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The Aloha Aina group on Maoliworld is looking for help with our group logo. We're a group for people interested in achieving Hawaiian independence, demilitarization, economic sovereignty, and human rights. This group is moderated by MANA (Movement for Aloha No ka Aina), a new organization which is just getting started. Our goal is 'to put the move back in movement!'

Please help us create a logo for our group!
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Lets start off with a better understanding of what might visually portray the group.

What do you see in your mind's eye for

1. Hawiian Independance
image of a:

2. Demiltarization

3.Economic Sovereignty

4. Mana

If you have any ideas for these or any other ideas, we should throw this out there to make it a participatory design for the people by the people..........heeere we go. Holo Mua
Good idea, Jon. Your thoughts make for a good brainstorming session. It also gives me something to think about besides studying. *akaaka*
1. I see different shades of blue because it reminds me of the ocean, which signifies freedom for me. A sea of islands - we are united with the Kai ʻEwalu. Ocean colors because the ocean is majestic. Ocean colors because the ocean is a force to be reckoned with. Ocean colors because life began there.
2. I instantly equate demilitarization with peace, which in turn I equate with Lono. His was the time of maluhia, ea? As for a color, I am thinking white. Not sure why. But then again, I think of light green, because of sprouting, growing things, which I equate with life. But then again, what is Lono without the dyad of Ku? More musings ...
3. Hmm. This one is more challenging for me ... Being self-sufficient was possible in past - I seem to understand that through farming and fishing and conserving natural resources our kupuna were able to sustain themselves quite well for the most part (bar the occasional famine). Here my thoughts are draw to Haloa, to kalo. Symbol of many things ... I am also drawn to Kane - god of fresh water, without it we cannot survive, plants donʻt grow.
4. Mana is in everything. The people - kupuna i hala, kupuna e ola, na mamo, na hanauna e hiki mai ai ... hard to choose a symbol - canʻt decide on any one thing. Color? Depends on what symbol is chosen.
This should become an interesting discussion. I am looking forward to reading other peopleʻs manaʻo.
That is awesome, I too am curious to see what others think. It would seem that not only a great discussion but a series of artwork might bloom from this topic...

I like the tie to the kai for the freedom thought and the kaona is pretty deep

I have a hard time with the demilitarization topic, but Lono is a definite match... The sprouting seed is a strong symbol and instantly this calls the Hapu'u fern's new leaf. Its elegance and piko form is a very powerful, yet quiet image.

The Kalo is a good analogy the depth of this guy, well....

Mana whew, how does one put a face to the name.....I associate this with an electrical spark like when sleeping in a sleeping bag at the top of haleakala and seeing sparks from your body dissipate into the cloth. Or the feeling of the human body connecting the heavens and the earth like a lightning rod. Or jumping into an out of body experience during ceremony....anyway, I detract

This is super cool. The topic, the design, the mana'o.....alllllriiiiight
Aloha kakou,
I really like several of the images mentioned above --
- the sprouting seed (particularly if there were a way to show it sprouting from concrete)
- an electric spark
- human body connecting heaven and earth

Could you do a mock-up of some of these? Could be really perfect.

Aloha aina
Papahanaumoku and Wakea. What better way to illustrate the human body connecting heaven and earth to signify life and creation?


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