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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs Administrator Clyde Nama'u and Johnnathan Scheurer are the names on the DCCA registration listing them as the business heads in Hi'i Paka, to manage and control Waimea valley on the same time they work for OHA. What are your thoughts?

The other question is, do you think the valley should go back to the family to manage and control?

There are two concerns; the four acres where the bones of Hewahewa are and the other part of the valley that Hi'i Paka is managing as we you think we should turn it into a sanctuary? What are your thoughts?


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I agree with you. My auntie use to work at the Park awhile back and the valley is very sacred and I think it is horrible when Hawaiians get charged to enter onto our own sacred grounds. I also agree that the valley is nothing to play around with and OHA are lining their pockets in more than just Waimea, and Kaua`i. They are here on Moku O Keawe, gaining more lands so they can sign it all away (through the Akaka bill) and stop our access and gathering rights forever through the Ceded Lands settlement in bills written to write our nations birthright. Dat right there is hewa so what does it mean to save the valley? Now OHA has it, what are they going to do with it? It should go back to the family so they can reconnect (directly) with their rich heritage. It is their kuleana lands and although I believe if they live on it and have it, they should work on it (mahi`ai) and care for it. Now that is truly saving the valley.....and what about the management of the park and using all those revenues it brings in to go for easement upgrades. Hmmmm what is the maintenance. Why not let the family decide. There is a beach here where the state is letting the family take care of it. They have a small concession stand and handle the maintenance as well as handle the permits. I think that is a great thing to do and with trustable people in the drivers seat, maybe they can make it a workable thing and use revenues to put more Hawaiians on the land and help them to better understand their roots and the responsibilities that come with taking on an endeavor. but Palease make the military clean up their hewa....auwe...that really irritates me. I can't be at the reunion but I believe it would be great to have one and whooo that is a big family.

Mahalo Kawehi for opening our eyes ..... if you come to Kona, please feel free to contact me...

Mahalo Kealoha for your comment.

Was the valley really saved since the military is situated up stream? I guess it depends on what "saving the valley" means. Are they saving it for their own personal businesses or like Pono said, "for the good of all Hawaiians"? That would be my question. If it costs millions to maintain the valley, then hire the ohana. Who is the public easement for? The scary thing is, what is OHA planning to do with it.
Aloha Momi,

Great! Come and see for yourself the 'ohana at work, putting forward our best foot to gain the confidence of our 'ohana to do what is pono for Keakua first, Hewahewa and the rest of our ancestors to see your 'ohana and all the other 'ohana both in Waimea and Waimanalo Ahupua'a.

I will check into Hi'iiPaka's gmo kalo question tomorrow from Gary. I hope not, he will hear
it from me...he is my ex brother in law...we get along.

Would be great to get more people like you who know what is going on. Time for a change.

If you type in Hewahewa Reunion 2008, you will find our site. It's really under renovations to update the site so don't mind the introduction with Nami because that is all going to change. We are including all the applications in two weeks and you could download and read the minutes, calendar, list of heads of committees to the steering committees, fundraisers, and a host of 20 other committees that is looking at hosting more than 5,000 people from all over the world.

The lands are begging for us to come home. I can feel it in my na'au when I am there next to where his bones are buried. Hawaiians with ideas for the valley can talk about it at the meeting...everything is put right up front for our people, the Hawaiians with options and we will move together. OHA is history. If they are good to us, we may allow them to play with us.

I am not buying Dan Inouye's b.s. about us having to prove that we are Americans...I am not! I am quite satisfied being and living Hawaiian without anyone, let alone an American Hawaiian to tell me what to do in my own home. I guess Hawaiian women have a little bit of Ka'ahumanu's spirit in us as well as Liliu's.

Tell your 'ohana about the reunion...just spread the word. Mostly likely 3 out of 5 Hawaiians are related to Pa'ao to Hewahewa. Most Hawaiians in Waimanalo are related. I would like to get other people to my site below, "The Whole Bag of Poi" and develop that with updates o the reunion, issues, pictures, news, art, plants, animals and the spiritual world.

