Does anyone disagree with me when I say the following - and please give a clear understanding as to why if you disagree...

WHERE YOU ARE ROOTED (BORN AND LIVED) AND WHOM YOU ARE IN YOUR KOKO (surname carried from birth and your genealogy) is an important factor of WHOM YOU ARE IN GENERAL.


NOTE: I say this as I was questioned on whether or not I was a true Naihe by the so called Queen TINA (he nic here on Maoliworld) of Kapakahi and his entourage. You know, the so called Queen and her King - the ones that stormed the palace? She now claims she's a descendant of Naihe and the true line of the Kawanakakoa's.

NOTE TO TINA: Kawanakakoa's claim to come from the Paternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu. I come from the Maternal Line of Keawe-a-Heulu, THE LINE THAT WENT would know this if you were a Naihe as you claim...HELL-ERR!

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I think that Tina goes by the name "Tina Malia Kawaha Kekoolani Gilman Hanakahi" and do not know why she insists on degrading other oiwi in order to try to elevate herself. I was born on O'ahu but have roots on Maui and da Big Island so my piko from my mother is from both moku. To me this kine stuff really epitomizes O'ahu maka ewaewa... in THE worst possible ways. For example some view themselves as THE center of the Hawaiian Kingdom and/or its people... like how some view O'ahu as THE center of Hawai'i. I notice this about some other O'ahuans are like this as in SO egocentric and rude so of course when I go back Hilo, Keaukaha, and/or Kona/South Kealia those of us who are/were born on O'ahu are unfairly lumped together with these buffoons.

I agree with you though... land and blood go hand in hand. Kind of like the piko with roots in the land and blood in its veins. They go hand in hand. Some people can try to oki *your* piko but *your* piko is connected to whatever and to whomever it is connected to. Irrelevant if and when some try to oki *your* piko in order to try to elevate themselves.
Thanks for sharing...yep Naihe's are also on other islands too so RIGHT ON ABOUT THE PIKO!
Aloha e Stephanie
Sad to say I agree with you whole heartedly. Aina and blood go hand in hand, this is why I moved back to my roots. My family come from Waimea and Puna, but I have been connecting some of the dots. But for us that have been in the trenches with this person before, I cant afford to let her and her efforts cloud mine. Like you, I know who I am and I know where I come from and I dont need Queen Butaletale telling me this. So with that I leave this person to sort out her kuleana. I dont claim hers. I just thought we were pau with this, but I see she has again pissed someone else off. Anyway it's opala. She needs help, but has turned everyone away. You are right PONO is where it is. Just so sorry it is still continueing thats all
Malama pono and a hui hou
Like you, I know who I am and I know where I come from and I dont need Queen Butaletale telling me this.

Mahalo nui loa e Sharon! I was trying to think of a nickname for her, but couldn't. You just helped me out a lot. hahaha
Just move on there is too much time loss, on funny stuff. You'er all very lucky to come home and dig into one's roots may it be into the land or records, it doesn't matter. QT 'talk' is part of, not the whole, lucky it's on cyber space. We all get wounded and sometimes, we need to see the humor past the pain. I'm impressed about the work that is going on out there with geneology and land, it's amazing. It's not only for scholars, and Bishop Museum grantee's. To hear newly formed chant's being taught to Ohana from Papa and Wakea to a new . I'm excited and happy to experience this phenomenon. Point, I know a lot of Kupuna's that are not here that gave their life's work to geneology and never got to hear their 'beauty'. Whose to say they are not listening. Malama Pono Kaohi
This issue is so complex that many don't comprehend what is and what isn't. It would take countless hours to kukakuka in comprehending this structure. Many factors have evolved to change the complexion of this issue so that many will understand what this is all about. There are many variables concerning this topic and here's a few things to remember.

Do we perceive this through European Eyes or Hawaiian eyes. What sense of inheritance or succession is acceptable? Do we understand and recognize the laws and constitution established by Kauikeaouli (Kamehameha III), or the Hawaiian system that gave birth to this hierarchy? How has this been affected by today's society and the U.S. WASP society that finds any form of monarchy repulsive and title carrying an affront to their political philosophy?

Certain dynamics have clouded many things and ignorance speak louder in assumptions that are made. It's not the name you carry by which people identify you but the genealogy imbeded in your personal DNA and ancestors (immediate or distant) that tie you to the land irrelevant of the class system derived from that whether from Ali'i, Kahuna, Maka'ainana, and even the Kauwa. One must identify these classes as the Hawaiian system actually is rather than to reinterpret them according to Western (WASP) interpretations.

It's common knowledge:

The Anglo-Westerners redefine our system and thoughts of eliminating the ali'i class would remove recognition and loyalty of the people therby making it easier to control the people. Poison and any form of genocide and outright murder of a class of people regardless of the hierarchy would accomplish control over the masses. For this reason, the ali'i class went underground.

