A word to the wise is sufficient. These are lessons learned and the Akaka Bill won't resolve the issues. As you can see, Native Americans are still being assaulted and their rights infringed with an indifferent U.S. Secretary of Interior and the corruption of developers and people looking for profit to put into their personal pockets. Remember what U.S. Congress can give; they can also take away, especially when they get what they want.

Click on or copy and pasteon search to read and view what could happen with a tribal status promoted by the Akaka Bill.

California Valley Miwok Tribe - Tribal Extinction Conducted by the BIA/Developers



U.S. recognition is vacuous; it means nothing. We had external sovereignty recognition worldwide but that didn't stop the U.S. from its corrupt, criminal actions to disregard it and break its treaty and recognition of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

What the U.S. Americans forget is that Kanaka Maoli are the host culture of Hawai'i; not the U.S. racist WASP-enforced cultural governance and Anglo-ethnocentric society and conduct themselves as such.

When one moves into another's home; one abides by the house rules. You don't invite yourself into another's home and demand that they conform to you and your whims.

It's irrelevant whether Kanaka Maoli are of mixed ethnicity; it's a cultural mainstream society of the host culture. Manifest Destiny is a dead thing and they shouldn't enforce it on to us, Hawai'i nationals. They are talking of apples and cabbages. If they want a U.S. American system; then they should go back to the U.S.A. where it is more to their liking.

There's an arrogance in thinking the U.S. brought civilization to our Hawaiian Kingdom, democracy and freedoms. Why is it that they think they are the ONLY country in the world with those attributes? The U.S. didn't like it because it was not an Anglo-version like their's which is run by the caucasian race based on Manifest Destiny doctrines. Their sole interest was coveting what wasn't theirs for pecuniary and military/political reasons. Hawai'i is expendable to achieve their elitists pursuits.

Buying into their policy is self-defeating and contributing to your demise as a culture, people, and nation as we know it to one of subjugation at the whims of the U.S. racist WASP society. Our strength is still as a Hawai'i national rather than a U.S. tribe of America, 2,300 miles away from our country.

What the U.S. could not do lawfully; they did unlawfully. U.S. Americans are crying, "Foul!" but they are the violators being here against the laws of occupation. They need to respect our people, culture, and nation. They should follow the rule of law, honor their treaties, and not covet what is not theirs. There is no Treaty of Annexation and the Hawai'i citizens overwhelmingly rejected it. Why allow yourselves to be governed and dictated by a foreign government 4,600+ miles away and its state agency here in Hawai'i force you to conform to them?

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Originally Posted by Tane:
There's an arrogance in thinking the U.S. brought civilization to our Hawaiian Kingdom, democracy and freedoms. Why is it that they think they are the ONLY country in the world with those attributes?

Aloha Tane,

I hope you don't mind, but I was compelled to reply out of accumulated past knowledge.

IMO, the Hawaiian Kingdom was the most forward thinking, progressive society in the world. Most, if not all of our Alii had a biopic, utopic vision for their kingdom. I would even call them visionaries. However, as with most visionaries, they were too far ahead of their time and suffered for their naivety. I find it ironic that only now some of the world is coming around to the ideals that Kamehameha III tried to espouse. I hope I'm not overstepping any bounds, but before MLK jr. "had a dream," our Alii had a plan. Nothing against MLK, he deserves all the credit he's due.

Of course, there's also the matter of being technologically progressive. The Kingdom was on par with any 'first world' economy; electricity being at the Palace before the White House (comeuppance for them that like to tease about coconut bras and grass huts.... of which, was that soooo bad?). When one realizes that debt is a frame of mind, as the US has taught us time and again by first replacing silver or gold certificates with legal tender, then applying for and accumulating the "credit line of perpetual indebtitude doom", and again by unabashedly telling us that the banks are privately owned and they print money at will....With all that in mind, one has to wonder if all those haole authors weren't just blowing hot air for an annexationist agenda by vilifying a certain monarch. If money makes the world go round, can humanity declare perpetual motion solved? On a more serious note, is the earth's perceived perpetual motion a function of natural laws on a grandiose scale, or is it a function of 'our' greater ineptitude for the inconceivable supernatural? Sorry I tend to ramble now and again.

Aloha nani ia kakou!


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