Who is the woman who has had the greatest impact on you?

In celebration of International Women's Day, let's honor the women who have played a key role in our lives.

Who is that person, for you?

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The one women in my life that has made such a positive impact would be my Grandmother, Harriet Inakeau Kapahua Kalaukoa. She was the one that raised me growing up. All that I have that is instilled in me today, is because of her. As I am an adult now and a mother myself, I can teach my daughter all that she has taught me. Being a TRUE Hawaiian Women... Not letting people dictate who I should be for the better of THEM. Knowing that nothing comes to you for free, all that you want you should work for it. Not to rely on anyone to get what YOU want, that YOU can get for yourself. And being a strong women in this time and age. I thank her for all that she has taught me. And now, I am sharing with my teenage daughter today.
Your love is like a tree
whose roots grow deep within my heart.
Your life is like a stream
flowing through my cherished memories of you and I.
Your smile is like the rising sun
shining a light that resounds in my eyes.
Your laughter is like the ripples
from a pebble casted into the depths of my soul.
Your spirit is like the stars
shining brightly for all to see.
Though I can't see you
You'll always be watching over me on my life's journey....

That was dedicated to my late Grandma, Evelyn Moikeha. She was a special and wonderful spirit in our ohana and will be missed greatly. Aloha 'oe tutu!
he kane akamai loa keia me ka ha'i oiaio!
The woman who has played a key role in my life, is my is my Kupunawahine, Madeline Fernandez Brusco. Her spirit continues to play a strong key role in my life today. ALOHA KUU AINA HAWAII is a song that she composed and is the greatest gift that she left for me. My Kupunawahine did not support statehood for Hawaii. It is to my Kupunawahine that I go to in prayer so many times.
Charlene Waiwaiole


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