History for the mele Kāwika

Aloha mai e nā hoa, I have a question regarding the mele Kāwika composed for Ka Lani Kāwika Kalākaua. Specifically, the two lines that are referring to: Kuʻi e ka lono Pelekāne Hoʻolohe Ke Kuini O Palani I am in discussion with other interested folks regarding the inspiration for those two lines. There are several lines of thought. For the entire mele, the inspiration was His Majesty's world tour. It could be interpreted that during his world tour, his visits to Britain and France were to be emphasized. Another thought, and less common, is that the two lines celebrate his coronation and it is that specific news that has reached Britain and France. This could be significant because of the heated election between himself and Queen Regent Emalani who favored an alliance with Britain versus the US. In Kuykendall's Vol. 2 of 3, he writes about a situation that arises from rumors spread by officials in the government that the King's world tour is a guise for "selling" Hawaiʻi. I have searched the Hawaiian language newspapers for some insight, but the answer has not yet revealed itself. Does anyone have knowledge regarding the mele to share? Or resource recommendations? Ma ka mahalo nui, Liko

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