Low-fat/high-carb diets have been killing natives for centuries

Many of the deleterious health statistics of native Hawaiians can be blamed directly on the switch from high-fat/low-carb diets, to low-fat/high-carb diets introduced by western travelers who brought sugar and flour and other refined carbohydrates to our islands.

Ku'e! Kalo is not the answer to our health problems! The true diet we need to get back to is coconuts and fish.

Learn about the latest research regarding this evil from Gary Taubes, author of Good Calories, Bad Calories:


If we just ate kalua pig, and left the rice and poi alone, the entire native Hawaiian population would be healthier, and immune to western diseases such as obesity, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses.

-Pono Maliu

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Aloha e Pono,

Definitely right about the type of diet. On top of that, I don't see anyone doing what I used to see in my own back yard, and that is preparing the pig (from the very beginning) themselves. They usually by the pork and sometimes, buy everything else. No one actually gathers their food anymore. That's another reason, decrease of physical activity. I used to tease my brother and cousins all the time when they'd go fishing/diving, that they'd eat their profits. But at least they're getting their exercise while eating a more healthier diet high on protein.
Aloha e Kalani,

Unfortunately, exercise is NOT the important part of the equation - the decrease of physical activity is NOT the reason for obesity. Exercise is good for strength, flexibility, etc, but it is NOT a way to lose weight.

Your body is finely tuned, and if you expend more energy, it will want to consume more energy. We "work up" an appetite when we exercise, and we kill ourselves when we try to satisfy our hunger with carbohydrates.

Watch the video from the guy Gary Taubes, he explains very well how the causality of the energy in-energy out equation is reversed. Leanness causes exercise, exercise does NOT cause leanness. The government "experts" have gotten it wrong for decades now.
Hui e Pono,

I should've clarified that when I meant "exercise", I meant stop being so mobile. Everyone got out more, did a lot of things physically. And yes, exercise is not the way to lose weight, as any intelligent health trainer will tell you, the key is diet.
Yes... the Okinawan Centenarian Study proves that part about "high level of physical activity."
Sorry no... the Okinawan Centenarian Study shows the importance of exercise for longetivity and good health.



An excerpt:

"3. Cardiovascular Health and Aging
Elderly Okinawans were found to have impressively young, clean arteries, low cholesterol, and low homocysteine levels when compared to Westerners. These factors help reduce their risk for coronary heart disease by up to 80% and keep stroke levels low.

Their healthy arteries appear to be in large part due to their lifestyle: diet, regular exercise, moderate alcohol use, avoidance of smoking, blood pressure control, and a stress-minimizing psychospiritual outlook. However, there are also potential genetic aspects such as lower fibrinogen levels possibly due to differences in fibrinogen-related genes. A recent autopsy study that we conducted on a centenarian demonstrated that her coronary arteries were virtually free of atherosclerotic plague (Bernstein, Willcox et al. JGMS 2004).

The chart to the right indicates that the higher the plasma homocysteine (a new risk factor) level is, the more people suffer from cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine is an amino acid that causes damage to arterial walls. It is higher in people who don't get enough folate (e.g. green leafy vegetables) and vitamins B6, B12 but low in Okinawans."

4. Cancer and Aging
Okinawans are at extremely low risk for hormone-dependent cancers including cancers of the breast, prostate, ovaries, and colon. Compared to North Americans, they have 80% less breast cancer and prostate cancer, and less than half the ovarian and colon cancers. Some of the most important factors that may protect against those cancers include low caloric intake, high vegetables/fruits consumption, higher intake of good fats (omega-3, mono-unsaturated fat), high fiber diet, high flavonoid intake, low body fat level, and high level of physical activity.

It should be noted that Okinawans share a similar history with Hawaiians as it relates to President Ulysses Grant and they have the most centenarians and are #1 in longevity followed by Japanese at #2 and Chinese at #3. Americans are at #18.

Gary Taub studied applied physics at Harvard and aerospace engineering at Stanford then rec'd a master's degree in journalism at Columbia University. His book can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Good-Calories-Bad-Gary-Taubes/dp/1400040787 but Americans are #18. Obviously they do not know everything. Instead Okinawans, Japanese, and Chinese longetivity proves the inadequacies of his pseudo arguments in order for him to sell his book.

FWIW like my kupuna Agnes Kahoe of Kaupo Maui who lived to be 102 years old and ate poi... I will continue to eat poi too and stay active as I have since I was 15 years old. To say that or to imply that we stop eating poi is well... blasphemous to me and my kupuna is proof that eating poi is not a bad thing. How many people live to be 102. How many Americans live to be 102. Very few so no... we Hawaiians do not have to stop eating poi. That is irresponsible to say that and blasphemous too....
You're citing anecdotal evidence. And certainly it flies in the face of the negative health statistics that native Hawaiians currently have on high-carbohydrate western diets.

Don't believe the hype.
I'm not sure what you mean by anecdotal evidence.

The Okinawan Centenarian Study started in 1975. That is over 30 years versus Taub's "study" by someone who hold's a master's degree in journalism. Yeah... don't believe the hype from someone who is a journalist like Taub who has NO studies published that have stood up to peer review versus the team that has worked on the Okinawan study: http://www.okicent.org/team.html

They even have data to back up their hypotheses: http://www.okicent.org/publications.html

For example http://www.okicent.org/docs/dcw_biogerontology.pdf

What is Taub's? A quick search at PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez will show that there are NO studies by Taub nor have any stood peer review to back up his theories. NONE.

