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Win the season's first game

When you start a rocket League season and choose the team that Rocketeer mentions, you must win the first game. So if you lose this game, you've missed the trophy and have to start a new season. If you are on the verge of failure, you can press and start the game again without any consequences. Once you win the first game Cheap Rocket League Items, the trophy will be unlocked.

Get a goal on the turn

Turn your car over 180 degrees after the show starts playing (as usual, shutting down the robot). Press to lock the camera onto the ball. Then, reverse the steering until you hit the dead ball. Keep in mind that your steering controller reverses when you do this. Once you reach your goal, the trophy will be unlocked.

Play at every Rocket League stadium

In setting up the exhibition competition, the first choice is to choose an arena. There are 7 of them, although only 4 are needed trophies. They are as follows:

DFH Stadium
Urban Central
Beckwith Park

Alternative versions of these trophies vary in weather or time. When you go to other trophies, be sure to choose a different stage each time. In addition, you must complete the game to calculate. The trophy will be unlocked at the end of the game where you choose the last no play field.

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