The Hawaiian hierarchy of the ali'i class acknowledge the senior line and the junior line. Each play a role in society. You had ali'i that were inclined to be more philosophers than warriors which is another lengthy topic. Marriages were important whereby the ranking is determined by who the father is and who the mother is. There are occasions where maka'ainana have risen to the ali'i class through a variety of means. Likewise, the marriages or unions relegated many to the maka'ainana class; which was also revered by the ali'i as essential to their powers and loyalty as not perceived by the western culture. The same holds true with the kauwa class which is another interesting topic of itself and most misunderstood by the western world.

Being an ali'i then becomes one of grooming, education, a burden and obligation required by such station and not only because of the genetics imbred into that person but by one's actions.

As far as title, one doesn't impose it on oneself but will be recognized by the people. In the Hawaiian constitution, it is clarified how one achieves line of sucession to the throne or how new stirps are created. There are specific criteria imposed to be an eligible candidate. It would be wise to know, only a monarch can convey a royal title on a person which is not inherited by descendants unless stipulated. The successor has to be confirmed by the House of nobles and the Legislature and if no successor has been designated and/or accepted, then there is an election as prescribed by Kingdom Constitution and laws. Until then, everything is pro temp and not confirmed.

Inheritors of the 'aina is the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation and its (native tenants) people in-common. The King believed the backbone of the nation rested with the mahiai. Private lands as prescribed by western concept relies on the original intent of the Great Mahele and Kingdom customary and civil laws. The monarchs private land goes to his/her heirs unless otherwise stipulated. The Monarch's Crown lands preserved for his/her office as Head of State,. goes to the successors during their tenancy as head of state.

The ali'i's responsibility or kuleana is for the welfare of the people within their area deemed their kuleana.

Your words are eloquent as well as intelligent and informative. I am new to this website and it is so nice to see subjects and views that are relative to me and my family. Thank you
SMILES to Uncle gave lot's of mana'o for those to understand...Yes for me I connect to your last words here: THE NA ALI'I KULEANA IS FOR THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE WITHIN THEIR AREA DEEMED THEIR KULEANA AND THAT IS WHAT I DO FOR US HERE IN KOHALA and network with others in support of issues of koko for THE GREATER GOOD. No mo Kings & Queens anymore...just move on and do good works not spread opala as the prior posts have stated. I just don't like it when I get personal attacks on my name. I am whom I am and claim nothing but that...IT IS MY NAME. I claim nothing else but to help po'e where I can within reason of what I do for po'e at this time.
ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, Kamehameha I was Moi not because of his Blood, but because of his Mana, his Spirit.
E Ola Mau Ke Aupuni Moi o Hawaii, o Pomaikaiokalani, SOVEREIGN, HPACH
Kamehameha I ruled as was prophecy. I come from a line of one of may families who encouraged the unification. It is sad for the sake of prophecy many have died through bloodshed. Koko and mana/spiritual calling was all a part of it. You can not have one without the other...SMILE.
Your connections mentioned is missing links. Keawe-a-Heulu's father was HEULU and it ties into Kamehameha by 1/2 cousins and marriage only. Here in Kohala as to Pa'alua, my Aunt Elizabeth "Libby" Naihe (father's sister) is married to Sylvester Pa'alua. Pa'alua also attended Kalahikiola here with my Naihe 'Ohana....long history on that. Pa'alua is known to our 'ohana as well coming from the Kona line too - they're property is part of the Keahole airport here on the Big Island claimed now by SOH.

There is also Naihe Kukui or Captain Jack and the connections there. My ties to Kamehameha are not direct because of 1/2 cousins and thru marriages. We were involved mainly through political ties outside of the genealogical ties...SMILE You can't have one without the other in days of old.
aloha hwnwahine,
i understand the sacredness of a genealogist, my mama was very careful in this area for the safety of us the next generation. i witness ones going blind for not having the proper Vision of our kupuna kahiko (ancestors), to even having their leg get cut off (oki) for claiming an ahupua'a of another ohana.
remember for some of us, our kupuna kahiko sleeps under the ground, for me, as a child i heard babies crying from the ground of my ahupua'a, and the next day my mama took me to 6 babies gravesite from one ohana, all the age from 9 days old to 5 years old and they all died in the early 1900s, that was next door to our house. can you imagine the hawaiian salt and ti leaf that traditionally, went through the house to protect that NO harm came to us as children. i have just pass the baton of a geneologist to my 2 daughters, both in their early 20's and yes, i have the responsibility to teach them the Respect and Honor to their Kupuna Kahiko's to pass this knowledge to our next 7 generations to come. and to always Mahalo Ke Akua~~~


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