so wassup w sovereignty if we get it

maoli kane married to malihini wahine who go on to have part maoli keiki. if we fighting for maoli rights, then is mom cool w not being a beneficiary of mea kanaka???????????? some of us 'ike what it feels not being a beneficiary of mea kanaka like oh lets say Kamehaha; another way they succeed to splitting us up by the way, its kUpuna in every hale i ever been in kawika..

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  • I agree with Tane.

    Although some people want to try to condition us to believe that somehow we have to "fight" for sovereignty... we already have sovereignty.

    As for Kamehameha Schools it is a private trust of Bernice Pauahi Bishop and Charles Reed Bishop and they wanted their personal property to be used to benefit Hawaiians. I am a bit biased about this because while the Kamehameha Schools helped my twin sister, Lisa, my older brother, Charles, and I they failed my younger brother, Aukai, who was equally indigent but this does not nor should reflect on the school itself nor should people have anger towards Kamehameha Schools because unfortunately there will always be some people who have other people's lives in their hands and abuse that power. However there are and will also be people like Princess Ruth Keelikolani, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Charles Reed Bishop, and Mrs. Gerry Johansen who epitomize the kindness and compassion that the founders wanted as their legacy.

    Unfortunately some people at Kamehameha Schools have tried to turn this legacy of kindness and compassion into something that it is NOT (i.e. acting pilau to our own cousins.) That is NOT the legacy. The legacy is kindness and compassion to other Hawaiians. Unfortunately some people have tried to turn such a beautiful thing into something so ugly but just so that you know... not all Kamehameha Schools graduates are nasty. The vast majority whom I know epitomize THE legacy as in being genuinely kind and compassionate to Hawaiians who are our cousins.

    I am surprised that the trustees and the CEO do not take a stance in regards to the Kamehameha Schools being a product of the Hawaiian Kingdom and not of the U.S. They do not and/or refuse to explicitly state that Hawaiians are sovereign. Instead they sit idly watching as their appreciable assets in the form of their land appreciates but just because they do this does not correlate with other Hawaiians and our sovereignty. IMO they should be making it very clear that Hawaiians are sovereign perhaps not for themselves but for our kupuna. To date they still have not taken a stance and personally I want someone who WILL take a stand and say, "We already have sovereignty. Hands off!" or REFUSE to negotiate under American law and say, "Our school falls under Hawaiian Kingdom laws" but then some people allow them to try to condition Hawaiians that we have to somehow "fight" for sovereignty. Some even allow these few to try to condition other Hawaiians that somehow we have to "fight" for sovereignty. No... we are already sovereign.

    Even with the recent lawsuits... who does the money go to? Attorneys instead of Hawaiian children yet to date the trustees and the CEO have not taken a stance. Instead they have their team of attorneys negotiating for what rightfully belongs to Bernice Pauahi Bishop and Charles Reed Bishop and in doing so they are bleeding the trust out. Thus failing Hawaiian children who could have received educational assistance through the trust but this does not mean that everyone at Kamehameha Schools is like this. They are not good examples of the legacy but they still do not reflect the Kamehameha Schools itself. They only represent themselves and their interests which is an inherent problem. Instead of focusing on Hawaiian children unfortunately they are focusing on themselves and/or on their appreciable assets (i.e. their land) but these few people do not represent the schools and the legacy. Unfortunately they only represent themselves and their vested interests. Some of what they do is diametrically opposed to THE legacy but that does not mean that the products of the Kamehameha Schools are like them. If anything many of us have not been brainwashed against our kupuna which reflects upon some the teachers at the Kamehameha Schools. Some of them do/did a good job so to be fair to them and to people like these teachers not everyone at the Kamehameha Schools seeks do divide and/or conquer
    • Instead they epitomize THE legacy. People like Mrs. Gerry Johansen.

      Then again IMO the big goal of the "State" of Hawai'i is to transfer our title to them and/or to colleagues of some of the representatives of the "State" of Hawai'i. I can imagine them calculating how much money they hope for a profit. The "State" of Hawai'i has a symbiotic relationship with leeches who want to suck the life and money out of Hawai'i. Thus they try to distract us by trying to condition us that somehow we have to "fight" for what we already have and that is sovereignty. Meanwhile in the U.S. courts they are trying to transfer title without our consent but we have people like Chief Justice Moon trying to stop them. Despite the few who are nasty/pilau... there will always be people like Chief Justice Moon who are not. Similarly at the Kamehameha Schools there are a few pilau people but that does not mean that everyone associated with the Kamehameha Schools is like that. In fact I always tell people that yes I am aware that some people are like that but that does not mean that I am like that. People are people. They will act the way that their kupuna taught them. Some kind. Some not so kind but to be fair the legacy is one of kindness and compassion to other Hawaiians... rich or poor, famous or not-so-famous, have or have-not. Hopefully we will remember that instead of allowing those few to turn something so beautiful into something so ugly.

      Aloha, L
  • Remember, we already have sovereignty and this is not about koko; it is a national issue. We are Hawai'i nationals living within a mainstream Polynesian Hawaiian society. We're like any other sovereign nation in the world with external sovereignty which doesn't determine on ethnicity or race. Kamehameha is a private trust with its own policies it is not a governmental instrument; what the Princess chose to do with her money is her business. There are other ethnic groups out there that have philanthropists who have a similar trust for their own ethnic people but not as wealthy as the Bishop Estate. Other trusts are of special interests as well. None of them have anything to do with government nor national demands for purposes other than legal guidelines imposed. When one puts it in the right context, then many questions become moot.

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