Protect our Pa'ahao in Private Prisons

I have recently returned from Hawaii where I met with several who support our kanaka maoli who are in mainland private prisons. While in Honolulu, I was sent word that all volunteers who visit the prison in Arizona are no longer accepted and are permanently banned. The reason was vague and undistinguished, but in correspondance with the Warden I was told the following "I have had numerous residents apologize for the way the entire group acted. They do not want any of the old mess being brought back inside the facility. The inmates that are truly wanting to study their culture and religion are thankful that we put a end to the infighting among volunteers who was attempting to farther their own individual beliefs and causes." When I question the 'old mess' I was given no response or clarification, to which I said "It seems to me that a blanket blame is being thrown upon all volunteers to separate the inmates from anyone who brings to them a taste of aloha" I have opened a can of worms and believe that there is a dark and dangerous undercurrent. I am very concerned that once the pa'ahao learn of this deceitfullness they will choose a route that will endanger their well being...if anyone has a family member within the Arizona facility at Saguaro and you're able to write to them, please advise them that we are being withheld from visiting not by our choice but by the system... Please give me your input.... mahalo

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  • Aloha Lilian,

    I hear what you are saying.
    I'm sorry to hear that.
    I would recommend fastings and prayers for the inmates.
    You mentioned that some volunteers were the reasons maybe for the cancellations?
    Can you elaborate? Sometimes I wonder if some of thes so called volunteers weren't planted.

    thank you for your posting.

    • Aloha Kawehi,

      I just received a phone call from the Chaplain of Red Rock, who will serve his last day on Friday, then he no longer will be associated with CCA...the past Warden Luna (good name) has been transferred to Texas because "he was too accommodating to the cultural needs of the Hawaiian inmates" a direct quote to me from the new warden Thomas and the Chaplain of that same facility is being removed because he was 'protected' by the past warden and his job "is only to pass out bibles" not to suggest or implement programs of any it seems that when the 'officials' are being replaced because they are wanting to implement reform programs to keep recitivism down, they are removed from their duties and transferred or fired...wonder why???? Could it be, because this is the way to create a permenant prison for our people, thus thwarting the resurrection of our Hawaiian Kingdom Government??? we need to change the book from the outside...push and demand that our people be returned from exile.... I believe in fasting and prayer and know from my pu'uwai that my Lord will and does prevail, we are only to be obedient and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and the waters shall part and our people will be released from bondage....

      Abundant blessings, Aunty Lillian
  • Here's another recent tidbit...I just received information of a phone call from one of the pa'ahao who has been held in solitary confinement since January 17...not reason given other than his father is at Saguaro and he is at Red Rock and they won't send him to Saguaro because they don't want them in the same yard's not as if there's no other yards, so they could both be in the same facility and never see each other...but here's the part that they think we're too stupid to notice...Father Robert has been in solitary for 3 years, while Son Billy has only been since January, again what difference would it make if father was in soitary, they wouln't be in the yard together anyway...pure control on their part.

    The worrisome part is that Billy has filed his grievence and it's supposed to be reviewed within 7 working days and it's been months and no word. His concern is that this will hinder his ability for work forlough and return home on parole, they keep them so suppressed, damed if they do and damed if they don't....
  • Hui Aloha my Tita,
    I think its probably a bunch of bull that was initiated by one person no doubt and to keep everyone divided no doubt. It is obvious that the volunteers were making headway with the prisoners and giving them some sense of cultural identity, self worth, if anything which is more then one can say for prisons no matter where.
    I too would question the "old mess" especially because it was said by one lonely person who without knowing started pointing finger to volunteers for no reason other then she happened to be nosing in one a private email conversation. Shame on her "Niele". Doesn't she realize people are entitled to their own opinion and no one has to report to her?
    I just hope this is somehow resolved for the sake of the prisoners but of course that would never be because they probably just realized taking prisoners from Hawaii to the States is kidnapping them on top of everything else which is adverse to our treaties as well as, the laws of occupation and international laws. Auwe, what a mess they've made.
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