Aloha mai kakou, Anyone care to comment on the recent events that are trying to be stifled and covered up by media and the Kauai Police Department, regarding the false arrest of Ali'i Nui Dayne Aipoalani of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi. One writer who recently published a two part series in Kaua'i's newspaper, The Garden Island, covered this story on his online blog site This site also goes into great detail about the Kauai Police Department's continued abuse of power in strengthening their department with dangerous "Homeland Security" training and tactics, as well as equipment such as the use of tasers, nerve gas, and increased enforcement tactics. Please read and comment. Kanaka Maoli it's important that you know your jurisdiction within Ko Hawaii Pae Aina! Help us in putting a stop to police corruption and their continued abuse of power in cases like this against our people. Hale Mawae Eo Lono! Don't Bust A Move Dayne! Article by Juan Wilson on 5 May 2008( On Wednesday, April 30th an anti-GMO meeting was held in Hanapepe at the United Church for Christ. Among the sixty or so people attending were Richard Hoeppner, of People for the Preservation of Kauai, and Dayne Aipoalani, of the Kingdom of Atooi. Dayne was with his wife Toni and twenty month old daughter Alana. Dayne and Richard have known each other and worked together. Richard is a retired police detective and Dayne wanted to have the Kingdom of Atooi marshals get some formal police training, especially in conflict resolution, and mediation. The two have also worked against the Superferry coming to Kauai and against Syngenta spraying herbicides next to Waimea Canyon Middle School. Dayne and Toni had become alarmed because neighborhood children had become sick and even one of their own had become ill after Syngenta spraying. The anti-GMO meeting broke up about nine p.m. The Dayne and the family got in their truck and headed to the parking lot exit to get on the highway going west and home to Kekaha. When he got to the stop sign, at the highway, Dayne noticed a darkened police cruiser parked next to Hanapepe Park. It turned on its lights and pulled up to the stop sign opposite him. Suspecting something, Dayne did not pull out onto the highway, but waited for the police car to move first. It didn’t. Fifteen seconds went by. Suddenly the cop car turned right onto the highway heading west. Dayne followed him. As Dayne pulled away he noticed two vehicles emerge from the church parking lot and follow behind his truck. A SUV and a sedan. At this time Rich Hoeppner was preparing to leave the church too. Rich drove east towards Kalaheo. As Dayne continued west there was little traffic as he came to Moi Street. But there another police cruiser was parked. It fell into line behind him and the two unmarked vehicles. In less than a minute Dayne was passing the National Guard facility on the makai side of the highway. Three police cruisers joined the parade. The police cruisers all at once turned on their flashers and in front of Salt Pond Store pulled Dayne over and boxed him in. Police swarmed Dayne’s truck. From the unmarked SUV four SWAT police emerged in camo and vests. They carried gas canisters and other special equipment. The police team was lead by police officers Steve Sueoka and Detective Hank Barriga. Dayne knew he was in trouble because of Sueoka’s role in the August 2007 Superferry demonstrations. In December of last year KPD Chief Darryl Perry recognized Sueoka for his exceptional assistance of the United States Coast Guard during that time. After Dayne’s car was surrounded by the police and SWAT team there was a lot of yelling. Sueoka said; “You are under arrest!” Dayne said; “What for? What did I do? Wait a minute.” When asked to get out of his truck Dayne did not understand why. He got on his cell phone and called friends for advise and help. Richard Hoeppner got a call as he was passing Kalaheo. He turned the car around and headed for Salt Pond Store. Sueoka continued; “We have a warrant.” Dayne answered; I’m not getting out of the car until I know what’s going on.” Sueoka showed Dayne the warrant. As it turned out the warrant the police were carrying was for failure to show up at a plea hearing on the charge of impersonating an officer. During the August Superferry demonstrations Dayne carried a badge identifying himself as an officer of the Kingdom of Atooi. He never claimed to be a KPD policeman. He was surprised by the police action because of a meeting he had to discuss the issue of Kingdom of Atooi marshals and their responsibilities. The meeting was in Lihue with Chief Perry on November 8th 2007, attended by KPD officer Roy Asher and others. It was understood by Dayne that a line of communication was opened with the KPD and that they would contact him if questions regarding the issue of the Atooi marshals needed attention. Moreover, the warrant regarding the plea hearing was not applicable because Dayne had demonstrated to the court that he was at the hospital emergency room at the time of the hearing. Dayne provided the court with paperwork for a medical excuse concerning his failure to appear. It seems the court had excused him without correcting the warrant paperwork. This came out in the exchange between Sueoka and Dayne. Sueoka said that if Dayne had paperwork with him to prove his excuse there would be no arrest. Dayne did not have the documents in the car. Referring to all the men and material used in the arrest proceeding Dayne countered; “Why didn’t you just call me on my phone to come in and take care of this matter?" As spoke Dayne pointed out that his cellphone number was prominently written on the warrant. ” Sueoka had had enough; “We have a warrant for you! We have to execute our order!” By this time Rich Hoeppner had made the last leg of his way to Salt Pond Store on foot. The police had closed the main