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How about relevant Wikipedia links? I'm not allowed to "recruit" editors on any topic, but I do think that any online community of conscious Hawaiians needs to be aware of the #1(editable) international information source about us. I mean, if some kid (or lawyer) in Kansas hears that there was such a thing as an overthrow, where's he gonna go for information?

Some pages of interest:
Overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy

Native Hawaiians

Hawaiian sovereignty movement

Legal status of Hawaii ("the ring")


Aloha ʻAina

Blount Report

Morgan Report

...and there's LOTS more where those came from!

Right now (since I've been on sanity break for a while) there's exactly 1-2 people going nuts (as the same 2 have been all year) to keep this MAJOR info source from being totally reduced to a GRIH forum. But they can't keep up.

I'm not recruiting, just informing!
Kanu Hawai'i - that's the one. He mea maka'i kela.
Alani needs to be on here...
Oh and Hawaiian Journal of Law and Politics and BTW they are currently accepting applications: Hui Malama I Na Kupuna 'o Hawai'i Nei

and for those like me who like to listen to Hawaiian music while on the continental U.S. my favorite radio station with streaming audio:
hawaiian charter school websites

the pinky show:


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