Kōkua kiʻi poʻo kālepalepa (Help with MaoliWorld Title banners)

Did you know that you can adorn your page with a photographic title banner? Depending on the theme of page you choose, the banner size might vary, but a good starting size is 995 x 140 pixels.

When you go to "My Page" on the left side, just below your profile pic is an invitation to change your Photo or Theme, which takes you to a page that allows you to select a general theme, and below that, to customize your page.

The title image, which will ultimately be set just behind the title "Maoliworld" and run partially or complete across the top of your page is called the "Header" and can be selected under the options for "Header & Navigation"

Look to the right column of the option boxes just below "Header & Navigation" and there will be a littl picture icon. When you click on that, you will be able to Upload a Photo, and you can choose to "Upload an image from your computer"

You can have fun trying different pictures, but if they are not the right size or dimensions, they might fail to load or look quite weird.

Iʻve taken a bit of time to create a few sample Maoliworld headers, mostly showing some spectacular landscapes from all over our pae ʻāina nani loa. You may save them to your computer, then upload to your page! Three small samples are below, and some full sized images are attached.

If you would like to see more, just let me know. I have perhaps a dozen different ones...

aloha wale i ka nani o ka ʻāina!


Mauna Kea snow

Haleakalā ʻāhinahina (silverswords)


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And while weʻre at it, here are three more, the first one of which is my current header, so you can go to my page to see how it looks there...

Koʻolau mountains from Kāneʻohe

Nā Kuamauna (Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa from Haleakalā)

Huli a loaʻa i nā kānaka i ka nahele o Poamoho? (Find the people in the forest of Poamoho)

mahalo nui loa 'Ohu,
I will make some too, for otherz who like .
ʻAe, please post them here, e Pono -- I notice you are adept at the flashy graphics! You do that professionally?
I have collected up about a dozen banner images and put them in a picture album called "Maoliworld banners." To get there, go to Photos, find the menu item taking you to "All albums" and then find the "Maoliworld banners" albums and you are set. be sure to download the largest size image using the "all sizes" option. Once the image lives on your computer, you can pull it into your page using the instructions elsewhere in this discussion.


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