Aloha Maoli World,

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs Administrator Clyde Nama'u and Johnnathan Scheurer are the names on the DCCA registration listing them as the business heads in Hi'i Paka, to manage and control Waimea valley on the same time they work for OHA. What are your thoughts?

The other question is, do you think the valley should go back to the family to manage and control?

There are two concerns; the four acres where the bones of Hewahewa are and the other part of the valley that Hi'i Paka is managing as we you think we should turn it into a sanctuary? What are your thoughts?


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Aloha e Kawehi,

I don't trust OHA's hand in anything. but if the families can manage the area (I hear it is a large amount) and they want the responsibility of doing so, I think they should go for it. If it is too much for them maybe they can share it with others who can handle different parcels of it. I don't know how much land is of concern but I don't trust OHA for anything at all.
Sad to say but it's true.

Heaha kou mana`o?
Ae Momi pololei.
The area is over 1,200 acres.
The families are meeting as speak to talk about the uses and how to better the conditions there as well.
After two tidal waves, tsunami and the military running over sacred sites it's time to fix what is hewa and move forward.
Thank you for your thoughts.

God Bless You and Your Baby,
Aloha Ta'uhere,

As head of the committee for legal/advisory for the Hewahewa reunion it is our job to look at legal issues
including what OHA's position is in this valley and found out interesting information that leads us to believe that it is a conflic of interest according to two other lawyers, even under the occupiers rules

You are in the right place, wrong name...DCCA report under Hi'iPaka LLC is how it is registered.
According to Gary Gill at a Feb. 9, 2008 meeting in Waimea with Pa'ao-Hewahewa descendents
who said that his bosses; Clyde Namu'o and Johnathan Scheurer, his bosses were using the measuring
stick of, "Native Hawaiian" to determine the uses of the valley.

On going meetings to prepare for a reunion in that valley invites all descendents to attend and discuss preparation for Oct. 9-11, 2008...of which two days; 9-10th will be in the valley. At the moment we are
debating to close the park or leave it open. From legal, we suggested that HiiPaka close the park for two days and write off the $20,000.00 they want us to pay. OHA wasted 12 million on the Akaka Bill, they (along with HiiPaka can make up the $20,000.00 throughout the year. On a good month, records will show that the valley can gross over $100,000.00 a month.

That's the whole bag of poi.
Thanks for filling me in on the whole bag of poi....Kawehi.

Can you explain what they mean by, "using the measuring stick of "Native Hawaiian" to determine the uses of the valley" ?

Maybe if the descendants have the right to reuse and manage the valley it might create more kalo agriculture to make more poi. Well, who knows what kind of contamination the military has left in the valley.

Mahalo for the info.
Still confused,

You might want to ask Gary Gill that question. I didn't create Hi'iPaka or Hi'ilei Aloha. He himself couldn't explain it and had no idea about the history of the land or the question on the title.
As far as I know, OHA is a state agency...serving the made American corporation. You tell me how in all honesty can OHA be all that and then try to be "the entity" to morph into a nation? They aiding and abetting the occupier in my view who has no business being charge of our trust; money and lands. It should be the Hawaiian people...not OHA, the State of Hawai'i and all those uppity Native Hawaiians who don't give a rip about what our people or our ancestors who put Hawai'i on the map and who contributed to Hawai'i's rich and vibrant quick OHA forgets who they are supposed to mirror... OHA's people are liars...straight up and they are the mouth piece for the U.S. coached, guided and groomed by Dan Inouye to push the Akaka Bill which
Inouye wants as a feather in his cap and Akaka's cap before they kick the bucket and go to their graves quietly. Well, it's not going to happen that way. We will diplomatically make pono what is hewa. t's no secret that Inouye is the puppet master and Native Hawaiians are the puppets.

In the end it's Keakua who will make the final decision. We just try to inform the people so they know what is going on in order to make informed decisions should they be caught off guard, they will know how to answer and answer intelligibly. The Kau Inoa commercials are a good example. People today still asking...why? should I put my name? That's all.

It's not my's my parent's, grand parent's and ancestors calling of people like me being receptive and being one of God's children I believe I have a duty to them and our children who are either going to make it or not and have to survive in a society that will continue to demand our lands for their uses while our people go homeless, on drugs, in prison, abused and uneducated because the wrong Hawaiians were in charge and those Hawaiians who iknew the truth did nothing about it? I don't think so...whatever the cost, there will be change through diplomatic terms on our end.

I didn't say anything about developing private endeavors for their own benefit...those are your words. However, we have seen it many times how OHA uses people to their own promotion of their form of government, as we saw in the Kaho'olawe Island and the poorly put together history of how Indians and Hawaiians are similar in the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (notice the use of the capital "N" as in Native Hawaiian= American citizens and i.e., nation to nation, enveloped in the Akaka Bill, and wasting over 12 million dollars while our people are homeless and without giving our cause for independence one penny of our money to educate and promote independence to the masses by example...such as running that valley for the benefit of and bettering the condition of our people. It's all been so far, wasting money on political issues, attorneys and lobbyists who don't work in the interest of the "native Hawaiians" who are the only ones who have their rights protected while the Native Hawaiians continue to chose to stay deaf, dumb and blind.

