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When the TERA rewards program is open

Exclusive underground city
When the player gets the reward level, they can unlock the game into the exclusive underground city according to the player's reward layer, rewarding a different number of bonus points. This inspiration comes from the cremation crucible on the first floor of the dungeon can play once a day. The only reward that a player can earn in this dungeon is reward points, so this content has nothing to do with other TERA progress.

Exclusive underground city
Start bonus points and bonus points
When the TERA rewards program is open on April 5, 2016, existing players will receive a number of bonus points and bonus points as a gift for their loyalty to TERA and its many years of history Cheap Tera Gold. The amount of bonus points and bonus points will be based on calculations taking into account the following factors, including:

If the player has a founder account
65 characters on the account number
The amount of time an account has an elite state
The amount of EMP spent in the TERA store

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