I come from the Maternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu, THE LINE THAT WENT would know this if you were a Naihe as you claim...HELL-ERR!

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BTW...PROPERTY IS WORTH $1.8 million. So don't try to call me out...I'M BUSY TAKING ACTION!
Food and agriculture is all included and part of what you get with an "Ali'i" (Land) Preserving and Preservation is all included. If you don't have food or agriculture that is your choice. Everything one does individually is your choice first and can not be included in the whole. People either choose to be houseless or homeless. If you really want something, God will provide a way for you to get it "for the good of all concerned".
When I don't provide information I am not disgracing families and people. It's those asking information of me that feels that way, I can not control how people react because they feel it's THEIR business. I choose to keep my genealogy to my family - that is how we were raised. Only one to two people in our family does the genealogy work. One is not better than the other just because of genealogy - you look at the fruits of their labor - even for you who profess your christianity should know this as it is bibilically stated in scripture " will know them by their fruits (of their labor)" So if you labor on continually telling me who you are more than once that is on you. I don't need to keep professing because "I do". As my father has said to me time and time again in my lifetime: "Knowing and Doing Is Two Different Things". I do the work of my ancestors of Naihe, my ancestors of Keawe-a-Heulu and Heulu. Your Heulu is a name sake 3-4 generations before you. Our genealogical lines are 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 generations ALL ALIVE. So your Heulu is not the same as my Heulu - different genealogical lines from your records. Just want to clarify this. We are old, we went underground. We know the birth name and the namesakes of Naihe. I come from the birth of Naihe who's father was Keawe-a-Heulu, who's father came from Heulu who married into the many lines of royal families...PAU!
oh yes gilman is my grandmothers last name she married a hanakahi who married a kane actually she is a kawelo .
Unfortunately, peoples research is a chore for everyone that needs tending to. Secondly, I recently had a serious talk with my girlfriend from Chuuk, her genealogy is no ones business and she explained why. First resason, it was disrespectful to their ancestors speak their names to the public, the other part as side from usurping, outsiders will use it for their gain of ones (not theirs) culture and land that belong to that family. I showed my girl friend the youtube on Mau Piailug as not being Hawaiian by a grassroots organization in Hawaii--headed by a guy named Rowlands. We spent hours trying to remedy this concern. Excuse the wavering, I wish I could say that genealogy is black and white, clear and accessible..but I can't. It's very hurtful.
Mahalo Kaohi for sharing about your girlfriend from Chuuk. We believe in the same thing ie: "...genealogy is no ones business and she explained why. First resason, it was disrespectful to their ancestors speak their names to the public, the other part as side from usurping, outsiders will use it for their gain of ones (not theirs) culture and land that belong to that family." You see that's "ole school" stuff which in today's general thinking, some hawaiians may not feel the same way. That's why it is important to pule before, during and after doing genealogical research. For even "spirit" can lead one astray in links when not in tuned with ones self with pule and rest.
a oia! I know I've done a lot of praying, which is how I was guided to the answers I know now. And I always had the belief that if it wasn't meant to be, then it's not meant to be.'ll be revealed when the time is right.
Maika'i Kalani! Sometimes even with pule you still need to wait fo signs fo "da okay"...SMILE
So true...this is why it's taking me all these years. If it doesn't happen, oh well, it may, which is why I pray...and eventually down the line I am lead towards back to what I was originally looking for. It takes me awhile but I know there's a reason for it happening at its own time.
You have been away and something terrible had happened that I particularly have not really gain back the energy that I lost that night. It's a combination of things. I don't know the Major General's name that is in charged of the Army in the Pacific. What I do know is that he demanded from the people at the table their genealogy. That was a rude awakening to hear the military make that demand. Secondly, the night turned violent and we were sitting at the table with the Major General in Wheeler Airforce Base. It was very dangerous from my view point.

It was piting one person up against another in that tiny room. Shouting match, fist pounding and pushing the door into a young opio kanaka wahine all in all when combined it was very violent. So, I believe we need to think and do things with caution as far as ones genealogy.
This is why some went "Underground". There are many which some call "conspiracy stories" even in the days of thrones and even further back during the days of "the food taster" or "Bloodstones" aka: game of konane We have 3 known Bloodstones here which need to be returned to its rightful place. The family who strongly knows thru their ancestors must take action because they carry the burden or kuleana. I only feel strongly but it is not my kuleana to attempt it, I only stand behind those that carry the dreams and voice which came to them. "Saying and Doing Are Two Separate Things" I hope they take action instead of voicing - if not ASK for help, then only can others assist.

You want the days gone by, you need to act as if those days are still here in all you do. Sometimes it is for those, a hard challenge. But if spirit is there all along as a guide thru pule then not to worry for all will fall into place as it should.


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