What is fair? From a Hawaiian perspedtive the correct way to handle any land issue would be for OHA to train the Hawaiians to manage and control that valley according to and based on a plan made by the 'ohand and what the 'ohana wants to see happen to that land. At the same time caring for the land in such a way that is respectful and honorable to Pa'ao and Hewahewa and our ancestors who were advanced thinking people who looked out for the whole...not American thinking. It's time for a change.

I don't say things lightly and I will defend my position to the hilt.

Oh my goodness....I feel the same as you on every topic you hit on. I second your statement and I'm so glad that you are the head of the legal/advisory committee for the Hewahewa `ohana. That seat suits you well. Maika`i.
What is fair? EO ! you spelled it out Perfectly RIGHT HERE ! From a Hawaiian perspedtive the correct way to handle any land issue would be for OHA to train the Hawaiians to manage and control that valley according to and based on a plan made by the 'ohand and what the 'ohana wants to see happen to that land. At the same time caring for the land in such a way that is respectful and honorable to Pa'ao and Hewahewa and our ancestors who were advanced thinking people who looked out for the whole...not American thinking. It's time for a change.

I don't say things lightly and I will defend my position to the hilt.

Mahalo e Kawehi

Pono :)
but first before anybody should go into the valley. The water needs to be tested for depleted uranium since the military is upstream. Maybe not OHA to train, since they seem so disconnected to the `aina and look at it as a cash cow for their own needs. but Hawaiians can train each other. There are alot of smart environmentally conscious Hawaiians out there. Just a suggestion. We have Hawaiians in DLNR, Education, (some americanized) etc.... I would be worried if OHA had their hands in anything to do with whatever endeavors the ohana decides on this land. Cause they are not a true Hawaiian organization.
Aloha Keakua,

In American thinking, the Native Hawaiian measuring stick means, using American laws in the "taking" of the valley by the U.S. military using Native Hawaiians known as, the American citizens...those Hawaiians who see themselves as Americans and Hawai'i, a part of the U.S.A...who supports the Akaka Bill, Kau Inoa, OHA and various other groups who never did anything for the Hawaiian people for 75 years, all of a sudden is pumped up with money, programs and conventions that wasted 12 million dollars alone on the Akaka Bill.

Yes, the lands are contaminated with the miliatry just being on such a sacred partial of land. There will be a need to research and check on the pollution issues for sure. I have hope that all will be taken cared of in the way that is pono.

Mahalo Momi,

That's The Whole Bag of Poi,
I can't remember where I read this but is Hi`i Paka trying to do gmo kalo? So does this mean anyone non hawaiians can manage the valley according to them. I guess I also heard that the term "Native Hawaiian" means "anyone" born in Hawai`i not necessarily of Kanaka maoli descent. Ugh... that would irritate me if that is what "the measuring stick" means.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. What an abuse of power on Namu`o's behalf if it is true. I believe both my husband and I are descended from Hewahewa as well as the maka`ainana and I think the families should be able to decide, and possibly even manage the park as an economic source.

How in the world does the military destroy archaeological sites on every single island and they can't even afford to clean up their own mess so why are they continuing the destruction through the stryker....ok, I know I'm getting off subject. They should be obligated to clean up their mess in the valley....

Mahalo e Kawehi. This is a real eye opener on OHA's dirty deeds....if it is true and I don't put it past them. Mahalo for your blessings....I guess we gotta stay tuned to see if there is more to this bag of poi....
I have lived just above this ahupua'a for 10 years - my husband's ohana since the 30s. I agree there is still much mystery about the future of the valley, the stewardship of the valley and what exactly does -- "Easements ensuring public access while staving off future development" really mean? (All at an annual cost into the millions for maintenance and management of the valley.)

but what is clear - is that the valley IS and WAS saved by the combined actions of the City, OHA and others in the public/private partnership who acted quickly to push for the settlement with New York investor Christian Wolffer - who had planned to build multiple luxury homes deep into the valley...
Aloha Kealoha,

We have 'ohana living up there in Pupukea since the 50's and only now they are learning the true history of that place. Waimea is sacred and nothing to play around with. If the wrong people are in there, they can get hurt. Waimea is crown land protected from third party entities like OHA. OHA spent millions on land that belongs to us the native Hawaiian whose money they are spending lands that are ours. Who in there right mind would buy something that is yours to use already for free. Only OHA would do that because they are not "Hawaiian" (nationality and not race status) but an American (corporation). The question is, Who is OHA saving the valley for??? Themselves...their pockets lined with perks, political favors, corrupt politics, lies and so forth. I cannot be pono because of their nature. Have you ever hear the story about the turtle and the scorpion? That is how we have to view the City, OHA and walking on eggs.

Thank you Kealoha for your comments. Mahalo, Kawehi.


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