After reading your response, I had to respond immediately. We did have a great meeting today and after the meeting we went to another meeting with the Kahalewai 'ohana on Waialae
Avenue to break bread and still plan for other things, toss ideas around and a resolution plan.

Inclosing, watch for "The Whole Bag of Poi".
Good night and God Bless you 'ohana.
See you at the meeting? We may be coming
to Kona otherwise...

I'm not familiar with the management of Waimea Valley - here are some questions: 1) What kind of business is Hi'i Paka? Do they receive revenue from the activities there? What do they use the money for? Upkeep? 2) Who owns or has the deed/title to the valley? 3) Depending on your answers - there could be a conflict of interest for OHA to be involved with the property. 4) I think it should be protected - yes - I do, especially because of the bones of Hewahewa. I feel the family should manage and be keepers of the valley. These are just my thoughts.



( we have been indoctrinated to think otherwise)

here is a quickly condensed version.....


U.S. Code collection: a foreign codification; meaning this is foreign code; code is not a law.

TITLE 28 > PART I > CHAPTER 5 > § 91 – take a look at what they are assuming in their foreign regime:
§ 91. Hawaii

Hawaii constitutes one judicial district which includes the Midway Islands, Wake Island, Johnston Island, Sand Island, Kingman Reef, Palmyra Island, Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Canton Island, and Enderbury Island: Provided, That the inclusion of Canton and Enderbury Islands in such judicial district shall in no way be construed to be prejudicial to the claims of the United Kingdom to said Islands in accordance with the agreement of April 6, 1939, between the Governments of the United States and of the United Kingdom to set up a regime for their use in common.

Court shall be held at Honolulu.

Shall we begin? Look at the void contract that the de facto group founds it's municipal make-up upon: In section 75 of the ":Organic Act": the so called "courts" that the racist illegal occupants force the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina into in the past and at present – are in fact - branches of a bank. Banks do not have judicial powers. Local police [impersonators] are not mandated to uphold financial decisions.

Take another look at the “Organic Act ” of 1900: Section 91: "the Hawaiian Treasury" is falsely stated to be in the “territory of Hawaii” which is now calling themselves the [state of Hawaii] since 1967 ( US attempts to pull in “federal” TAX DEBTORS. Making up a “district”). There is no record of transfer required by law. A private corporation, the Territory of Hawaii uses military rule and is reserved by the [state of hawaii], creating three extraction or "commercial conduit" districts;[state;federal;military] for de facto purposes to divert revenue and covertly manipulate displacement of nationals, WITHOUT disrupting or terminating the nation of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina.

In the foreign USC section above, we see:

1) "Agreement" April 6, 1939 _ BETWEEN the US / UK: attempting to pull in more “DEBTORS” to the social security system. Please take judicious notice that the lawful possessors of any of the alleged property referred to (Ko Hawaii Pae Aina); are NOT A PART OF IT.

2) That 'REGIME' is exactly that; a controlling conduit to manipulate taxation owed by the united states federal government to the United Kingdom; the United States is a COMMONWEALTH of the United Kingdom today and it consists of “Districts” – “ use in common" = equals the “commonwealth” another “cover up”. This states that the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina under the false disguise as “Hawaii” [an artificial being] are supposed to pay taxation owed by a foreign nation to their head corporation of which they are a “commonwealth”. The united states just attempted to get payment for their debt out of another country. ILLEGAL EXTRACTION/EXTORTION.

3) "District", "municipal" = equals = TAXATION -

None of these documents are applicable to the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina – the legitimate identity real party in interests of national kuleana, the constitutional, freeholders. (not to be construed with native Hawaiians, or de facto groups)

Hawaii – misnomer, identity fraud There is no record of authorization by the nationals/ nation of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

THE BROKEN CHAIN that invalidates this “codification” assumes false information about what is being alluded to.....