highway near the store. Some of Dayne’s people from the Kingdom of Atooi had also arrived to witness the scene. More police arrived. Toni thought there might be as many as thirty policemen by that time. Police were breaking up any groups of passerby greater than three in number. No public assembly was allowed for local people. Richard, a haole, was able to get to the front of Salt Pond Store when one policeman asked him if he wanted to get a newspaper or something. Richard used that as an invitation. "Yeah, I need a newspaper". Richard asked the policeman if that wasn’t Dayne’s truck in the middle of all the trouble. Then Richard was confronted by another KPD officer, D. Martin, who called out that; “We know who you are. I saw you at the Superferry!” Martin told him to get his paper and get out of there. The police proceeded to yank open the doors on Dayne’s truck. Police officers tried, unsuccessfully, to pull Dayne from his truck. SWAT team members pushed cans of gas in Dayne’s face. They opened up the back to expose Alana. Dayne was concerned his wife and daughter would be caught in the middle of a violent confrontation. He sensed that the actions of the police seemed to be an attempt to provoke him into making a mistake. They had overwhelming force at the scene. Dayne decided to comply with the order to leave his vehicle. He told Sueoka and Barriga that he would get out of the truck if they did not harass his family, adding; “I’ll go with you guys, but I’m not under your jurisdiction.” Dayne was never read his rights when they took him down. Dayne was brought to the Lihue station, booked and given a copy of the arrest record. The bail is set at $2,175. Immediately friends and family tried to call the 24/7 bail bondsmen on the island to free Dayne. Toni and Richard found that none would respond that night. While in Lihue an unidentified police officer asked Dayne about the Iolani Palace occupation by sovereignty advocates on Oahu. He was casually asked how many of his people were there. Dayne won’t be free that night. Later the police took the arrest record from him. Dayne was taken to the Kauai Correctional County Center (KCCC) and spent the night in jail without bond. Richard was up all night trying to free Dayne. Toni drove home quite upset. She was not followed but got a call shortly from a friend who had spotted two police cruisers parked in the dark down her street watching her house. The next morning a guard at KCCC also asks Dayne about the Iolani palace incident. apparently sovereignty activists anywhere in the state were being connected to the palace occupation. Later Dayne was transferred to court; not in his own clothes but in an orange jumpsuit in shackles on his hands and feet. Toni and Richard Hoeppner was at the court the next morning and were very upset. Before the the judge, Kathleen Watanabe, Dayne stated; “There was no notification of a court date after I missed my plea hearing”. The judge said that no notification was necessary. A plea of not guilty was entered and a jury trail on the impersonation of an officer was set for June 30th. Toni had pulled together the bail money. After some more legal hassles Dayne was finally free to go home around three in the afternoon. Sometime after, early Friday morning, that Richard had a heart attack. He was flown to Oahu and is still in the Staub Hospital. Dayne sister Keikeilani went over to visit him. Richard is scheduled for a triple-bypass operation on Thursday. He is in Room #302. You can call him at 1 (808) 522-4000. One lesson to be learned from this behavior by the Kauai Police Department is how seriously the connections between the anti-Superferry, anti-GMO and the sovereignty movement are taken by Hawaiian authorities. Dayne is involved with all three and he is Hawaiian. This makes him a danger to the status quo. In addition, Hawaii State Attorney General Mark Bennett is deeply involved with not only the conspiracy of the State with the Superferry Corporation to avoid the law, he is also facing a disenfranchisement of the State of Hawaii to manage Hawaiian government land. The recent Hawaii Supreme Court decision to deny the State "ownership" of ceded land is a fundamental problem for the whole apparatus of control. The Kingdom of Atooi has made a direct challenge to title of ceded lands on Kauai that is right under the feet of the westside GMO companies and the PMRF easement agreement that was negotiated with the State. Challenges to the status quo are certainly simmering. If you carefully follow the events of the night it becomes clear that the KPD was stalking Dayne Aipoalani with a great deal of manpower, equipment and expense. That kind of police action might be appropriate for arresting an armed murderer or to bust a meth factory, but not to execute a warrant on a failure to make it to court on a charge of carrying a “phony” badge. This huge KPD effort was over a failed court appearance where there was a medical excuse on record. It is further evident to me that the police were trying to taunt Dayne, to make him angry, to make him make a mistake - the result would have easily provokes a violent response by the police. This kind of baiting is unforgivable behavior for a force of professional “peace keepers”. God forbid you are on their list for your activities and have an open can of beer at the beach or are having a fight with your spouse. Don’t tase me bro!

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  • This is proof positive that the powers that be will do anything to maintain the status quo.Their tactics to provoke Dayne to "make a mistake" would justify their taking extreme measures.They take our government, our land, mess with the natural order (GMO's), ruin our environment and resources and are now poisoning us with pesticides/herbicides. If we don't unite, they win.
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