Aloha Everyone, Many months has gone by since I started campaigning during the "Iowa Caucus." Now, its July and I'm a "National Delegate" going to Denver. I worked hard for those in "Hawai'i" writing many many letters to legislation about the issues not dealt with in Hawai'i. I worked hard for those here in "Iowa" writing emails to many politicians about the issues not dealt with in Iowa. Now, as a Kanaka Maoli born and raised in the Hawaiian Kingdom now living in Iowa, needs to ask for your help. I am taking donations to help me to attend the National Convention and represent all Iowans I have come to love and respect and those back home in Hawai'i nei. After I open a "political fundraising account" tomorrow, I'll post the email and address all monies and checks can be sent. Let me represent you, let me be your voice for change, send me to Denver by donating to support me and my efforts to making a difference for each of you. They said I wouldn't make it, and I did, so lets together tell everyone, "YES WE CAN!" Keep an eye open for my next post, it'll have the info. needed to send your donations. Mahalo Nui Loa, Faith Nalani Bromwich National Delegate Economics and Human Rights for All Peoples - Chair/founding member Iowans for Economic Human Rights - member

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