The “Organic Act” of 1900 is a LITERAL pathetic attempt at covering up two years of a failed “annexation” attempt negogiated on July 7, 1897 between the alleged "republic of Hawaii" club members and the foreign U.S. Secretary of state, it is turn a pathetic attempt at covering up the non existent falsely claimed “overthrow” of a Constitutional Monarchy and a full Constitutional Parliamentary style Government.

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina (Hawaiiloa,an ancestor) was established as a Constitutional Nation on Oct. 8, 1840, securing kuleana on July 6, 1839 to all kanaka maoli a oiwi. Divestiture of private and shared properties,validated in lawful procedure was dutifully accomplished by the year 1855, thereby reinforcing the entire archipelago against foreign insertion or invasion making acquirement by another country impossible.

The committee of “safety” committed the crime of Illegal fix of trade on Jan. 17, 1893, impersonated government officers and held the Constitutional Queen Liliuokalani hostage for three years. That group never got her to sign a thing over and they certainly received zilch, nada, ole, zero from the nationals who had already been granted by law all the kuleana in the nation (including all northwestern islands by Treaty of May 16, 1854). While the Constitutional Queen was in chains, the unrecognized “provisional government” group of about 3,000 members, attempted to falsify documents held in the treasury and government registry; making office of Crown lands and Alii lands temporarily given to the de jure government of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina (for true nationals means) a hodgepodge mixture of what was labeled by them as “public lands” (August 12, 1894) which was and is illegal and non existent today.; this mixture became falsely labeled as “Ceded lands” (July 7, 1898) by literal assertion; then the parties to that falsified contract falsely claimed to possess (although in the actual possession of all nationals at the time) - all the domain of what each illegal de facto group had falsely claimed before them; those parties entered another fraudulent contract called the “Organic Act” (6-15-1900) alleging to fabricate a “territory” which ruled under martial law imposed by foreign assertion (unconstitutional); to circumvent the foreign constitutional limitations that govern legitimate territories of the United States, the foreign unauthorized congress thereof entered contract with a naturalized united states citizen impersonating a national of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina; he was called Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole (1920) alleging to relegate “native Hawaiians” to fabricated reservations to enhance internal displacement of nationals and to falsely enter them into fraudulent contracts, he denounced national allegiance for himself and his heirs to the nation that bore him Ko Hawaii Pae Aina; he took an allegiance to the de facto United States and received a court order confirming his act of state, thereby making him and his heirs forever - united states federal,14th amendment, 3rd class citizen thereof and removing any kuleana that he may have had or could claim to his original nation; the same parties to said false contract that alleged to create a taxable “district” out of an artificial corporation called “HAWAII” [they do not mention “territory”] with the United Kingdom as a “commonwealth” to accommodate foreign extraction -social security- via “HAWAII” (4-6-1939) falsely presented under private corporate laws that allow a third party intermediary to manage other peoples properties, but only by lawful process ; like USC Title 18; then the de facto “territory” of Hawaii group alleged to hold a "vote" in Honolulu in (1959) falsely alleging to validate the mythhood of “statehood” despite there being only about 17% qualified voter nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, the rest were foreigners or de jure dual citizens. The same unauthorized parties alleged to “ratify” by unilateral and illegitimate process the voter fraud of 1959, in the year of 1967; at the time the United States alleged federal taxation increases. Examining "who" is subject to such frivolous contracts, we must hold up section four (4) of that fabrication document called the "Organic Act 1900", wherein the parties thereto agree that only the certified citizens who were citizens of the Republic of Hawaii group and the citizens of the u/United s/States on August 12, 1894 are subject. Making the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina not subject thereto and non parties thereof, we have not entered into the de facto regime at all and freely choose to unite in Peace.

All successors-in-crime and liable interests of the "committee of safety" group that committed the illegal fix of trade on January 17, 1893, are namely all of the "citizens" of the "Provisional government" group; then their successor called the "republic of Hawaii" group; then their successor called the "territory of Hawaii" group; then their successor called the "state of Hawaii" group, each predeccessor in crime and liable interests legally passed on their liability in crime and assigned such liability to each successor and assignee only. Each document used by the de facto [state of Hawaii] and their de facto affiliates, is an assignment of criminal liability and NOTHING ELSE. These assignment of criminal liability records can be found at the Archives (occupied), [state legal archives] and bureau of conveyances [occupied de facto].