Taub is an applied physicist /aerospace engineer/journalist. Yeah... don't believe the hype of the latter. A pseudo scientist. More importantly I do not listen to so-called "American experts." In terms of longevity Americans are #18. Okinawans are #1 followed by Japanese at #2 then Chinese at #3. Don't believe the American hype. They are not doing it right obviously.
Anecdotal evidence is an example of limited utility. For the past 30 years and more U.S. government officials have poisoned the research, and funded only things that would follow the dogma of low-fat, more exercise, less calories.

Tabues is a science writer, who has done an amazing job of recording the history of the low-fat disaster.

To use Okinawans as an example of diet is stupid because that's not the only difference between Okinawans and everyone else. You need to have a hypothesis, and be willing to test that hypothesis. What hypothesis was the Okinawan study testing? NONE! They were doing an epidemiological study, and gathering conclusions without identifying mechanisms or trying to refute their theory. That is not science.

Did you even watch Tabues lecture? Have you read his book? You talk stink about him but you seem to speak from ignorance.
I actually know what anecdotal evidence is and what Taub has done is conflate other people's research and makes broad sweeping generalizations when Asians such as Okinawans, Japanese, AND Chinese have consumed simple carbs like RICE AND noodles for centuries yet STILL outlive Americans. Okinawans have a sweet potato too http://maona.net/archives/2008/01/okinawan_sweet_1.php which parallels our kalo.

Did you even read the Okinawan Centenarian study? It doesn't look like you have but in it you can clearly see that Makoto Suzuki MD PhD is a cardiologist and geriatrician who is Okinawan NOT American:



"The Okinawa Research Center for Longevity Science (ORCLS) is a leading non-profit biomedical research institute built on the foundation of the Okinawa Centenarian Study (OCS), the longest, continuously running study of hundred-year-olds in the world (established 1975). The ORCLS was officially established in 1997 by Dr. Makoto Suzuki, the Principal Investigator of the Okinawa Centenarian Study (OCS), to continue research on Okinawan centenarians after Dr. Suzuki's retirement from University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Medicine, where the OCS was conducted until 1997. Since then the ORCLS has been working together with University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Medicine (Okinawa), Okinawa International University, Department of Human Welfare (Okinawa), Pacific Health Research Institute (Hawaii), John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Hawaii), and Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology (Tokyo)."

Also Dr. Suzuki has over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications and his total publications number over 700 including scientific manuscripts, conference proceedings, books and book chapters on aging and health. Compare this to Taub who has written how many peer-reviewed scientific publications. Instead he writes about junk science by and for Americans for an American audience. This is DANGEROUS to Hawaiians and I think some of your statements do a disservice to Hawaiians.

But it is OKINAWAN based not American based which is exactly what Taub bases his book on. American studies then conflates them to say that carbs are bad. That ka ona is NOT good for Hawaiians and does a disservice to Okinawans and US HAWAIIANS.

One of their findings also addresses fat but in their case they show the benefits of higher intake of omega-3 and mon-unsaturated fat:

"Some of the most important factors that may protect against those cancers include low caloric intake, high vegetables/fruits consumption, higher intake of good fats (omega-3, mono-unsaturated fat), high fiber diet, high flavonoid intake, low body fat level, and high level of physical activity."

Also did you even read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" because if you did then chances are you would have posted a link to his book. However you did not and it's clear that he is ill qualified and he is American. Dr. Suzuki is not.

Also in the World Health Organization mortality data for 2007



they mistakenly grouped Okinawans with Japanese when they are not the same.

You clearly contradict yourself but if you believe that simple carbs are somehow "bad" then tell that to Okinawans, Japanese, AND Chinese who have consumed rice AND noodles for centuries and all of them OUTLIVE Americans and have less rates of cancer than Americans do. I personally think that some of your assertions are baseless and misguided and they do a disservice to Hawaiians but you are entitled to your
opinion as baseless and as misguided as it is. Bottom line is that Okinawans are SUPERIOR to Americans... in longevity so Hawaiians are better served to listen to the former and not the latter all proven by a 30+ year study by a collaborative effort involving Okinawan, Japanese, and American researchers. The same cannot be stated about Taub.
Interesting mana'o all around! Well, regardless of whether it's carbs or proteins or whatevas that are killing us, I think we would do better by being ourselves, huh? I think it's awesome that those super-old Okinawans were also found to have high quality of life, mobility and cognitive abilities at such advanced age; both proteins and good carbs seem to have a role, but most importantly, they were following the good habits of their kupuna, right?

One upsetting follow-up to the Centanarian study, though (I believe that it also may have been mentioned in the actual study?) is that the generations following these centenarians may not be expected to enjoy the same longevity, due largely to the culprits we know so well -- Americanizatized lifestyle habits, including huge quantities of SPAM (actually they eat another brand, but same smell) and white rice & flour. Just like Hawai'i, Okinawa has been subjected to U.S. militarization and specifically the infamous post-WWII "occupation diet", and our Uchinanchu braddahs & sistas are suffering for it, just like us. Shitty carbs AND shitty proteins are killers, just like the Strykers, polluted waters, contaminated soil and nuclear defueling mess that are part of Uncle Sam's "Pacific care package". That's my mana'o, anyway. Mahalo nui!
Aloha kaua.

Yeah that part I noticed about their kupuna and Americanized lifestyle habits which can kill us. Come to think of it... it is killing us so to me it's very sad when people dying at such a young age.

I agree with this too:

"Shitty carbs AND shitty proteins are killers, just like the Strykers, polluted waters, contaminated soil and nuclear defueling mess that are part of Uncle Sam's "Pacific care package".


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