FROM 1-17-1893 TO PRESENT: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF PROOF OF TRANSFER OF AUTHORITY, JURISDICTION OR OTHERWISE OF KO HAWAII PAE AINA BY IT’S NATIONALS TO ANY OF THE DE FACTO ILLEGITIMATE REGIMES..... And there never will be, there lacks the basic elements of claim by the illegitimate de facto; 1) the authority of the “grantor” is non existent [provisional group is on record as having nothing] 2) the “grantee” knowingly commits crimes by participating in falsifying information that will deprive people of their private properties; 3) the alleged “property” is non existent and 4) there is no lawful consideration. If the alleged “state of Hawaii” group attempts to falsely transfer the private properties of nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina under false pretenses; the alleged transfer fails for lack of all of the above.

The alleged control through racial policing of the revenue and civil rights belonging to the nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina by the illegal occupant/successor/assignee of criminal liability regime via [state of Hawaii] is unlawful and based entirely upon false pretenses and causes temporary internal displacement of nationals.

DUE TO THE INCAPABILITY OF THE DE FACTO [STATE OF HAWAII] to be anything but illegitimate the legitimate de jure (based on permanent law) nationals of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina (legitimate dejure) have lawful standing to reenter upon all lawful national rights WITHOUT an intermediary, such as illegitimate, de facto artificial "entity" like the alleged "state" or any of it's subordinates, agents and contractual partners.

We know that the nationals, naturalised and de jure dual citizens of ko Hawaii Pae Aina, that have unknowingly entered into fraudulent contracts are FREE to void them and activate lawful use of their private and shared kuleana. We know that we do not have to accept liability for the third party public and private debts of a foreign country, we re-vest our aina and stand apart within our own jurisdiction. We know that the kuleana that provides the ground for illegal reservations called Hawaiian Homelands, is actually our own. We know that we are a true de jure nation within the Family of Nations.

Wow. That's so much more than I knew about. Thank you for this information.
Aloha Oe,

Mahalo for all who contributed to this discussion.

As I said earlier, Hi'i Paka is a non-profit American group. We walked the land on Monday just passed, 3-24-08 and found out that it would take $10,000,000 according to Gary Gill to make
repairs and bring that place up to the beauty it was before the foreigner took over management in the 70's and made a mess. Little help to the stream, taro and landscape needs human help.

As for what they are going to do? So far, it's business as usual with tourists going in at $10.00 per person/$6.00 for children. They make about $6,000.00 a day with minimal
snack shop and gift shop. The draw is the falls.

Personally, I feel the valley should be preserved as a Spiritual Sactuary it's uses are limited
to that process and not a touristy one. When you have time, go and visit for yourself and see what is there and you decide.



No comments. Infact, we had Mahealani here this weekend and she opened my eyes, mind and heart.

OHA's days are numbered...along with them goes Lingle et. al.

I am curious about the "characterization" of the title - that is/was in the hands of OHA - but that seems to now be in the hands of Hi'i Paka.

If OHA held title - or whatever it is that it had - especially if it can be characterized as part of the "trust lands" - then it (OHA and its trustees) may be liable in converting (stealing) trust lands into "private" lands - as I would guess that Hi'i Paka is NOT A TRUST, but something close to being a regular 501(c)(3) corporation. There doesn't seem to be any of OHA's trustees that are part of Hi'i Paka or any mention of OHA's benficiaries.

Initial reports from those who should be in the "know" seem to indicate that Hi'i Paka is a "private" LLC with "private" persons administering it AND with no obligation or accountability to any beneficiary of OHA.

If this is true - then these facts may provide sufficient fodder for a lawsuit by OHA's beneficiaries agains OHA and its trustees - as a breach of trust is very serious - in fact it is a violation of the fiduciary responsibilities and obligations that the OHA trustees have.



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